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Last updated on August 29th, 2023.

Property Developers can make a high-profit margin when it is done well and right. However, you can create a mess of finances and resources if you get involved without the right knowledge and wisdom. The best way to avoid this is to take courses to help you understand how to create profit from properties.

Thankfully you can take most property development courses online now to help with scheduling and financials. The top 3 property development courses you can find online are:

  1. MIT School of Architecture and Planning
  2. Property & Development: University of Cape Town
  3. Economist Education

While taking these courses can’t guarantee profit or progress, they can give you insight on how to create the best outcome possible for you and your company. Without the knowledge of the market and land profit in your area, you can’t create proper positive cash flow.

Article Topics

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Property Developer

The road to becoming a property developer doesn’t have to follow a specific path or even have a specific degree and certification, you can get involved with property development in so many ways, but there are a few things you need to know to professionally manage your developments.

In some areas, you may be required to get a real estate license before you can develop the property, but others don’t require anything except a few state permits. While you may not be required to get certain prerequisites, you do need to know certain things such as:

  • Financials for your ability to borrow
  • How much time and resources you can allocate to a project
  • Property development prices and turnover rates in your area
  • Market strategies specific to your area

While you can absolutely learn all of these processes and strategies through a degree, you can also take a few property development courses and link up with those who are knowledgeable in your area. You simply need to know how to create profit through property development in your area through borrowing ability and profit margin with each property.

How Long Is A Property Developmental Course?

It’s common for property development courses to be on the shorter side compared to most courses due to the lack of legality when it comes to needing a property development course. You are not required to take a property development course to be in the property development occupation, it is however incredibly wise to take the course.

A property development course can be anywhere from 150 hours – 12 weeks depending on the intensity and attention to detail the course focuses on. Most of the property development courses are self-led to allow you to complete the course in your allotted time frame to allow for a shorter, or longer course if needed.

The 3 Best Property Development Courses Online

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the recent pandemic many schools have chosen to allow their courses to be online rather than just in person. This is an incredible opportunity for people to complete courses and receive certifications without having to change their schedules or miss out on opportunities due to scheduling conflicts.

Most of the property development courses you can find online can be completed entirely from your couch at home with no traveling or in-person teaching.

1. MIT School of Architecture and Planning - Real Estate Development: Planning and Process

In the Real Estate Development: Planning and Process online course, offered by MIT School of Architecture and Planning (MIT SA+P), you will delve into the intricacies of city planning, urban development, and the dynamic relationship between private and public stakeholders. Through real-world case studies, you will explore how various stakeholders interact, compete, and negotiate to shape cities and drive real estate development.

Embark on an exploration of the intricate public regulatory processes that govern private real estate development. As the real estate industry grows in complexity, a comprehensive understanding of the real estate development process becomes essential for both public and private sectors. By gaining nuanced insight into the interactions between public and private stakeholders, professionals can navigate this process more effectively, creating value for all parties involved.

Who is this for

  • Professionals in the public and private real estate sectors seeking a deeper understanding of the dynamics between these sectors.
  • Public sector stakeholders looking to innovate within the standard zoning regimen.
  • Private real estate developers who aim to approach regulators with transformative ideas and proposals that benefit local communities.
  • Investment professionals that recognize the importance of public-private partnerships and their impact on real estate predictions and developments.

Additionally, you will enjoy unlimited access to 2U’s Career Engagement Network, providing exclusive resources and events to support your professional growth and drive your career forward.

Details and fees

  • 6 weeks (excluding orientation)
  • Real Estate Development: Planning and Process
  • MIT School of Architecture and Planning (MIT SA+P)
  • $2,600 one-time payment

2. University Of Cape Town Online Course

The university of cape town offers a property development course fully online so you can learn what you need to without having to attend a class in person. This course contains an 8-week long program after you complete orientation. To immerse yourself fully in the class you should expect to put in anywhere from 7-10 hours a week.

This course will provide you with all the knowledge and resources you need to understand how to begin property development as well as:

  • A bank loan proposal
  • A sales comparison valuation report
  • A property management plan

3. Economist Education - Professional Communication: Business Writing and Storytelling

Professional Communication: Business Writing and Storytelling is an online short course offered by The Economist. This course is designed to assist business professionals in effectively communicating with broad audiences through various written formats. Drawing from The Economist’s editorial practice, this six-week journey explores the craft and purpose of writing and storytelling, equipping participants with the confidence to engage and communicate with partners, employees, and clients. Enhance your business writing skills and learn the art of crafting accurate, engaging, and impactful pieces of writing for professional contexts.

The course takes a practical approach to grammar, providing the tools necessary for constructing cohesive sentences and paragraphs. It also highlights the impact and clarity that can be achieved through elements such as word choice, punctuation, and structure. Participants will delve into techniques for accurately sourcing information, strengthening arguments with data visualizations, and embracing constructive and collaborative editing.

Is this course for you?

  • Professionals seeking to enhance their business writing and storytelling abilities.
  • Individuals who aim to communicate with conviction and craft narratives that engage and convince readers.
  • Those looking to develop practical skills in sourcing, writing, and editing content, along with effectively using data visualizations.

Key course details and fees

  • 6 weeks (excluding orientation)
  • Professional Communication: Business Writing and Storytelling
  • Offering: The Economist
  • One-time payment of $1,912

Additionally, participants will have unlimited access to the official Economist Education alumni group on LinkedIn and 2U’s Career Engagement Network, offering exclusive resources and events to support professional growth and career advancement.

Final Thoughts On Property Development Courses

While property development courses are not required to become a property developer, the knowledge and wisdom they can provide are priceless. You’ll get the basics of financing, developing and marketing and can expand from there.  Take your growth further by pursuing a Certification in Finance and Account or Certification in Project Management if you want to supplement.

You can learn to create positive cash flow by knowing the market and processes necessary to develop the property.

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