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Last updated on August 29th, 2023.

Finance and accounting play a big part in the business world. If you want a certification but can’t leave your home, you might be interested in taking an online class. What are the best options?

The best online certifications in finance and accounting include:

  1. LSE’s Managerial Finance Online Certificate Course
  2. Cambridge’s Sustainable Financial Online Short Course
  3. Coursera’s Introduction to Finance and Accounting Course
  4. Oxford’s Executive Finance Program
  5. Coursera’s Financial Management Course

These will give you everything you need to succeed.

Read on to learn more about each of these courses. There is sure to be something here that will work for you.

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What is Finance and Accounting?

Finance and accounting operate in the asset management spectrum of the business world. It deals with the financial transactions that occur within a business.

As someone in finance and accounting, you might be responsible for:

  • Making strategic financial decisions for a company
  • Keeping track of expenditures and managing money
  • Handling critical assets
  • Measuring financial performance

Your responsibilities will focus on the money.

Many people love the idea of working in finance and accounting. Why does a job in this field matter so much for professionals in the workforce?

What is Finance and Accounting so Important for a Business?

Without professionals in finance and accounting, a business will have no way to keep business transactions in check. A person who knows about finance and accounting is critical if a company wants to stay in business. Finance and accounting are the pieces of the puzzle.

Without finance and accounting, a business could:

  • Lose their money
  • Run their company into the ground
  • Spend more than what they have

A finance and accounting professional keeps everything in line.

It’s no secret that these workers are necessary for the professional field. What does the job outlook look like if you’re interested in this career?

How's the Job Outlook for Finance and Accounting Experts?

If you’re interested in the finance and accounting world, the job outlook is excellent. There will be a 7% growth in the field in the next ten years. Although this growth is average, it’s growth. More money in the world means more job opportunities in the financial universe.

A few of the jobs you can take in this field include:

  • Financial accounting analyst
  • Accountant
  • Staff accountant

There are many jobs available if you want to work in this field.

Before you can work, you need to have a certification in finance and accounting. Let’s talk about some of the best you can get online.

The 5 Best Online Certifications in Finance and Accounting

Five courses stand out as the best online for financing and accounting. Each boasts different features for different students.

No matter your price point, there is something here for you. Let’s get started.

1. LSE’s Managerial Finance Online Certificate Course

The first choice on this list is LSE’s Managerial Finance Online Certificate Course. The course is six weeks long, excluding orientation, and costs $2,889. It takes advantage of self-paced learning, so you can work at your speed.

This course:

  • Is CPD certified
  • Ready to develop professionals for the work environment
  • Practical for reality

You’ll get a lot from this course.

If you like working at your own pace and want something commercially-minded, this course is for you. It will allow you to get a firm grasp of finance.

2. Cambridge Sustainable Finance Online Short Course

Next up is the University of Cambridge’s Sustainable Finance Online Short Course. It’s eight weeks long without orientation and costs $2,889. The learning here is also self-paced for a comfortable experience.

This course:

  • Deals with a changing business landscape
  • Teaches sustainable finance initiatives
  • Is CPD certified

You’ll get quality here.

If you want to learn sustainable practices, this class is for you. Take in knowledge at your pace.

3. Coursera’s Introduction to Finance and Accounting Course

Coursera’s Introduction to Finance and Accounting Course is up next. This course takes about five months to complete, but it’s self-paced and 100% free with a Coursera subscription. The online course is offered by Wharton online.

This course:

  • Teaches critical financial skills, such as corporate finance
  • Provides necessary skills for specialization
  • Gives a shareable certificate

You’ll love what you get for no money down.

The best thing about Coursera is that it’s free and flexible. You will learn valuable skills at your pace.

4. Oxford’s Executive Finance Program

Oxford’s Executive Finance Program takes about six weeks to complete and costs $3,083. It’s self-paced to allow students to work through the information on their own.

This course:

  • Informs about essential corporate financial knowledge
  • Prepare students for the corporate environment
  • CPD certified

It’s a quality education program.

If you’re interested in executive finances, this program is the right one for you. You’ll get all the information you need here.

5. Coursera’s Financial Management Course

Last is Coursera’s Financial Management Course offered by the University of Illinois. This course takes about eight months to complete, and it is a little more advanced than the aforementioned finance course. It’s self-paced and can happen at your own pace. It’s free if you have a Coursera subscription.

This course:

  • Helps students become strategic financial managers
  • Teaches varying forms of management, such as risk management
  • Provides a shareable certificate

You’ll receive a full education with the management course.

If you’re looking for a program that is a little more advanced, this one’s for you. They suggest doing four hours a week for the best results.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Certification in Finance and Accounting Online

If you want an online certification in finance and accounting, there are plenty of options online. Whether you’re looking for a business finance course or a personal finance course, every course has something for you.

We hope this information was helpful! There are a lot of choices when you pick a course, and these are five of the best.

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