Red Flags With Online Dating

10 Showstopping Red Flags With Online Dating

Online dating is becoming more of a norm for others looking for love or a quick hookup. Those who want to meet others become too eager to jump into dating apps and swipe left and right to find who they are compatible with without thinking about certain red flags that the other person could exhibit.

Online dating red flags can range from the person flaking on you to them dodging answering personal questions about themselves. However, it is essential to know a bit more about the world of online dating among selections of various popular apps that may suit you.

Read more about online dating, popular dating apps, ten show-stopping red flags with online dating, and various tips to date online successfully.

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The World of Online Dating

In the world of online dating, it has changed how we communicate with potential suitors for the first time. As technology has improved over the decades and years, online dating is becoming more of a “traditional” route of meeting others for dating or hookups.

There are various forms of online dating: conventional, speed dating, and matchmaking. Conventional dating is when you meet someone in person, which is the traditional route. Speed dating is when you are not privy to who the person is, and you go on a date with an available person. Matchmaking is when you know what you want in a person and search for that while remaining unsure of who you want to date.

The key to a successful online dating experience is honesty, being genuine, and being observant of who the person is.

Various online dating apps cater to different people based on their gender, ethnicity/race, religion, etc. Let’s continue reading to learn about some popular online dating apps with the best online dating coaches.

Popular Online Dating Apps

Online dating is not viable, in this day and age, without the use of dating apps. Dating apps are the most popular and conveniently reliable way to see who you are matching with and conduct conversations with people you are interested in. Some of these popular dating apps include:

  • Hinge: a dating app designed to produce quality interactions with the person you’re interested in with conversation prompts.
  • eHarmony: an app for online daters who want serious relationships, long-term.
  • Grindr: an app designed for men within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Her: an app designed for women within the LGBTQ+.
  • Bumble: an app designated as the best for women. There is a zero-tolerance toward any hate speech and harassment. When matched, women are to initiate the conversation towards the men, but if you are in a same-sex female relationship, then either woman can begin the conversation.

There are many online dating coach certifications you could benefit from but before you begin deciding which dating app is the right fit for you, it is essential to understand and spot red flags for online dating.

What is a Red Flag with Online Dating?

Online dating can be fun and exciting, but your safety is essential, so it is necessary to spot red flags. A red flag is when you notice that something seems off within a person, and something within you tells you to become hyper-aware of that and want to steer clear of them. In online dating, many red flags can be spotted.

Red flags with online dating can include:

  • They flake on you.
  • They immediately sweet-talk you.
  • They do not send you pictures.
  • They ask for money.
  • Dodging answering personal questions.
  • They brag about themselves too much.
  • The conversations are not interesting.
  • Their profile pictures are with a group, not by themselves.
  • Their social media is private.
  • Complains about the happenings in society.

Spotting red flags is necessary when interacting with people who are essentially strangers. Let’s continue reading to learn more about the ten red flags for online dating.

10 Showstopping Red Flags With Online Dating

Online dating can have its benefits, but there are red flags to stay on top of to ensure a successful run with using these dating apps and interacting with new people.

Let’s continue reading to learn about ten show-stopping red flags with online dating.

They Flake on You

This is an issue if you guys agree to meet somewhere, but they are constantly flaking on at the last minute. Someone who flakes and gives you a vague explanation is concerning because you are not sure if they are interested in you or not. A problem with these explanations is that you are not sure whether what they are saying is the truth, which will quickly diminish trust between the two of you.

They Immediately Sweet-Talk You

Compliments are fine, but if someone is excessively sweet-talking you, this is a red flag and someone you should likely avoid. Someone who constantly sweet-talks you heavily may not have your bests interests and is not wanting to look for a relationship but, likely, a one-night stand.

Being sweet-talking can easily lead to them speaking in an inappropriate, overtly sexual manner that can make you uncomfortable, leading to something more concerning if they are not getting their way.

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They Do Not Send You Pictures

A way of getting to know each other is being aware of what the other one looks like and vice versa. Showing a recent picture of you and them is a step towards transparency and ensuring no catfishing is involved. However, if they do not want to send you pictures, this can be a significant red flag because you will be left unsure if the person you are talking to is legit.

They Ask For Money

Asking for money on an online dating app is an immediate red flag and should avoid. No one should be asking you for money on an app designed for dating. People who ask for money tend to prey on those who are the most vulnerable and kind by giving them a sob story of why they need it when it is likely not the slightest bit true.

