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Last updated on November 27th, 2023.

Many of us have a general reaction to abundance, one of them being a strong feeling of guilt. Sadly there are many of us who may hold back from seeking anything more than what we already have because of feeling guilty about receiving it. 

Sometimes the feeling of thinking we should be grateful for what we already have and that we shouldn’t be greedy, is overwhelming. And that is the opposite way of thinking to attract abundance and all the blessings that you want for your life. 

Guilt is exactly where we might feel stuck. Because abundance can’t flourish in a place where it is not welcomed. And by not welcomed I don’t mean you are not looking for abundance, but subconsciously you may be feeling guilty for wanting those things or not worthy of receiving them. Life is mysterious that way, if we truly believe we don’t deserve it, or if we feel guilt towards receiving it, abundance will not come in all its glory.

What is Abundance

Abundance may be found all around the Universe, and it can also be found in your own life if you allow it. It takes the shape through a variety of worldly elements such as trees, plants, animals, and different types of life, as well as an infinite number of stars and Universes.

Abundance refers to a big quantity of anything, and it is nature’s and life’s natural drive to express, develop, and become more. It is the life force’s tendency to produce and create more of everything. There are constantly new trees, plants, animals,  food, people, jobs, opportunities and everything in the world!

There is a richness to life that far exceeds anything we could imagine. How then do we tap into it? What is needed to reach into the well of abundance that is available and fill our lives with this richness? Would you believe me if I told you to start by first believing you already have it?

Do you remember a time when you may have compared yourself to someone who you perceived having less or more?  You may have felt either guilty and humbled.  One one hand it was because you saw them as having less and on the other, perhaps you felt jealousy because you saw them as partaking in a richness of life you didn’t have for yourself.  The focus of this article is the richness and availability of abundance and where it comes from.

Guilt in Abundance - What is abundance

The man behind the curtain: Infinite wealth is always available but it must be created through value.

Created? Not bought or earned? You might be thinking .. What about the stock market? What about interest from a bank?  What about a salary? If you understand that even in all of these cases what was occurring was creation then you are beginning to see this principle.  All entrepreneurs who have successful and sustained businesses know that a great deal of work went into ‘creating’ their business. Nothing happened overnight.  And, it wasn’t wealth that was being created, it was value. Wealth was a bi-product of value. And value, which is subjective, exists in our ability to leverage our imaginations and deliver upon needs for both ourselves and other creating non-other than: gratefulness.  

Gratefulness is the key to unlocking abundance.  A mindset of gratefulness and believe in what is already available to you is what plants the seed that, nourished by thoughts of gratefulness will produce the fruit of abundance.

If you want to practice gratitude here is a great article that will help you practice gratitude and receive more abundance into your life!

All have the ability to create value.  Each of us has already experienced a certain amount of abundance.  Are you putting your mind into a place of gratefulness in order to train yourself to recognize what abundance looks like?  The opposite can be true if we are ungrateful for what we have, all we then see is what is being kept from us. When we place energy and thanks into the abundance that already exists our lives we reinforce our minds to seek out similar activities and like experiences leading to more of abundance.  Read that again because this is where the magic is hidden.  

So, where do we begin to seek abundance?  In great examples laid out before us with these great reads.

3 Great Reads on Abundance:

Guilt in Abundance - Girl Stop Apologizing

1. Girl Stop Apologizing

In a fun and very down to earth telling of this practice angled toward women, Rachel Hollis does a great job in telling of rallying women to understand they much detach from their labels, egos and fears and become who they were meant to be.  Girl, Stop Apologizing talks to the creation of success and abundance and how true happiness is waiting for you to achieve it.  Hollis highlights that women have not been living up to their potential because of fear of embarrassment or falling short of perfection.  This book is how to look past that and achieve your goals!

Guilt in Abundance - Girl Stop Apologizing

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Another similar approach to a change in mindset is from Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.  Kiyosaki contrasts a mindset of abundance and growth and demonstrates how not just the life of the Rich Dad is changed by this but how abundance sprouts and grows from within itself and creates wealth for those near its source.  Kiyosaki also provides a great contrast between utilization of resources and abundance to create more of the same and what happens when money isn’t appreciated.

Guilt in Abundance - Girl Stop Apologizing

3. Think and Grow Rich

Finally, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a book included in this review and topic because of the many stories Hill uses to demonstrate where success wasn’t borrowed or stolen or given as a gift.  Instead, the men and women in his examples, most from the early 1900s, each created a source of abundance of which many of them have grown and last even to today.  Many of us have even become the beneficiaries of their hard work creative energies.

Final Thoughts

There is no room for guilt in abundance, as well as jealousy.  Achievement begins with a change in self and an appreciation of what has been given.  We are responsible for the creation of our own success and through gratitude and tapping into the bottomless well of abundance we hope you find just that!  

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