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Balancing the Body: Reiki Healing Explained

Everything alive pulsates with energy. We are 99% energy and 1% matter. Your body is surrounded by an energy field extending as far as your outstretched arms. It is an information center constantly communicating with everything around us. The energy field carries the emotional energy that includes past and present relationships, traumatic experiences and memories, and belief patterns. In this way, your energy becomes your biology.

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How Energy Blockages Manifest as Symptoms

Traumatic experiences you deal with from childhood or past relationships carry emotional energy or charge that gets stored in your energy system. When these emotions are not processed, they stay in the body and manifest as physical illnesses. Any emotional pain you deal with leaves a residue of charge that creates the energy of fear, doubt, or shame. 


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These energies are the root cause of every physical and mental illness. It is like a clogged, energetic system, and when there is no healthy flow, the physical body gets out of balance. An example of this is the great depression in the 1930s. As explained by Caroline Myss in her book ‘Anatomy Of The Spirit,’ the fear and loss of control because of the economic crisis was a severe traumatic event, which manifested as the outbreak of the Polio virus.

Mental and physical illnesses start as an energetic blockage. Anxiety, depression, and addiction, as examples, are signs of a lack of safety within yourself and living with a shaky, energetic foundation. Physical illnesses such as immunity diseases result from the energy of fear and not feeling safe within ourselves and our families. Another example is heart and lung diseases, which occur because of the stored energy of grief and sadness in the heart center. 

Understanding that everything is made of energy is the starting point for learning to transmute negative experiences into strength. Energetic blockages first show as uncomfortable physical sensations such as constriction and tightness. When they are ignored, the body screams for attention using illness.

“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” Buddha

Enter Reiki for Energy Healing

Reiki is the channeling of high-frequency energy into your energy system. Reiki is beneficial because it restores balance to your energy system, renewing your physical and mental health. It also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which empowers the body to be in a state called rest and digest so that the body can heal itself after prolonged periods of stress. Reiki is a gentle way of shifting low-frequency energy stuck in the body into the high-frequency energy of love and compassion. It feels like a sigh of relief or the release of a stagnant weight in your energy system. 

Reiki works on releasing the root cause of the symptom. Unlike modern medicine, it releases the energetic imbalance that could be causing the physical illness. For example, Reiki can help women who have polycystic ovary syndrome by releasing the underlying cause of the symptom. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is usually the physical manifestation of emotional neglect in childhood, perfectionism, or even a lack of creativity and play. 

By releasing the emotional charge stored in the body that caused the symptom in the first place, Reiki can release anxiety and restore a sense of safety in the body so it can heal. Reiki is a powerful tool that not only heals physical illnesses but also restores mind, body, and spirit balance.

Take Steps Towards Healing with Reiki

Healing is a journey that sheds several layers of your pain and fears. It might feel lonely or tiring, but it is gratifying. When you work with a certified Reiki practitioner, they’ll guide you to the energetic cause of your symptoms. An energy healing practice will make the symptoms more manageable, but there is a role that you need to play for you to heal. 

  • First, own your journey. It’s your responsibility to heal. It seems easy to blame problems on someone else, but your healing starts when you own where you are. 
  • Second, notice if you need to make changes to your environment. It’s difficult to heal in the same environment that made you sick.
  • Third, start practicing being. Notice the sensations in your body and what brings openness as well as what brings tightness. This is your guide on which path to follow. Your body constantly communicates with your mind and soul through subtle signals and intuitive nudges. By tuning into these messages, you foster a deeper understanding and relationship with yourself, facilitating a more profound and holistic healing process.

Continue Your Reiki Energy Healing Journey

Each step forward on your healing journey, no matter how small, is a step towards a healthier, more harmonious life. Embrace energy healing to accelerate this journey towards an authentic and fulfilling life.