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The 7 Best Life Coach Certifications Online

Much like athletes rely on their coaches for guidance, support, and objective insights, those seeking personal or professional growth can benefit greatly from the expertise of a life coach. Becoming a life coach is exciting and challenging. It’s crucial to lay a solid foundation for your coaching practice, starting with your education. Investing in your development ensures you can provide your future clients with the best possible support and guidance.

As a life coach, you’ll need diverse skills and qualities to help others unlock their full potential effectively. These may include active listening, empathy, effective communication, goal-setting, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, cultivating a non-judgmental and supportive attitude is essential in creating a safe and empowering coaching environment.

Finding the right education program is key to honing your skills and knowledge as a life coach. Look for reputable programs that offer comprehensive training in coaching techniques, ethics, and business practices.

Here’s an overview of the 7 best life coach certifications online:

  1. School of Positive Transformation: Certificate in Integrative Coaching​
  2. iNLP Center: Life Coach Certification Training
  3. iPEC: Life Coach Certification Training Program
  4. IAP College: Life Coach Certificate Course Online
  5. New Skills Academy: Life Coach Certification
  6. Life Purpose Life Coach Certification
  7. Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification

Remember, becoming a life coach is a continuous process of growth and development. Stay open to learning, seek feedback from clients and peers, and remain committed to your own personal and professional growth.

The 7 Best Life Coaching Certification Programs Online

With life coach training online, you can access resources and materials anytime, anywhere, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, you’ll find that these courses offer 24/7 access to lectures, assignments, and supplementary materials to support your learning journey. Let us explore the best life coaching certification programs online.

1. School of Positive Transformation: Certificate in Integrative Coaching

Introducing the Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching (ACIC) online course by the School of Positive Transformation—a comprehensive program for those interested in guiding others toward personal and professional growth.

ACIC offers a robust curriculum integrating diverse coaching methodologies curated by leading experts. Through engaging content, including videos, interactive activities, readings, and reflective exercises, students gain versatile skills to address clients’ unique needs.

A standout feature of ACIC, making it one of the best life coach courses, is its specialized module that equips students with practical know-how to establish successful coaching businesses. Accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC), ACIC ensures excellence in education.

ACIC is accessible anywhere and accommodates diverse schedules and learning preferences. Whether starting a new career or enhancing existing coaching skills, it provides a comprehensive toolkit for success in life coaching.

2. iNLP Center: Life Coach Certification Training

The iNLP Center offers an ICF-Accredited Life Coach Training program, providing up to four professional certifications: Master Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, NLP Practitioner (P.NLP), and NLP Master (M.NLP).

Key Features of the program include:

  • Unlimited live training sessions six days a week, offering flexibility for students.
  • Access to a self-paced online platform, available anytime.
  • 35+ small group training sessions each week, providing direct interaction with trainers for feedback, Q&A sessions, and coaching practice.
  • Ongoing life coach training support for students’ continued growth and development.

Throughout the course, students will gain essential skills such as:

  • Reading clients effectively
  • Overcoming obstacles to achieve goals
  • Understanding the hidden structure of the mind
  • Mastering decision and motivation strategies
  • Learning the language of influence
  • Transforming relationships

These skills empower students to:

  • Gather the right information from clients
  • Transform meaning to facilitate progress
  • Understand non-verbal communication and rapport, guiding clients toward a brighter future.

In essence, the iNLP Center’s Life Coach Training program equips students with the skills needed to thrive as successful life coaches. Enroll in the program today and unlock your potential to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

3. iPEC: Life Coach Certification Training Program

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) offers a comprehensive Life Coach Certification Training Program covering all professional coaching aspects and core energy dynamics. This program isn’t just about learning coaching techniques; it’s about understanding the fundamental elements of human behavior and empowerment.

At the heart of IPEC’s training program are the live three-day modules, where participants engage in immersive learning experiences. Over 320 hours, participants gain insights and skills that extend far beyond traditional coaching methods.

