Oxygen Advantage® Review

Breathwork has gained popularity due to its proven stress reduction, mindfulness benefits, and accessibility as a self-care practice, making it a hot trend in wellness and mental health. Proper breathwork techniques also ensure efficient oxygen exchange in the lungs, increasing the amount of oxygen available to the body’s cells. This results in improved energy levels, alertness, and physical endurance, essential for peak performance. In this Oxygen Advantage Review, we will cover the aspects that make them a leader in the field.

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What is Oxygen Advantage?

Oxygen Advantage is your complete guide to functional breathing. The program elevates your athletic performance, enhances long-term well-being, improves concentration and sleep quality, and alleviates anxiety and breathlessness.

Developed by Patrick McKeown, a bestselling book author and leading authority on breathing and sleep, he grew up with debilitating asthma. From a newspaper article, he learned that simple breathing techniques could improve oxygen delivery and alter his brain states to increase intuition, creativity, and concentration. He aims to inspire people to improve their breathing, experience greater well-being, and unlock their full potential.

The Oxygen Advantage method is carefully crafted to diminish feelings of breathlessness, enhance oxygen supply to the brain, and maintain focus during stressful situations. The method comprises two key pillars — functional breathing and exercises to simulate training at high altitudes.

Through their programs, you can:

  • Learn how breathing affects mental stress
  • Take back control of your mind
  • Improve confidence and self-assurance
  • Boost your sports performance
  • Improve your long-term health
  • Enhance focus, concentration, posture, and sleep
  • Reduce anxiety and breathlessness
  • Run without triggering exercise-induced asthma

Oxygen Advantage Programs

The OA breathwork training offers a solid grasp of theory and practice, equipping you with practical tools to apply straightforward exercises that benefit your clients and students.

Functional Breathing Instructor Training

The Oxygen Advantage Breath Coach Certification is a fully online video training focused on optimizing human performance.

Key elements of this program are:

  • Gain expertise to assess individuals’ breathing patterns and monitor their improvement over time
  • Acquire techniques for maintaining effective breathing even in the most stressful circumstances, enabling better resilience and focus.
  • Explore the benefits of nasal breathing, including improved oxygen intake, filtration, and humidification.
  • Familiarize with the diaphragm and optimize its functioning for better breath control.
  • Gain insights into the science of slow breathing and its remarkable impact on relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity.
  • Discover the benefits of using Patrick McKeown’s patented belt in training and practice.
  • Learn methods for enhancing the strength and endurance of your breathing muscles.

The Oxygen Advantage Breath Coach Certification is your gateway to administer breathing re-education exercises and assist in reestablishing natural physiological breathing patterns for you and your clients.

Oxygen Advantage Online Breathing Courses & Live Breathing Classes

They also promote a variety of OA workshops and self-study courses to learn at home, including:

  • Live Breathing Classes
  • Breathing for Females
  • Invincible Breathing for Mental and Physical Performance
  • Breathing in Martial Arts
  • Online Sleep Course
  • Gentle Approach to Breathing
  • Online Course for Anxiety
  • Breathing for Yogis

Get the Oxygen Advantage

If you work with clients as a health coach, performance trainer, or fitness professional, there’s no better time to introduce a breathing program to your business. If you’re looking for a platform that certifies you to teach scientific breathing techniques, look no further than Oxygen Advantage.