Asking for money on dating apps is a scam tactic that should be avoided at all costs and if you notice someone trying to steal from you, report that profile.

Dodging Answering Personal Questions

Everyone is human and is not all living in the lap of luxury. Someone who dodges personal questions, including basic ones, like career, family, and where they live, can be seen as odd because there is a lack of transparency and honesty between two people before they even meet. Again, it is fine if you are not living in the most luxurious house and living the most extraordinary life, but if you are not making that clear, then that will come across as shady.

They Brag About Themselves Too Much

If they brag about themselves too much and try to make themselves the best thing ever, that is a red flag. They are making themselves out to be more important than they are by mentioning the people they have to talk to, their line of work and how much time they have to work, etc. And if you meet them in person, they will try to find a way to make the conversation about themselves.

The Conversations Are Not Interesting

If the conversations between you and the other person are lackluster and you are the one who feels as though you have to keep up with the conversation and try to keep them engaged, then this is a red flag. If the other person is hardly engaging in discussions with you, then this shows that they are not interested.

Their Profile Pictures are With a Group, Not By Yourself

Posting group photos can make it difficult to determine who you are to the person interested in you. It’s OK that you are posting pictures of your friends and family, but, at least for your profile picture, make sure that there is a picture of you by yourself, so the other person can have an idea of who you are and your appearance. And ensure that the photo is as up-to-date as possible.

Their Social Media is Private

Having a private social media page isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a red flag for the person you are hitting it off with if they want to learn more about you through your posts and pictures. For some, those who have private social media but are online dating can be seen as a little odd.

Complains About the Happenings in Society

Being in tune with what is happening in society but openly complaining about what is wrong with it can be a red flag for people. Especially those who are overly ranting about culture and specific political issues can become uncomfortable for those looking for their match on these apps and will instantly turn them off because negative energy will be fed to them.

Tips For Online Dating

Online dating can be long and egregious, so people will give up trying to find a relationship online. Online dating can be successful with helpful tips that can be implemented.

Let’s continue reading about six tips for online dating.

Determine What Kind of Relationship You Are Looking For

Determine what kind of relationship you are looking for. Do you want a short-term relationship? Long-term? Once you’ve defined what type of relationship you are looking for while using these dating apps, you can determine which person is potential for you and which are not and seem to be a waste of time when you’ve had your matches.

Determine Which Platform Works For You

There are many online dating apps for many people. Find, and determine, which online dating app platform works best for you. There are varying factors that can decide which platform you like. Popularity, religion, race and ethnicity, and sexuality can determine which apps best fit you.

Write Your Profile That Matches Who You Are

Write a profile that reflects who you are as a person. Match your profile with who you are and make it as honest as possible as long as you are comfortable in that moment. If you are a funny person, then write something humorous or if you are a romantic person, then write something flirtatious and romantic.

Post a detailed profile that shows your face and is honestly you. Do not have a profile picture of you in a group, but just by yourself and smiling or grinning. A smile in a photo is very appealing and eye-popping and will attract the attention of potential suitors.

Don’t Speak to Those That You Know You Are Not Interested In Or You

When you are matched with someone, if you are not interested, do not bother to consider going on a date with them and talking to them. Or, if you are interested in the person and are not responding, do not bother with them. There could be various reasons why they are not responding to you, but do not bother communicating with someone who is not responding promptly.

Understandably, things can happen, but respect it and move on if there isn’t transparency between you.

Be Honest and Transparent with Each Other

Be honest and transparent with the person that you are talking to. Honesty and transparency from the beginning show how authentic and genuine you are. Make sure you are open about what you want from a date and what kind of relationship you want.

If the other person wants a short-term relationship and you do not, then be open about that and see where it goes by continuing the conversation or be honest with them about wanting to cut it short and move on.

Meet in Person When You Feel Comfortable

Meet in person with the person you’ve matched with when comfortable. Please do not feel you have to meet them as soon as you guys match on the app, but take time to talk and get to know them. If and when you want to meet in person, consider bringing a friend with you and have them chaperone from a distance and also consider meeting them in a public setting instead of isolating yourself.


So, you have now learned about the world of online dating among the ten red flags when it comes to online dating. You have also known about various tips for having a successful online dating experience and some of the most popular online dating apps.