More than simply labels like happy or sad our Mental Health is a of hyper-complexity we (people) have only brushed the surface of knowledge of.  Eastern philosophy has for thousands of years dived into the depths and Western medicine is only in recent years mapping out its fringes.

Many of the articles highlighted below help us understand our own Mental Health and definitions and conditions associated with it for the purpose of personal growth and to be informed but also point to great training resources for Mental Health professionals.   

Shadow Archetype

Understanding the Shadow Archetype

The shadow archetype is a vital concept in the field of psychology, first introduced by psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. In Jungian psychology, the 'Shadow' represents the unconscious part of...

Traits of an Empath Plus

10 Traits of an Empath Plus Full Definition

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It is a quality that helps people connect with others and build stronger relationships. An empath, on the other hand,...

most common phobias

The 20 Most Common Phobias People Have

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder that involve an intense, irrational fear of certain objects, situations, or activities. Phobias can be extremely distressing and can interfere with a...

Cognitive Dissonance Theory & Examples

Cognitive Dissonance Theory & Examples

Cognitive dissonance theory is a psychological concept that describes the discomfort experienced when an individual holds two or more conflicting beliefs, values, or ideas. This discomfort arises...