Upon completion of the program, participants earn three certifications:

  • Certified Professional Coach: This certification entitles coaches to identify the underlying causes of their clients’ challenges and facilitate meaningful, sustainable change. It’s not just about helping clients achieve their goals; it’s about guiding them towards becoming their most authentic selves.
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner: Through this certification, coaches gain access to the Energy Leadership Index (ELI). This unique assessment tool provides valuable insights into clients’ energy patterns and thought processes. With this understanding, coaches can offer targeted support tailored to each client’s needs.
  • Certification in COR.E Dynamics: This certification equips coaches with advanced techniques to help clients maximize their performance and overcome obstacles. By understanding how to shift energy and mindset, coaches can more effectively support clients in achieving their objectives.

While there are many benefits to enrolling in the program, including the opportunity for personal and professional growth, prospective participants are encouraged to contact the admissions team for more information.

If you have a genuine interest in personal development and helping others reach their full potential, IPEC offers a supportive and enriching environment in which to explore the coaching world.

4. IAP College: Life Coach Certificate Course Online

The Life Coach Certificate Course Online offered by IAP College is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles and practical techniques of life coaching, providing a solid foundation. Participants will gain insights into establishing their own life coaching practice and attracting clients.

The Life Coach Certificate Course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Exploring various coaching specializations, such as business coaching, carbon coaching, and career coaching.
  • Understanding how to provide life coaching services effectively, including individual and group coaching, different service delivery methods, and essential coaching tools.
  • Learning about different ways to learn life coaching, which may include studying under experienced coaches, gaining hands-on experience, and utilizing additional educational resources.
  • Navigating the process of starting your own life coaching business, including considerations for full-time versus part-time coaching, developing a business plan, and addressing legal matters.
  • Attracting life coaching clients by identifying your target market, utilizing promotional tools, and implementing marketing strategies effectively.

This course is self-paced, allowing participants to complete assignments on their schedule and from the comfort of their own homes. While the average completion time is approximately six weeks, participants can finish in as little as four weeks or extend their timeline to 12 weeks. The course structure encourages independent learning, with support available from faculty members to assist participants in achieving success both in the course and in their future careers.

IAP College is committed to providing high-quality, affordable online certification courses. Enroll in the Life Coach Certificate Course today and take the first step toward pursuing your passion for life coaching.

5. New Skills Academy: Life Coaching Certification

This is a CDP (Continuing Professional Development) certified Course from New Skills Academy.  Many life coaching courses merely revolve around the ideas of goal-setting and managing emotions.  The Life Coach Certification from New Skills Academy will ensure you understand just how valuable Life Coaching is and the transformation it can make in other’s lives.

Just some of the focus areas of learning in this course are:

  • How and why people benefit from life coaching and what the process of life coaching actually involves.
  • Insights into the meaning of foundational values and the effect of limiting beliefs on our lives and how life coaching can help change our thinking.
  • How you can choose to specialize in different types of life coaching depending on your interest and inclination and the important qualities of an empowering life coach.
  • Important communication and active listening skills that help you to become a great life coach.
  • The basics and fundamentals of life coaching and how core belief systems direct our thinking and decision-making processes.
  • And so much more…

By completing this course you will be able to help analyze a person’s current life and lifestyle and find out why they’ve become “stuck.”  You’ll learn how to ask relevant questions and really give the client the tools to self-examine and guide them to explore approaches to putting their lives back on track.

With this course you’ll be able to study at your own pace and access the material anytime. All it takes is an internet connections.  You’ll also have lifelong access to the material!

For more information, check out their course home page and see if this is the right Life Coaching Certification for you!

6. Life Purpose Life Coach Certification

Joeel and Natalie Rivera are back with another well-made professional life-coaching course from Udemy, this time based around the ideas of one’s life purpose. Although, the Life Purpose Life Coach Certification course may better be suited for those with at least a basic understanding of life-coaching and its philosophies.

Whether you’re a coach, counselor, speaker, or other professionals who work with people often. Or if you find you simply have a passion for helping others live more fulfilling lives. This course is sure to benefit you to start coaching your clients to discover their true purpose immediately. 

Here’s a bit about what you can expect to gain from this course;

  • Conditioning. Teach clients the power of overcoming limiting conditioning from social and childhood influences. 
  • Passions/interests. Explore clients greatest passions and interests. 
  • Talents/skills. Help others find their natural talents and skills. 
  • Personality. Understand how to investigate clients personality type and gain insight into their personal desires and inclinations. 
  • Experiences. Look back through clients experiences, for hidden clues or patterns in their timeline.
  • Coincidences. Help others gain the understanding of coincidences and their hidden meanings and purpose.
  • Limiting beliefs. End all limiting belief systems and rewrite new, empowering ones. Also how to stop excuses that may hold people back.  
  • Empowerment. Empower clients to take their power back from others. 
  • Purpose. Help clients find their purpose to build a clear statement to write their personal manifesto as a “powerful declaration of intent”.

