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Last updated on November 25th, 2023.

Education is a very hands-on course for this type of degree. There are many classes, internships, and field experiences. So can you get a degree in education online? And which ones would be the best?

The 7 Best Online Degrees in Education are:

  1. Bachelor’s In Special Education
  2. Bachelor’s In Bilingual Education
  3. Bahcelor’s In Mathematics Education
  4. Bachelor’s In Science Education
  5. Bachelor’s In Early Childhood
  6. Master’s In Education Administration
  7. Bachelor’s In Foreign Languages

Yes, you can get a degree in education online, just like you can get many other degrees online. These classes are usually outlined for you, and you just have to ensure that your motivation and determination don’t dwindle. There are also many degrees out there. Continue reading to find out which ones are the best.

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Can You Get A Teaching Degree Online?

Getting degrees online has become easier and easier. Many universities and colleges have programs specifically tailored to teaching degrees that you can obtain online. You never have to step foot on campus. Online can be a great way to fit school into a busy life.

If you are a working adult, then here’s an article about online degree programs for working adults.

How Much Does An Online Teaching Degree Cost?

The cost of a teaching degree varies depending on which college or university you choose to attend. Even with this consideration, the average cost of online schooling is anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 a semester. This can sum up to about $40,000 to $60,000.

You will find that any private universities and colleges will increase the prices for each semester. This also goes for any out-of-state schools. Fees do depend on where you go and what type of college or university it is.

How Long Does It Take to Earn A Teaching Degree Online?

To get a teaching degree, you have to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. This will take about four years if you follow the program’s and school’s schedule. This would mean being a full-time student with at least 12 credit hours a semester, possibly more.

You can shorten this by taking on more credit hours, but it takes people a little longer. For an online student, taking on 20 hours would take a lot of determination and self-regulation to complete the program sooner. It is possible, though.

The 7 Best Online Degrees In Education

There are many degrees you can choose from when you choose a career path in education. The subjects and specialties are diverse, and you often don’t have to stick to one if you decide later on that you would like to teach in other areas.

Doing these degrees online will not be easy, but online isn’t always the easy route. This is especially true for those who aren’t good at setting goals and completing them, but it doesn’t mean you won’t flourish. Here are the best degrees to get online in education.

1. Bachelor’s In Special Education

Special education is one of the higher paying teachers amongst staff. This is because they work with many students with learning disabilities or developmental delays. They are also assigned to specific students they work with and keep an eye on in school.

The great thing about special education is that you don’t need a Master’s. You will also have smaller class sizes and often co-teach classes. If you are one to love working more closely with your students, this is a great degree to work towards.

2. Bachelor’s In Bilingual Education

With so much diversity within schools, getting a degree in bilingual education is in high demand. There are so many students learning English and using a different language at home.

If you want to work in a diverse population or in an area with populations that don’t speak English, this is a perfect online degree.

3. Bachelor’s In Mathematics Education

An area that is in high demand are STEM classes, mathematics being one of them. Teachers are needed in this area and you can complete this program online. You won’t find yourself searching for a job as a math teacher with this degree.

4. Bachelor’s In Science Education

Science is also a subject that schools are in high demand for as it is another STEM course. You can find yourself teaching all sorts of science courses and it won’t ever get boring. One year you could be teaching the study of life (biology) and another year you could be teaching Environmental Science. There are so many interesting topics.

These courses are offered online and even labs can be done online as well. There are many programs out there that these courses incorporate that you can use that would normally be learned in a classroom setting.

5. Bachelor’s In Early Childhood

If you are a fan of children, getting a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood might be for you. An early childhood degree covers the elementary years and you can get the degree online at any university.

You will need to study multiple subjects although you don’t have to be an expert in each. Teaching little children can be quite exciting and there will be a new venture every day!

6. Master’s In Education Administration

When you get your Master’s in Education Administration, you can become part of the school administration that helps make decisions for your school. This program requires you to do some internships but not like you would when you got your Bachelor’s.

It also helps that you can become a school principal and get a pay increase. Principals are among the highest-paying staff members within a school. You can gain your Master’s while still being a teacher.

7. Bachelor’s In Foreign Languages

More schools are trying to add a selection of foreign languages to their curriculum, which means more need for teachers that teach other languages. Not only do the programs offer great courses for you to learn from home, there are many support applications to help as well.

If you are looking to teach a second language, here are some of the most popular languages to specialize in:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • American Sign Language
  • Mandarin

Final Thoughts

With all the programs and technology today, there are so many universities, colleges, and more that offer you online courses to fit into your schedule. You can work, take care of a family, and more while following your career goals to be a teacher. You can make anywhere your classroom.

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