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Last updated on October 20th, 2023.

You’ve decided you want to pursue the holistic career of being a yoga instructor, but before you can take your skills to the studio, you’ll need some official training. Yoga school provides aspiring instructors with training courses, resources, and certifications that will guarantee they are ready to spread their knowledge to others. Fortunately, nowadays, you can do all of this online.

Online yoga schools provide aspiring yoga instructors the opportunity to attend some of the top yoga schools, such as My Online Yoga School, My Vinyasa Practice, and Uplifted Yoga, from any location. Not only do they provide exceptional training courses, but you can also choose the certification and timeline that best suits you and your yoga passions.

Before enrolling in one of these online yoga schools, there are some things you should consider about online yoga training to determine if this is the best fit for you. To learn more, read on for our three main points of consideration, as well as an in-depth look at some exceptional online yoga schools.

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3 Things to Consider When Training with An Online Yoga School

Attending an online yoga school is a fantastic way for individuals to become a certified yoga instructor from any location at their own pace.

However, online yoga school isn’t for everyone. To determine whether this type of schooling is a proper fit for you, in addition, to which school is best, consider some of the points listed below.

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Movement Meditation

The most common form of Movement Meditation you are already likely aware of is yoga.  While this is the most common western form (common in the West now but learned from the East) of Movement Meditation there are other varieties of Movement Meditation that stretch back (pun intended) thousands of years.  One of the oldest forms of this type of meditation is QiGong. ‘Qi’, in Chinese means energy and ‘Gong’ means work. This is not only a work of the body but a work of the energy through and around the body.

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Movement Meditation is also a form of focused mediation in which the practitioner focuses their thoughts on the movements as a guide to establishing a state of presence.  Movement Meditation is unique in that it utilizes the body’s motion more intentionally as a form of focusing the mind rather than creating an awareness of the body itself through remaining still and observing the body with thought.  

This type of meditation practice is great for those who find peace in movement.  

Consideration 1: Cost

One element of attending an online yoga school that might sway you towards this option over an in-person program is the overall cost.

When it comes to the education of any type, the total cost is an important consideration to contemplate before enrolling. For yoga school, an in-person course will typically cost aspiring instructors somewhere in the range of $1,000-$3,000 depending on the course, its location, and the resources included.

Comparatively, most online yoga schools offer courses at a significantly reduced rate between $100- $500, again, depending on the criteria mentioned previously. In addition to a reduced cost, it is common for online yoga schools to prioritize accessibility and allow their students to pay through payment plans.

However, it might be more beneficial to pay upon enrollment because many schools will provide hefty discounts to students that opt for one complete payment rather than a payment plan. These discounts can range up to 50% of the tuition cost, effectively cutting the price in half.

Since online yoga school is available at a substantially lower rate, it is more accessible to aspiring trainers. Therefore, if you are passionate about being certified in this career but would prefer to do so in a manner that is most cost-efficient, an online yoga school is the best option for you.

Consideration 2: Course Inclusion

Online yoga school might be a fantastic option for certification because it is cheaper than its in-person counterpart. Still, sometimes this reduction in cost is reflected in other elements of the program, particularly in terms of what is included in the course.

Obtaining certification from an online yoga school certainly has its perks in terms of cost and convenience, but it is important to consider what you gain and what you lose with this option.

Before enrolling in an online school, check their course curriculum, and see what is included.

  • How many training videos are provided?
  • Is all of the training content pre-recorded, or are there live sessions for instruction and feedback?
  • Does the school provide additional resources, such as literature?

It is important to consider what you prioritize in a program and what will best ensure your success. Once you have determined your priorities, choose the program that aligns with these criteria.

For example, if you rely heavily on visual demonstrations, ensure the course has plenty of videos. However, if you rely heavily on reading information to fully comprehend material, your course should have supplemental textbooks and literature.

One vital distinction to consider between online and in-person yoga school is what in-person schooling can provide that online schooling cannot.

There is a reason that in-person yoga schools charge two or three times the cost of online schools.

The main reason is that you can physically interact with teachers and other students. If you are the type of person who thrives on social interaction, one-on-one instruction, and personalized feedback to learn, you’ll want to opt for in-person yoga school over online.

In-person yoga school allows students to have hands-on learning to demonstrate their skills and receive immediate feedback through adjustments from the instructor.

