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Last updated on September 26th, 2023.

Being in quarantine has helped us realize just how many online educational platforms there are, and MasterClass is an excellent site to study. Unlike any other place, you can find celebrities and learn from them. I mean, where else would you find Gordon Ramsey to teach you the art of cooking or Christina Aguilera to give you tips on singing?

If you are looking to develop a hobby into something bigger, MasterClass is the place to go. The platform offers fun and educational content taught to you by successful celebrities. Here you get the secret behind what made them successful and how you can do it yourself. Additionally, they have the highest quality content compared to all the other online educational platforms.

The lessons you will learn from MasterClass are extraordinary, and it would be impossible to get that amount of knowledge from anywhere else. Only successful experts will provide you with insider information to help you harness your skill and successfully turn it into a career just like they did.

The MasterClass platform is different since it targets creatives who are looking to build their skills. You won’t find boring classes or ones that you’re forcing yourself to pursue. They are all creatively done and very entertaining. They are unlike any other platforms out there.

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What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is an online educational platform where celebrities teach people how to be as successful as they, and they also offer tips to help you follow in their footsteps. The classes provided in MasterClass are inclusive of all skill levels. The celebrities teach you what made them famous and give you some insider information about their skills. All the stars are people you are familiar with.

The platform isn’t so serious, unlike other educational websites. MasterClass can be described as a marriage between Netflix and TED talks. Besides learning, you will be getting entertainment. The quality of their videos is high, and the production is captivating. You could find yourself engrossed in the classes binging all of them.

How Useful is MasterClass?

If you’re a creative person, MasterClass is a beneficial subscription. Here, you will get encouragement that your craft can bear more, and you’ll also get inspiration from someone you’ve most likely looked up to in your niche.

MasterClass isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a course that will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to start doing something and ultimately be a master, that’s not what MasterClass is for. It is unconventional, and you will get tips here and there about your craft, how to improve it and succeed. As much as it may seem insufficient, I’m sure there’s no better place to get advice and tips from celebrities that have excelled other than MasterClass.

For example, take the gardening course by Ron Finley. You will understand the basics of gardening when it comes to creating a little garden in your backyard or your kitchen, but just because you’ve pursued his classes doesn’t mean that you can run a hydroponics system and create food to sell.

However, Ron Finley’s class will teach you how to keep your plants alive if you kill plants often (like me, unfortunately). You will also know how to water different plants, get fertile soil for the plants, and other basic instructions you probably couldn’t be told by anyone else for free. By completing his classes, you will at least start growing your herbs and green vegetables.

An example such as Ron Finley’s class shows how invaluable the lessons in MasterClass are; you will learn things no one could ever teach you, other than an experienced person who has built the career around that particular course. Besides that, the subscription is all-access, meaning you will access other invaluable lessons from other celebrities and learn different skills and knowledge, even some you didn’t know you needed.

What Kind of Classes Are On MasterClass?

The easy answer is creative classes. If you have a hobby that you didn’t know whether you would like to pursue or not, it most likely is being taught in MasterClass. And by saying hobby, we don’t mean computer engineering or something as complicated. We mean simple things such as singing, gardening, cooking, baking, mixology, creative writing, etc.

Most of these things could be hobbies and passions you pursue after work or on weekends. On MasterClass, you will get to learn from celebrities that have made these hobbies their entire careers how to do them correctly.

Examples of Classes on MasterClass

There are many categories of courses on MasterClass, but we will be covering; writing, cooking, and wellness categories.


Writing a compelling book, script, or even article is a work of art. You can only learn the best way to write through years of experience. Now there’s a shortcut to this because MasterClass has different classes that could benefit writers greatly.

Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling. Writing a novel is easy, but keeping the reader so captivated and filled with emotion can only be done by a good writer. Neil has over twenty-five years of writing fictional stories and selling them. He not only gives you insider information about storytelling but also teaches you how to bring characters to life, overcome writer’s block, and how to edit your work.

R.L Stine teaches writing for young audiences. Stine spent over twenty years writing funny stories before he switched to horror. In this course, Stine teaches how to write horror that kids and teens love. Famous for the Goosebumps series, he explains how to write incredible plots, overcome writer’s block, and create suspense in your writing that will keep the reader hooked until the book’s completion.

