Organic Essential Oil Brands

The 10 Best Organic Essential Oils

Organic essential oils are catching on fast these days as the interest in natural healing methods ramps up. Unfortunately, unscrupulous people take advantage of the trend by producing inferior products that do not live up to the claims made by proponents of these oils. It is important to know what you are getting when buying essential oils.

The ten best organic essential oils brands are:

  1. Plant Therapy
  2. Vitruvi
  3. Aetos
  4. Mountain Rose Herbs
  5. Edens Garden
  6. Young Living
  7. Aura Cacia
  8. Rocky Mountain
  9. Revive 
  10. Jade Bloom

All these companies work hard to produce high quality, purely organic essential oils at affordable prices.

Since there is no standard definition of organic, it can be difficult to know for sure whether your choice of oil brand is truly organic or not. But these companies offer transparency about their extraction methods and test results, making them more trustworthy than most.

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The 10 Best Organic Essential Oils

Organic essential oils provide the health benefits of the plants or fruits from which they are derived without the harmful effects of chemicals.

These oils are pure in form and not cut with cheaper oils which decrease the effectiveness of the oils.

1. Plant Therapy Has A Great Inventory

Plant Therapy Oils are tested independently by contracted companies to ensure that they meet high quality standards. These oils are packaged in dark-colored glass bottles, which prevents degradation of the oils due to sunlight exposure.

Plant Therapy offers more than one hundred different oils and fifty oil blends to address just about any ailment you can think up.

They also sell starter kits, which helps the newbie get a good assortment without spending a fortune.

2. Vitruvi Keeps Things Simple

Vitruvi Oils are produced by steam distillation, which extracts only the plant’s essence without fillers or synthetics. Their oils come in black bottles with a dropper to avoid waste and degradation from sunlight exposure. 

Vitruvi ships directly to their customers at wholesale prices. This provides significant savings to the consumer.

They offer many blends as well as single oils for varied uses. When you buy Vitruvi, you’re getting nothing but plant.

3. Aetos Preserves Oil Integrity

Aetos Oils are distilled by steam to preserve as much of the plant’s therapeutic qualities as possible. Stored in blue bottles, the oils are safe from oxidation. The handy dropper helps you measure correctly with no waste, so your oils last longer.

Aetos oils are as pure and organic as it gets. There is no dilution here. What you buy is the genuine unmixed extract of the plant.

Aetos also uses no chemicals or pesticides on their plants, so you don’t have to worry about GMO’s or contaminants.

4. Mountain Rose Herbs Are Environmentally Responsible

Mountain Rose Herbs oils are pure and organic, having been raised without pesticides or chemicals.

Their extraction process continues the same tradition of excellence to bring you raw plant oils that are not cut with any type of filler.

They also make an effort to produce their oils responsibly without causing further harm to the environment.

Some of their oils are a little pricey because of their commitment to eco-friendly practices, but you can be sure they are worth it.

5. Edens Garden Test Each Batch

Edens Garden oils are maintained in a controlled environment away from light so that their freshness and quality remain unspoiled. They produce both single oils and oil blends, and every batch is tested separately for purity and quality.

Their starter kits are an excellent way to begin your collection if you are new to using essential oils. Edens Garden oils are affordable and of excellent quality. What more could you ask?

6. Young Living Is Well-Known for Thieves

No, not stealing Thieves; their blend called Thieves. It is possibly the most versatile blend on the market.

Young Living oversees every step of the oil producing process in-house; from planting to harvesting.

Their steam distillation process preserves the therapeutic qualities of the plants, and they test rigorously to ensure high quality.

Some oils are extracted by cold-pressing or resin methods, depending on what works best for that particular plant.

7. Aura Cacia Involves the Customer In The Company

Aura Cacia not only produces a quality essential oil, but they listen to the ideas of the community and customers to help them make wise decisions.

Their oils are pure, with no fillers added. They come packaged in a dark-colored glass bottle to prevent UV degradation.

Not all of their oils are organic, but they do offer a selection of organic oils. You just have to research carefully to determine which are organic and which are standard.

8. Rocky Mountain Oils Hold A High Standard

Rocky Mountain Oils are certified by the USDA to be organic. They test their oils using Gas Chromatography to ensure the highest quality.

They are a good bit pricier than the other companies, but the product is well worth the cost.

They also interact with their customers to offer suggestions and guidelines on how the oils should be used.