Form and alignment are essential to safety and successful positioning in yoga. Therefore, if you see or demonstrate a position improperly, it is exceedingly beneficial to have an instructor there to immediately correct the flaw. This is less likely to occur in online yoga schools, especially if their training videos are pre-recorded rather than live.   

This is not to say that online yoga schools have no forms of feedback for their students because there certainly are examples of this, such as 121 time with your instructor. Still, the lack of face-to-face interaction is something to consider for any hands-on students contemplating this choice.

Consideration 3: Equipment and Internet Connection

Before you enroll in an online yoga school, be sure to consider the type of equipment you have and if it is up to the task of supporting you throughout this process.

Considering your equipment is likely a step many people skip before signing up for online courses. These people often realize too late that they wasted the money they spent on an online education because they experienced technical difficulties frequently and couldn’t get through their courses efficiently.

Before you sign up for an online course, be sure to test your electronic equipment. It is likely you will be using a laptop, so it is best not to use one that is almost a decade old and takes three minutes just to log in. You want a relatively new system that functions quickly and experiences limited to no processing lags.

Another helpful piece of equipment is speakers. When you are participating in online yoga classes, you are likely to be on your feet in an area with lots of space so you can practice and demonstrate proper postures and asanas.

Although laptops are built with their own speakers, it is uncommon for them to be loud enough for you to hear your instructor efficiently at a distance. Speakers will eliminate any potential difficulties with sound and ensure you don’t have to be two feet from the laptop to hear the course material.

Lastly, it is vital that you have a sufficient Wi-Fi connection and speed if you are going to attempt online yoga school. You could have the best equipment in the world, but participating in online schooling will be extremely difficult if you have slow or poor Wi-Fi.

If you don’t have sufficient Wi-Fi at home, try going to a location that has better service but ample space, such as a community center or school gymnasium. 

A bonus thing you’ll need is some good clothing to do yoga in. Check out these yoga tops that don’t ride up!

The Top 3 Online Yoga Schools

If you determine that an online yoga school is a right choice for you after reading all of these considerations, we highly recommend you attend one of the three online yoga schools listed below. Each of these schools offers a wide range of courses that will allow you to become a certified trainer at a reasonable cost.

Online Yoga School

Online Yoga School strives to make yoga accessible to users and potential trainers while also preserving and emphasizing ancient yogic wisdom and remaining authentic to the practice and its culture. Trainers here have ample experience in yoga, as demonstrated by their founder, Steph, who has 25 years of experience in the art.

Here, you can enroll in a series of courses such as RYT-200’s, RYT 300’s, Ayurveda courses, as well as supplemental courses such as “Teacher Training and Immersion” and “Effective Cues for Yoga Teachers.”

These programs can range from 18 lessons to over 600, so be aware of your course load before enrolling. Some financially friendly options allow payment plans throughout the course rather than a one-time payment, so all courses are easily accessible to any individual.

Course DescriptionNumber of LessonsCost
See the CourseThis 200-hour course allows you to become a certified yoga instructor and receive an official certification supported by Yoga Alliance. The course covers a wide range of material, including yoga history, anatomy, asanas, teaching methodology, and yoga as a business for a solid foundation to your yoga teachings. 609$395
See the CourseThis is a more advanced course for individuals already trained and certified as yoga teachers. The course material delves deeper into anatomy and other elements of yoga teaching while also expanding on the first 4 of the eight limbs of yoga: Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama; then introducing the final 4: Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi 489$455
See the CourseThis is a self-paced program for individuals already familiar with the training of yoga. The content of this program focuses on how to perform and instruct restorative yoga safely and effectively. 81$149
See the CourseThis is a supplemental course that is part of the Yoga Alliance's Continuing Education Program (YACEP). The course content allows yoga instructors to obtain the necessary tools that will allow them to engage and conduct a yoga class using cues and language. 18$99

My Vinyasa Practice

Located on the ACC campus at Highland, My Vinyasa Practice is a yoga studio that believes that “the teachings and practices found in yoga support an awakening into a more compassionate and balanced state of being that supports health and longevity through alignment of mind, body, and spirit.”