James Patterson teaches writing. Being a bestseller, he teaches how to keep suspense in your writing to get the reader engaged from cover to cover. He also teaches about book covers and the ups and downs of Hollywood adaptation.

Shonda Rhimes teaches writing for television. Shonda Rhimes in this course will teach you all you need to know about writing for television. In her classes, she teaches how to create compelling characters, pitch to television shows, write a pilot, and stand out in a room full of writers. Her classes walk you through all she does to create the most entertaining shows on television.

Margaret Atwood teaches creative writing. Margaret Atwood has not only written The Handmaid’s Tale, but she’s also a literary critic, novelist, poet, teacher, and inventor. She teaches how to do research for historical fiction and how to capture the readers’ attention. Margaret also goes into detail about the business of writing.

David Mamet teaches dramatic writing. David Mamet being a scriptwriter, film director, writer, and playwright, he’s one of the few people allowed to teach how to write drama. He teaches how to develop a dialogue that isn’t boring while also putting personality in your work.

Judy Blume teaches writing. In her class, she teaches how she develops stories from her own experience, creates unforgettable characters, and invents captivating dialogue. She is a part of everyone’s childhood through her excellent writing, and any writer would be honored to learn from her.

Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing. In his course, he goes into detail about creating melancholy, tone, humor, and how to research. Gladwell analyzes his work and explains the details that went into making it.

Aaron Sorkin teaches screenwriting. Since he’s an award-winning screenwriter, he teaches how to create dialogue, character development, and the art of storytelling. He explains further what works, what doesn’t, and how to rewrite successfully.


Cooking is a skill most of us crave. We all desire to make delicious food for our friends, families, and ourselves. Here are some courses on MasterClass that will prevent you from being an amateur cook.

Nikki Nakayama teaches modern Japanese cooking. If you’ve ever been as intrigued by Japanese cuisine as I have, this course is a must-have. She teaches all the techniques there are to adopting a Japanese cooking style to your cooking every day. Her recipes are manageable, and you can impress guests with them.

Thomas Keller teaches cooking techniques. In his classes, Thomas goes in-depth and offers recipes and styles and techniques that would make cooking simple and delicious. His recipes aren’t ones you cook on a whim, but you cook to impress. He teaches about the necessary tools you need in your kitchen and how to use them properly. He has three separate courses that will leave you cooking differently in your kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking. Gordon Ramsey explains the basics of cooking in his classes and teaches you how to set up your kitchen for easy use, how to chop meats, and general tips about cooking that you wouldn’t otherwise know. He is charming, charismatic, and someone who would instill cooking passion into you if you didn’t like cooking. He also has two courses on MasterClass that you will enjoy.

Massimo Bottura teaches modern italian cooking. If you have a particular interest in Italian food, Massimo will teach you the basics of Italian cuisine. He teaches about Italian cooking and how to re-use leftovers and make a great meal. His type of Italian cooking is traditional but with a modern twist, making it intriguing.

Aaron Franklin teaches Texas-style barbeque. In this course, Aaron will teach you how to spice and cook meat. He teaches everything about barbeque, from checking the wood, managing fires during a windy day, and reversing wrong turns when smoking meat. Even if you’re not into Texas-style barbeque, you will learn a lot about cooking meat.

James Suckling teaches wine appreciation. Any wine lover would appreciate knowing how to recognize different types of wines and sample them. He’s a renowned wine critic and will train you how to sample wine. This class will transform how you appreciate wine.

Alice Waters teaches the art of home cooking. Waters loves using fresh ingredients and plants. Any vegan or vegetarian would benefit from her course, she isn’t either, but her style leans more in that direction. She teaches about things you should stock in your pantry and other essentials and then introduces recipes.

Ron Finley teaches gardening. Ron Finley is the most prominent advocate for gardening at home, and in this course, he teaches you how to turn everyday items into planters and how to grow your plants without killing them. There are many techniques he introduces in his course that would help a beginner take care of plants.

Gabriela Camara teaches Mexican cooking. Anyone serious about learning how to make Mexican food and impress while doing it should pursue this course. She shares techniques to use and mouthwatering recipes you can use later on to impress.

Dominique Ansel teaches french pastry fundamentals. If you love pastries, you need this course. Ansel teaches how to create pastries from scratch and gives tips to make the process simpler and successful. After his class, you are creating tasty desserts that also look mouthwatering.