This is incredibly helpful to someone who is just beginning to use essential oils and who may be confused as to the best practices.

9. Revive Keeps the Process Natural

Revive sells oils from plants grown in the wild, and some oils from plants grown on farms.

Revive outsources the process to native farmers in different countries. For this reason, not all their products can be considered truly organic.

However, they do offer organic oils at reasonable prices. Just do careful research before buying.

The test results for each batch of oils can be downloaded from their website, so you know what you are getting.

10. Jade Bloom Offers More Than Oils

Jade Bloom offers pure organic essential oils along with online lessons to learn more about them.

Their oils are stored in green glass bottles, which protects them from oxidation and preserves the integrity of the oils.

This is a full-service company offering not only essential oils but blends and carrier oils. Starter kits are also on their catalog list.

They have special section of oils specially formulated for sensitive skin. The test results from each batch of oils are easily found on their website, so you know what you are buying.

What Is the Best Organic Essential Oil?

The best (and one of the most popular) organic and healthy essential oil brand is doTerra. doTerra goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their customers receive the highest quality product.

Their products are completely free of fillers and additives, so you know you’re getting the real deal.

Although much of their product is outsourced, they do strict testing to ensure that the product is 100% organic.

Pesticides and chemicals are never used on their plants.

Their plants are grown on farms around the world by native farmers who are familiar with the process.

This not only provides doTerra with quality plants, but it also creates jobs for farmers where jobs might be hard to find. It’s doTerra’s way of giving back.

They use steam distillation and cold-pressing methods to extract the oils from the plants so that the finished product is as pure as possible.

They also offer test results to their customers; just enter the number on the bottom of your bottle. The results will tell you the chemical makeup of the oil.

They offer a start-up kit that includes the most common oils, such as:

  • Lemon Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Lavender Oil

This is a great help to someone just getting into essential oils and unsure which oils to begin with.

doTerra’s oils are some of the pricier oils; it’s not uncommon to see prices in excess of $40 for one small bottle.

However, you can be sure that your money is buying the best of the best in organic essential oils.

A word of caution is in order here: when buying doTerra oils from online marketplaces, be sure you check the seller’s rating to see if he is selling the real doTerra brand or a copycat.

Are Organic Essential Oils Worth It?

It’s no secret that essential oils are rather expensive. True organic oils can cost anywhere from four to thirty-five cents per drop!

A 15mL bottle ranges in price from fifteen to forty-two dollars, depending on the type of oil and where you buy it.

(Need some tips on how to save money so you can get quality essential oils? Check out that article for 10 easy steps on how to do it!)

Considering the lack of empirical data to prove many of the claims made by essential oil enthusiasts, one wonders, are they worth the money?

The short answer is yes, but only if you choose very carefully. Many oils claim to be organic when they are anything but.

There is no standardized process for testing the oils’ purity, so it’s a bit of a gamble unless you do careful research to learn who produces the purest oils.

Impure oils can do more harm than good. Since they are so concentrated, any pesticides or chemicals on the plants are concentrated too.

Be sure you are buying from a company that cultivates their plants without the use of the harmful chemicals.

Are doTERRA Oils Organic?

The essential oil company that calls itself doTERRA claims to have the purest oils, yet many of their products do not wear the brand of “organic.”

So, are they genuinely organic? Yes, doTERRA oils are organic in the truest sense. They grow their plants without any kind of chemicals.

Nothing is added to their oils during the harvesting or packaging phase. Most of their oils are harvested by distillation, resulting in the purest, most concentrated oil possible.

They do not brand all their oils organic because of the elasticity of that term. Since there is no uniform standard that must be met to call a product “organic,” they prefer to call their products Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

Yet, consumers can be confident that doTERRA oils exceed the highest standards of quality.

Essential Oils Help Us to Live Better With Less Medication

While essential oils most certainly are not a cure-all, they can help to relieve symptoms of many conditions. This may help you to reduce the level of medication you need, leading to overall healthier life. 

(Check out these essential oils for meditation to help you live a more balanced and calm life.)

However, do not substitute essential oils for professional medical care. Essential oils are simply a complement to standardized healthcare.

They are not a treatment or cure for any disease, and in some cases, may interfere with your medication. Always consult your doctor before beginning any homeopathic regimen.

Always use the oils only as directed. Many oils cannot be taken internally. Make sure you read all directions and contraindications before use.