My Vinyasa Practice strives to be the crossroads for authenticity and affordability regarding yoga. Therefore, their courses are reasonably priced, so any individual can have the opportunity to participate and learn this influential art. They even offer a handful of free courses to get you started. Additionally, teacher training programs at My Vinyasa Practice are approved through Yoga Alliance for additional credibility.

The types of certifications differ widely from My Vinyasa Practice, from basic teacher training to mindfulness coaching certifications to trauma-informed certification, and more. This allows aspiring trainers to pursue niche practices of yoga that align with their interests. To learn more, check out My Vinyasa Practice review!

Course DescriptionCost
See the CourseThis course will walk you through the fundamentals of yoga and efficiently start you on your path to becoming a certified yoga teacher. Students have the opportunity to work at their own pace and learn necessary content such as the history of yoga, subtle bodies, the business of yoga, introduction to Ayurveda, and more. $850
($425 when paid in full)
See the CourseThis is an all-inclusive program that combines material from both the beginner 200 YTT course and the 300 YTT advanced course into one. This is the most cost-efficient option for individuals who want the most comprehensive training to be a certified yoga teacher. $1,870
($935 when paid in full)
See the CourseThis course connects the science of mental health to the art of yoga and demonstrates how you can reduce or manage mental disorders or stressors through the practice of yoga. Course content includes an overview of the Central Nervous System, the neurobiology of trauma and how it is stored in the body, the stress response, pratipaksha Bhavana, and more. $179
See the CourseYoga Nidra is directly related to sleep. This advanced training course allows students to learn the history of Yoga Nidra, understand the nervous system and how it alters with sleep, and finally, how to use the art of Yoga Nidra for healing and balance. My Vinyasa Practices stresses that this training is beneficial for yoga trainers and social workers, counselors, and other mental health professionals. $179

Uplifted Yoga

Brett Larkin is the inspirational YouTuber and yoga instructor behind Brett Larking Yoga Uplifted.

Brett has a profound presence in the world of yoga and is a popular consultant for yogis, yoga teachers, and everyday users around the world. She provides genuine and insightful guidance on the benefits of incorporating yoga into your daily life by enhancing who you are as a person and significantly impacting overall health for the better.

Brett can also provide entrepreneurial guidance for aspiring and long-time yoga teachers to make yoga a successful business and improve their classes and structure.

Although Brett might not provide as many online training programs as the two previous schools, the programs she does offer are highly exceptional because she has been striving to perfect them for the past five years before other yoga schools even considered entering the online realm.

Each course follows a step-by-step framework to suit any pace, there are live 90-minute calls for personal feedback and support, and students can even apply for a personal consultation with Brett.

Course DescriptionCost
See the CourseThis introductory course is highly interactive and provides the basics of yoga for aspiring teachers and passionate users. The program's content covers anatomy, asana, cardiovascular and nervous system structure, prenatal, injury management and modification, and so many more.
The course is filled with videos, group discussions, virtual meetings, and other resources to ensure success.
See the CourseThis is a more advanced course to deepen your yoga experience and knowledge. This course is not suited to individuals that are new to yoga and better suited to the 200-HR YTT. Course content is extremely in-depth and led by experts in the field that have had ample training and experience in their specific module. Not only will this course enrich your knowledge, but it will demonstrate how to best translate this knowledge into your business and teachings. 300 YTT:

500 YT:
See the CourseThis is an exceptionally unique course by master spiritual teacher and Kundalini Yoga instructor Guru Singh and co-led by Brett. Here, you will "explore the depth of your cosmic consciousness" and explore your spiritual awakening.
This program focuses heavily on meditation, pranayama, breathwork, humanology, chakras, and other aspects that can cross over into different types of yoga.
Individuals of all levels are invited to participate in this course as long as they are dedicated and passionate about the material.
200 HR Kundalini YTT:

Bridge Program for Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers:

Final Thoughts

It is becoming increasingly popular to attend school online, either by choice or circumstance. Online yoga school is an exceptional option for individuals seeking to become a certified yoga teacher or simply pursuing their passion for art. 

Fortunately, online yoga schools are highly affordable and can provide programs, training, and resources that are just as fulfilling and impactful as in-person schools.

If you are eager to start your online yoga schooling journey, consider enrolling in courses offered by Online Yoga School, My Vinyasa Practice, or Uplifted Yoga for the most comprehensive and exceptional experience that will not only lead to certification but an enhanced connection to the art of yoga as well.

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