Just about every human being will ask themselves at some point in their lives, “What is my life purpose?” It’s human nature to have these curiosities. The Riveras have provided you with the exact blueprint that they’ve been successfully using for years to help clients discover their true purpose in life. 

7. Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification

The Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification program offers a high-energy, results-oriented coaching process along with the necessary tools to help clients allow their successes to occur by mastering the law of attraction. 

The Riveras built this course to help their students apply the principles taught toward their business. By attracting their ideal clients and putting yourself into the state of allowing before every session. You’ll be able to build your own professional law of attraction coaching program to use on clients.

What you can expect to learn in this course;

  • Cultivate trust in themselves to find their own answers and solutions
  • Cultivate trust in yourself to find the answers and solutions you’re looking for. 
  • Recover from life challenges like a champion. 
  • Find the difference of the time to take action and when to relax. 
  • Find your clients path of least resistance toward their well-being and success. 
  • How to quiet a frantic mind. 
  • Use the LoA tools to unlock the block holding back ideas, solutions and creativity. 
  • Live in greater focus, clarity, and excellence. 
  • Learn the power of manifestation and become a master!
  • How to use LoA tools to let abundance flow with great ease and joy. 
  • Build great self-love and confidence 
  • Using the LoA tools to attract healthy, rewarding relationships. 
  • The power of music. 
  • Let whatever the heart wants, happen and enjoy the journey!

The Riveras are committed to providing you with the proper science and psychology to all their beliefs. This will greatly help you and your clients gain a true understanding of the power of the mind. 

With step-by-step processes and tools, you’ll be a master of the law of attraction in no time. Then you can successfully help your clients take the right action, quiet their running mind, and unlock that block. Are you ready to use the Law of Attraction to transform your life and the life of those around you? 

How Much Does a Life Certification Cost?

Becoming a certified life coach is, thankfully, not necessarily going to break the bank. 

For one of the life coaching training programs listed above, you can expect to pay anywhere from $160-$4000, depending on your chosen certification track. Once you have completed a program and are building your business and profiting from your successes, you can move on to even more robust courses to help you master your niche and gain other useful skills. 

How do You Become a Certified Life Coach?

If you find inspiration in others’ successes, exploring a career in life coaching could be fulfilling.

Becoming a life coach typically involves three key steps:

  • Research and Select a Course: Take the time to explore available classes and courses in life coaching. Look for a program that aligns with your interests, learning style, and career goals.
  • Contact and Confirm: Once you’ve identified a course that interests you, contact the provider to gather more information and confirm that it fits your needs well. Ask questions about course content, certification requirements, and any support or resources provided.
  • Enroll and Complete: After confirming that the course meets your criteria, enroll and commit to completing the curriculum to earn your certification as a life coach.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Certified Life Coach?

Online courses offer the allure of flexibility, allowing students to manage their schedules independently. However, this freedom can sometimes lead to procrastination, hindering rather than enhancing learning.

The duration and depth of online courses vary significantly. While some may be completed in weeks, others require more extensive study, with 16 to over 100 hours of course materials. Success in these courses depends mainly on the student’s commitment and dedication to regular study and practice.

Becoming a certified life coach opens doors to a rewarding career path but requires dedication and perseverance. Students who remain committed to their studies can expect to see remarkable growth and opportunities unfold before them. Conversely, those who succumb to distractions or lose motivation may feel discouraged and stagnant.

Ultimately, the choice lies with the student. Becoming a credible and successful life coach is within reach for those willing to invest the time and effort required.

Deciding on the Best Life Coach Certification

While there are many life-coaching certification courses available online, it’s essential to conduct thorough research before enrolling in any program. Look for courses that align with your values, goals, and learning style, ensuring that you’re making an informed decision.

Starting with a beginner course can lay the foundation for a basic understanding of life coaching principles. As you progress, consider specializing in a niche area that resonates with you, such as decision-making, mindfulness, or the law of attraction. Remember, there’s no harm in exploring different courses until you find the best life coach certification for your needs.