miu university review

MIU University Review

Looking for a conscious-based institution? Maharishi International University is the perfect match for this.

MIU is an accredited university focusing on mindfulness and consciousness education. So, not only do you learn the “usual” that’s taught in all universities, but you also get to be in a spiritual community where you’re taught more about mindfulness in terms of eating and practices. You will learn transcendental meditation and elevate your consciousness. The purpose of MIU is to provide consciousness-based education to bring about a new way of thinking and problem-solving that could help governments and society see things in a new light and change how things are done.

MIU is a unique institution that could arguably be the best. It’s built on spiritual foundations. You don’t get forced into anything, not even creativity, but you can dig deep within yourself and harness it naturally. It’s an institution that any student would dream of attending. Here, you learn more about your consciousness, collective consciousness, and how to help society come out of the rut it’s been stuck in for centuries. MIU is a place to create positive change.

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What is MIU University?

MIU (Maharishi International University) is a non-profit institution that offers online and on-campus degree programs. Unlike most universities, MIU is unique in that it offers Consciousness-Based Education. No matter your background, culture, or location, as long as you commit to personal growth, sustainability, wellness, and positive values, you’ll feel at home when you join MIU. The university is inclusive and progressive and supports creative, dynamic people who want to improve the world.

In the past, Maharishi International University was known as the Maharishi University of Management. MIU was founded in 1971. It’s a small private institution located in Fairfield, Lowa. The university takes in less than 2000 students each year, and 75% of these students are in pursuit of a master’s degree, while only 25% of the students are taking undergraduate degrees. 

Since the university is consciousness based, expect your studies to center around priorities of self-care, self-knowledge, personal growth, sustainability, Transcendental Meditation®, natural health and wellness. Besides all these, the institution also focuses on a culture of innovation, organic and vegetarian meals. 

The university’s goal is to prepare students to provide innovative and effective solutions to the current issues of today, as well as succeed in your chosen profession with a unique education based on self-knowledge.

How did MIU get started?

The concept behind a consciousness-based university arose from a “series of international symposia on Science of Creative Intelligence,” established in 1971 by Nat Goldhaber and attended by notable academics. The belief behind creating a school that incorporated the techniques and philosophies of Transcendental Meditation® would provide an extraordinary contribution to higher education. 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inaugurated  the university, while Robert Keith Wallace assumed the position as its first president in 1971. The first year included around 700 hundred students, and in the second year, the institution bought land and relocated the institution to Fairfield, IA. . The courses in 1975 only lasted a few months or weeks for those in their first and second years. From here on, the university kept growing, getting more buildings erected, accreditation, and more.

What does MIU University offer?

  • Applied Arts and Sciences 
  • Cinematic Arts, New Media, and Screenwriting
  • Computer Science
  • Consciousness & Human Potential
  • Ayurveda & Integrative Health 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Mathematics
  • Business 
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Sustainable & Regenerative Living

Undergraduate: Applied Arts & Sciences

Under this undergraduate category, you can specialize in different bachelor’s degrees. These include:

