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6 Great Online Courses to Help You Build Your Yoga Business Plan

Success in yoga entrepreneurship demands both passion and a solid business plan. In today’s digital age, mastering yoga is just the start – you also need a strong strategy. Explore our handpicked online courses to craft your yoga business plan, whether you’re starting as an instructor or expanding your studio online.

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6 Online Courses for Building a Yoga Business

These five exceptional online courses are tailored to guide you through the process and propel your venture to new heights.

1. Yoga Career With Gwen: Your Yoga Launch Plan

Elevate your yoga career with Your Yoga Launch Plan by Yoga Career With Gwen. This comprehensive strategy is tailored to help passionate yoga instructors confidently launch and sell their online offerings.

As part of Gwen Ferreira’s Yoga Business Coaching Solutions, you’ll receive expert guidance to streamline the process, allowing you to focus on teaching yoga with purpose.

Benefits of Your Yoga Launch Plan:

  • Personalized launch strategy: Say goodbye to uncertainty with a tailored plan guiding you through each launch phase.
  • Content blueprint: Receive pre-written posts and prompts for a seamless 8-week launch, saving time and ensuring consistent engagement.
  • Review and confidence boost: Benefit from a private 30-minute call to ensure full understanding and confidence in your launch strategy.
  • Swift turnaround: Implement your strategy within 10 days to capitalize on momentum.
  • Consistent success: This adaptable framework can be used for future launches tailored to your audience and niche.

Launching your online yoga offerings can transform your career. For $497, Your Yoga Launch Plan provides the confidence, efficiency, and impact needed for a successful launch and a flourishing career. Don’t let overwhelm hold you back – let this expert strategy guide you towards success.

2. Clare Hudson Yoga: The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga One-to-One

Discover the acclaimed Art and Business of Teaching Yoga One-to-One online program led by Clare Hudson, a respected personal yoga teacher based in London. This transformative course has attracted over 500 students from 50 countries worldwide.

Throughout this program, participants will:

  • Embark on a journey of personal growth, fulfillment, and success
  • Immerse themselves in connecting deeply with individual students
  • Customize yoga practices to meet each person’s unique needs and goals
  • Gain insights into cultivating the right mindset, identifying potential clients, implementing effective marketing strategies, and developing session methodologies

Priced at $197, here’s what makes it special:

  • Authentic approach: Rooted in authenticity, Clare’s teachings honor each practitioner’s individuality, providing personalized guidance tailored to unique needs.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Covering everything from sequencing to communication, participants gain valuable tools to elevate teaching and enhance student experiences.
  • Yoga Alliance accreditation: Recognized and accredited by Yoga Alliance, ensuring quality and aligning with industry standards.

Whether experienced or novice, this program empowers yoga teachers to profoundly impact clients’ lives. By unlocking their potential as private yoga teachers, participants can expand their reach and create transformative experiences, elevating their teaching abilities and career prospects.

3. Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted: Business Launchpad

Brett Larkin’s Yoga Uplifted Business Launchpad course is tailored for yoga teachers aiming to transition their classes online. Brett Larkin’s mission is to empower yoga teachers to clarify their vision and turn it into tangible value. This course is ideal for healers seeking sustainability and student attraction, yoga teachers searching for a niche, business owners craving unique branding, and those needing financial guidance.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to choose a business model tailored to your strengths, enhance your mindset and entrepreneurial skills to increase income and impact, differentiate your teaching and expand your offerings through workshops, classes, and lesson plans, and achieve your lifestyle and revenue goals as a wellness professional.

The program costs $1995 and includes 40+ hours of video training and coaching replays, PDF worksheets, and step-by-step exercises. Additionally, you’ll earn 40 hours of Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

4. The Peaceful Warriors: Business For Yogis

Discover Maria Frisch’s Business for Yogis course at The Peaceful Warriors Yoga School. Whether you’re a studio teacher or considering launching your yoga venture, this course covers everything you need to know about running a successful yoga business.

Explore various opportunities for yoga teachers, including private lessons, corporate classes, workshops, and retreats. Learn essential skills such as self-promotion through social media and websites to attract clients and grow your business.

Gain insights into maintaining industry standards, including guidance on navigating the Yoga Alliance certification.

Use code MITM25OFF for 25% off at checkout on The Peaceful Warriors’ website.

5. My Vinyasa Practice: Online Business of Yoga Course

My Vinyasa Practice’s Business of Yoga program to gain the skills needed to launch and grow your yoga business. Upon completion, you’ll earn 40 non-contact hours with Yoga Alliance and the opportunity to become a paid Mentor Teacher with My Vinyasa Practice.

For just $190 (or half off with full payment), you’ll learn:

  • Drafting and executing a successful yoga business plan
  • Effectively pricing and positioning your classes
  • Setting up an easy-to-use website for conversions
  • Identifying your audience and creating outreach strategies
  • Planning, implementing, and scaling marketing strategies for sustainable growth

The course is entirely online and self-paced. You’ll receive a Business of Yoga Workbook containing templates and checklists to support your learning.

6. The Whole Health Project: Launch Your First Online Course

Ready to expand your influence, boost your impact, and earn more with less effort? Join The Whole Health Project’s “Launch Your First Online Course.” This program guides you through every step, from crafting your course to marketing, launching, and scaling it. Tailored for yoga teachers and coaches, this practical and affordable course helps you establish a thriving online business.

This program is led by Rachel and Lucy, former yoga teachers turned successful entrepreneurs. They share their proven methods and experiences. Learn how to structure your course effectively, develop targeted marketing strategies, execute a successful launch, and scale for maximum impact and profitability.

With a focus on actionable steps and no unnecessary fluff, you’ll gain the confidence to create and sell your online course. Let Rachel and Lucy be your guides to reaching a wider audience while optimizing your time and resources.

Top Tip if You Want To Start a Yoga Teaching Business

Launching your online yoga teaching business requires dedication and strategic planning. While mastering yoga and effective marketing is crucial, networking is equally vital for success. Here’s how to establish and grow your remote yoga business through networking:

  • Join local business associations and engage with fellow entrepreneurs to expand your reach and attract clients.
  • Get involved in community service clubs to give back and connect with potential clients.
  • Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to build an online presence and connect with a broader audience.
  • Become a member of professional organizations like Yoga Alliance to network with like-minded individuals at events and conferences.

Effective networking skills can lead to partnerships that benefit both parties. For example, collaborating with a massage therapy center can attract new clients interested in holistic wellness.

Consistency is key in networking. Engage with your network regularly, participate in relevant groups, and keep your business visible. Your online yoga teaching business can thrive with persistence, proactive networking, and strategic partnerships.

Final Thoughts on the Best Online Yoga Business Courses

These courses serve as foundational pillars for individuals seeking to establish, expand, and sustain prosperous yoga ventures in the contemporary landscape.

Moreover, it’s crucial to acknowledge the challenges inherent in becoming an entrepreneur and how these courses can help mitigate them. Look for programs that offer practical guidance on overcoming hurdles such as building a loyal customer base, managing finances, and staying abreast of industry trends. By incorporating these insights into your business strategy, you can proactively address potential obstacles and chart a course toward success.

Building a thriving online yoga business demands a blend of passion, strategic foresight, and unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth. By leveraging the wealth of resources offered by these courses and staying attuned to industry advancements, you can make it happen!