Apollonia Poilâne teaches breadmaking. Coming from an ancestry of bakers, she has all the skills needed to make any type of bread. In her course, she introduces recipes explaining the science behind what they do to bread, and provides tips to help bake more easily.

Wolfgang Puck teaches cooking. Wolf Gang teaches you how to make fancy food in your kitchen. His teaching style is crisp and precise. After learning his recipes, you can recreate them without spending hours in the kitchen.

Lynette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana teach mixology. If your love amazing cocktails, this course is for you. They both teach how to realize what your palette is and how to mix different flavors. You also learn what flavors go with which type of drink.


MasterClass also has wellness courses that would be so intriguing to try out.

Jon Kabat-Zinn teaches mindfulness and meditation. If you’re a meditation person, you most probably have tried all the apps and youtube videos and are wondering how this class any different. This class teaches skills and techniques that you wouldn’t otherwise acquire anywhere else. The course is highly effective, and you have the promise that you will feel good afterward.

Donna Farhi teaches yoga foundations. Farhi is the most sought out yoga teacher internationally in this course, she will teach you breathing techniques, movement, and yoga poses that will leave you more flexible than before. Her class not only covers the physical but also the internal.

Matthew Walker teaches the science of better sleep. Sleep is getting harder to achieve due to how busy we are. Matthew Walker teaches everything there to know about sleep, fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep longer in his course.

Ru Paul teaches self-expression and authenticity. Ru Paul teaches you how to self-express who you are without fear or holding back for the world to see. If you have problems expressing yourself or low self-worth, you will highly benefit from Ru Paul’s classes.

Emily Morse teaches sex and communication. Emily aims to normalize the conversation around sex. In her classes, she covers how to communicate during sex, discover your pleasures and be more explorative.

Joe Holder teaches fitness and wellness fundamentals. Joe Holder teaches how to approach your fitness and health from a holistic perspective. You’ll learn how to create a positive mindset, build mobility and strength while also keeping your eating habits in check.

These three categories are only the beginning of exploring the list of best masterclass classes. There are more categories like; business, music, design & style, sports & gaming, community & government, and science & tech. You can check MasterClass to view more on these other topics.

Who Teaches MasterClass?

The site contains celebrities who have excelled in their careers. Below are some of the teachers and their credentials. There are over sixty-five stars on MasterClass, but here are a few of them from each category and their credentials.

Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura owns Osteria Francescana a three-michelan star restaurant based in Italy. In 2010, his restaurant was listed in second place in the world’s 50 Best Restaurants. 

Brandon McMillan

Brandon McMillan is famous for all the celebrity dogs he has trained and the host of an Emmy-winning show, “lucky dog.” He is an expert in turning dogs from spoilt to obedient.

Robert Reffkin

Robert Reffkin is the founder and CEO of Compass. He uses modern technology to revolutionize real estate. He is one of the most successful people in the real estate industry.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler has five design books that she has written and has appeared as a top designer in many categories. She is also the first person to influence designer hotels since the 2000s.

Chris Voss

Chris Voss is the only person that could ever teach about the art of negotiation. He worked for years as an FBI hostage negotiator and has negotiated over one hundred and fifty international hostage cases. Voss has negotiated with bank robbers, terrorists, and kidnappers.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Besides being an astrophysicist, he is also most known for popularizing science on television and radio. He has written multiple books and also hosted a hit talk show.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

She is a bestselling author and a presidential historian. She is frequently hosted on tv shows and speaks publicly about the history of leadership and how it has impacted the present.

How does MasterClass Membership Work?

MasterClass is affordable as it only requires you to pay $180 for the whole year. With this membership, you’ll access all the available courses on the site. The membership fee is low, considering it’s a platform where you learn from celebrities. 

When you take a class, you will get access to all course materials, workbooks, and videos. The membership fee for MasterClass is worth it. They also have a refund policy. If you’ve paid for the membership and arent satisfied, you can cancel in the first month of subscribing, and you will get back all your money. 

Final Words

MasterClass is a worthy membership that we should all access. The fee is reasonable, and you will be learning from celebrities. No other platform offers what MasterClass has to offer. Check out their course to see if anyone interests you. You will find a few classes.

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