Man Flow Yoga Review

Man Flow Yoga Review

Man Flow Yoga is a form of Yoga that is dedicated to the exercise portion of the practice and not the holistic approach. It is lilted towards men who feel the training is geared toward women. So what is Man Flow Yoga?

Man Flow Yoga is a style created by Dean Pohlman, a certified Yoga instructor and author of Yoga for Men, one of the best-selling fitness books on Amazon. His practice is geared towards body movement and exercise form instead of the average meditative concentration of the course.

Yoga is an intense practice that could be just what the doctor ordered for some people. For others, it could be hours of needless meditating and no focus on the physical and fitness portion of the art. Don’t be intimidated by Yoga! Read on and learn everything you need to know about Man Flow Yoga.

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Who is Man Flow Yoga?

Dean Pohlman, an innovator in the Yoga field, is the creator and master practitioner of Man Flow Yoga. He has been practicing for almost a decade and has taken the usually airy Yoga space into a sport that tightens the core and increases the muscle strength of those who commit to the practice.

A few interesting facts about Dean Pohlman are:

  • Ex-Athlete – Dean is an ex-athlete who turned to Yoga when he saw diminishing returns in his regular training. Once he became enamored, he noticed the practices cater to an older, female crowd that could push men to other areas.
  • Author – Dean is also the author of several Yoga and fitness books with high Amazon ratings. He has even co-written books with some of the most well-respected movement coaches in the world, including Kelly Starrett.
  • Enthusiast – Like other fitness routines, Dean had tried them all before he became an enthusiast. Once he understood the power of what Yoga could unleash in himself and his teammates, he became a lover of Yoga, and that love is evident in his writings and classes.

Man Flow Yoga was started as a way for Dean Pohlman to attract men who could be intimidated by classes full of lycra-covered Yoga students and opt for a more standard bodyweight workout. His creation of Man Flow combined his knowledge as an athlete, author, and Yogi into a powerful workout system that produces results.

How did Man Flow Yoga get started?

Dean Pohlman was a competitive Lacrosse player when he was first drawn to a Bikram Yoga class. He realized halfway through the course that he was taxed beyond anything he had ever experienced and was driven to learn more.

As he progressed in practice, he began to see areas that could use improvement to make it a fully functional fitness option. With some work, he came up with a few things that differentiated his style from the regular Yoga you see at health clubs and gyms across the country.

A few differences between Yoga and Man Flow Yoga are:

  • Body Position – One of the most important differences is the importance of your body during the movements. Yoga focuses on getting into the poses but doesn’t coach where your limbs should be locked or positioned for best results. Man Flow concentrates on the Yoga poses that increase muscle contraction and strength.
  • Meditation – Having a clear mind is a central tenet of Yoga. Unfortunately, meditation and exercise are so closely entwined that some could mistake them. With Man Flow, the focus is on the training your body needs, and meditation is on the back burner.

When the meditation of Yoga becomes mindless droning, you can lose interest. With Man Flow, there is constant muscle tension, and the mind must concentrate on the task at hand and not search for inner peace. Check out accredited meditation teacher training to learn the best meditation practices.

How much does Man Flow Yoga cost?

One of the best things about Man Flow Yoga is it is competitively priced with other fitness apps. Man Flow can be done in the comfort of your home for as little as $12/month. However, the month-to-month options are more expensive and could lack critical items you need, like downloadable content. 

What does Man Flow Yoga Provide?

Man Flow Yoga has provided many different things for its practitioners. They have embraced the niche and offer options to their paying and non-paying customers to enjoy. The intense workouts could be an excellent beginning platform for the deconditioned and athletes. They also have an application which is available on on iOS, Android, AppleTV, and FireTV. 

Man Flow Yoga has an Impressive Line of Yoga Products.

Being in the Yoga niche means that Man Flow has an excellent opportunity to hock their line of Yoga products to its users. They have all kinds of Yoga gear, from mats to blocks, and even some apparel that is worth checking out.

Man Flow’s Videos are the Gold Standard

The most important thing that Man Flow does is practice on video. Dean does a great job explaining where your body should be during the poses and gives insight into how to flex the muscles to get a better workout. His videos are popular on YouTube, and most are free to the public.

The Supports Groups for Man Flow are Growing Every Day

You might not recognize how supportive the community around Man Flow can be until you are already through the paywall. The guys and gals who practice Man Flow are growing the community with helpful hints, recipes, and news about the practice. Feeling like you are part of a special group will keep users returning for years.


Man Flow Yoga is a new take on the old practice that allows the users to concentrate more on the physical aspects of the practice, fitness, and weight loss, over the common uses of meditation and stretching. While stretching is incorporated, the workouts concentrate more on your body’s development than your mind’s development. Here are some other best Yoga Alliance teacher training options if you are interested.

The folks led by Dean Pohlman at Man Flow are creating a welcoming Yoga niche while still holding some grudges against regular Yoga. The workouts are great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike and will be worth the small monthly fee to gain access.