  • Ayurveda Wellness & Integrative Health: specializes in integrating modern science and medicine with the natural approach of Ayurveda, teaching you how to use them together and bring about optimal health.
  • Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness:  since yoga isn’t just about asana, you’ll learn how to establish and maintain a yogi life through practicing Transcendental Meditation®, pranayama, and Ayurveda. Life & Wellness Coaching teaches you to identify a client’s unique mind-body constitution and apply motivating, compassionate, and specific techniques to every client. These should promote change in the client’s life. You will awaken your innermost self to guide others on the path of self-realization. 
  • Consciousness & Human Potential: you’ll learn about yoga philosophy as explained by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. By learning these, you’ll also explore how it will enhance your life and accelerate personal growth through Transcendental Meditation®.
  • Cinematic Arts & New Media: you’ll realize your creative vision through design, visual aesthetics, sound, and still and moving images. You’ll also master software, cameras, storytelling, creative process, and troubleshooting. All these will prepare you for a career in TV and media.
  • Creative Writing: Since creativity is meant to be a fun and rewarding process, this specialization can help developing writers learn in a supportive and inclusive environment that supports spiritual and personal growth. You’ll get to engage your mind, body, and soul.
  • Regenerative Organic Agriculture: you can get personalized mentorship from field experts in regenerative agriculture by taking this program. You’ll also learn how to maximize water efficiency, regenerate soils, and increase biodiversity in your landscape.
  • Sustainable & Regenerative Living: this program helps you move beyond harming the environment by co-creating and allowing life to thrive in our environment. You can do this by learning about sustainable energy, architecture, community development, and more on living life in ways that replenish the planet’s health, individuals, and society.
  • Business Administration: will help you identify a viable business concept, develop and test marketing plans, research and evaluate your market’s potential, create an original business plan, design and advertising for social media, and other strategies to help you achieve your business goals.
  • BA or BS — Individualized Major: this means you’ll merge classes from the existing programs with internship options that bring to life a unique degree fulfilling your vision. These include majors like Creativity and Social Change, Consciousness-based Community Development, and others.

Undergraduate: Art

Under undergraduate Art, you can find majors like: 

  • BA in Art: art is more than simply painting on a canvas. By pursuing this program, you’ll understand the use of the Transcendental meditation technique in harnessing the deepest sources of your creativity. 
  • BFA in Art: through daily transcendental meditation, you will have lowered stress, heightened thinking levels, and enhanced creativity, helping you learn and uniquely create art.

Graduate: Consciousness & Human Potential

Graduate programs in this category include:

  • MA in Consciousness & Human Potential – this program helps you unfold your inner potential and discover a different perspective on consciousness and what it is. You will learn what neuroscience has discovered about the connection between consciousness, brain functioning, and collective consciousness.
  • MA in Enlightenment and Leadership– currently, individuals, governments, and society are facing many problems that have been around for centuries. This program helps you unfold and bring to light new approaches to problem-solving and new and effective leadership to implement these solutions. You will learn all about collective consciousness to understand how to help society as a whole.
  • Ph.D. in Maharishi Vedic Science– this program teaches you Maharishi Vedic Science and recent publications. You’ll learn the nature of consciousness, Sanskrit, and Vedic literature. You will also understand and develop your scientific principles, applications, and methods. On top of this, you’ll gain communication skills to help you share your findings with scholars and fellow researchers.

Is MIU a good university?

Yes, MIU is an excellent university with the most in-demand degree programs in the world that are unique since they’re consciousness-based. It is non-traditional in that you’ll get a superior learning experience in a welcoming and comfortable environment since you’ll also be taking care of your mental and physical well-being. All the classes in the institution are consciousness-based, meaning you’ll learn a lot about your inner self and collective consciousness.

Is Maharishi University worth it?

MIU is worth it in every sense. It unlocks a student’s creative potential and spiritual development. Upon completing your program, you’ll leave the institution with lots of knowledge in the major you pursued and about yourself and your inner self. Besides practical teachings, the university equips students with tools to harness real happiness and maximize the possibility of real success achieved through higher levels of consciousness. As a student, you’ll also get an academic advisor and graduation advisor who helps you select the right major based on your long-term goals. They will also help keep you on track by helping you select the suitable courses at the right time.

These career services and advisors help students build on their interests, strengths, and skills. As a student, you can use these services to find the right path for yourself in school or the outside world when you’re about to graduate. Completing the program gives you all the skills you’ll need to survive in the outside world, unlike most programs that only offer the required “education” and nothing more. You’ll be able to cope  in a healthy way and have a way of thinking that’s out of the norm.

Is Maharishi University accredited?

MIU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which accredits all universities and colleges in the North Central region in the US. HLC is also recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The university’s business programs are accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Final thoughts

If you have consciousness-based studies that will elevate your thinking, help you grow spiritually, and be a better person in society, then MIU is the perfect place to go and study. You learn a new way of seeing the world and learning more about your inner self. It’s an institution that brings out the best in you, promoting personal growth and spiritual development.