What is scalar energy

What is scalar energy?

Scalar energy frequency can enhance, protect, motivate, and balance an individual’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) because it helps reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety. Scalar energy also reduces feelings associated with habitual actions that are negative while promoting relaxation and detoxifying an individual’s cells.

Scalar energy is considered a form of alternative medicine that utilizes energy waves to bolster an individual’s overall health, stamina, and mood. The items utilized in scalar energy relate to quantum energy and quantum science. By harnessing electromagnetic fields (EMFs), scalar energy can be used for healing and stress relief.

Since there isn’t much information available on the Internet today covering scalar energy we created this article to help you. Below we’ll define what scalar energy is, why scalar energy is safe and beneficial regarding the advantages of scalar energy.

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Scalar Energy Explained

Scalar energy has been around for a while, but since it’s been labeled as alternative medicine, it never received the widespread attention of the public that it deserves. That’s unfortunate because many of the individuals that know about its existence and benefits, regard it as one of the best scientific discoveries of all time. However, since scalar energy never received the mainstream acclaim it deserved, not enough people use it or comprehend its advantages.

Scalar energy is also commonly called “scalar fields.” Scalar energy offers a specific property of the universe that is linked to information fields. Some individuals also call scalar energy “Tesla fields” because of Tesla’s interest in the subject. No matter what you’d like to call scalar energy, the use of this energy is intertwined into both

  • Quantum mechanics
  • Quantum field theory

When an individual refers to scalar fields, they are commenting on the components of all matter that are not physical, and exist instead as informational components. Scalar energy relates to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and these two concepts work together to offer the advantages of scalar energy to others.

For instance, every EM wave is made up of two essential components, which are:

  • The transverse wave
  • The longitudinal (scalar) wave

The first essential component of the EM waves is the transverse waves. Transverse waves are the component involved with EM waves that can be measured, usually by the meter, because transverse waves operate and exist in the three-dimensional space world, the physical realm that all humans can recognize and touch. Transverse waves are named after the way they move in three-dimensional space.

Transverse waves provide a variety of movement, including:

  • A revolving motion that’s comparable to an oscillating fan
  • An upwards and downwards movement that makes the wave look like it’s bouncing

More than likely, you are using transverse waves right now; you can’t see them. For example, transverse waves are working right now to provide you with electricity and your ability to be on the Internet. Transverse waves are apparent in all acts of telecommunications. Since transverse waves are utilized in this manner, it is easy to detect and measure them.

We’ve known about transverse waves for a long time now. Because transverse waves are so easily measurable in the physical world, it was a breeze for early scientists and engineers to measure and study them. However, that’s not the case for the longitudinal component of the EM wave, which is also commonly referred to as the scalar wave.

Scalar waves don’t have a place in our physical, three-dimensional space world. Instead, scalar waves are known to exist on the axis of time. That means that scalar waves, much like time, exist only in the fourth dimension. In quantum mechanics, time is defined as a form of condensed energy, which means that time is compressed by scientists that measure it as the speed of light squared.

Scalar waves do not have the same limitations as transverse waves because they operate outside of the third dimension. By existing in the fourth dimension, instead, scalar waves can thus move more rapidly than the speed of light, making them superluminal.

  • Since scalar waves aren’t present in the third dimension, where all of the matter in the physical world exists, their movement is swift since there are no physical objects that can limit these waves.
  • That makes scalar waves very unique when compared to transverse EM waves, which can be obstructed by physical objects.

Scalar energy as a part of the EMF wave is five times more powerful than the transverse energy. For instance, if you use an EMF meter and give you a 200 milligauss reading, you are only getting a reading from the transverse wave. That’s because it’s the only frequency that’s measurable since it exists in the physical world. However, if you could read a scalar wave, its component would equal 1000 milligauss.

Scalar waves are also unique in how they interact with living organisms since they exist in the fourth dimension. You’ll never be able to discover and measure any scalar waves with a standard meter. However, living entities are capable of rapidly picking up these scalar waves while also making their own. Here’s a description of how that works:

  • Every living thing creates its scalar energy, which is referred to as bio-scalar.
  • Plus, living things are also sensitive to the scalar energy that exists around them.
  • Our plant is always creating a bevy of ever-evolving scalar fields of energy, and the bodies of humans and all living organisms are used to evolving with them.

The way scalar energy works depend on

  • How the waves are produced
  • The information that is received by the scalar wave
  • The coherent fields
  • The incoherent fields

By themselves, scalar waves are not inherently good or inherently evil; it’s better to think of them as neutral. How scalar waves are created affects whether the scalar wave will be used for health benefits or destructive purposes. However, getting scalar energy means you’ll be getting your scalar waves from a professional therapist who knows how to maximize the health and relaxation benefits of the waves.

So, this technique allows the professional therapist to refine your exposure to scalar waves. That allows the therapist to produce the scalar wave and provide the scalar wave with information that will improve your health and align your subtle bodies. Since scalar energy is done in a controlled environment with a professional, you’ll receive all the advantages of scalar energy.

Is scalar energy safe?

When it comes to scalar energy, there is a lack of scientific evidence existing nowadays to either prove or disprove the safety of scalar energy. Thats mostly because scalar energy has not been accepted by the mainstream culture and vastly publicized, so it hasnt been widely explored. While thats disappointing, as scalar energy provides so many benefits, it should be examined. However, a lack of scientific evidence doesnt mean that scalar energy is unsafe.

Scalar energy is safe. We feel confident stating that because of the many health benefits individuals that receive scalar energy wind up experiencing. Scalar energy allows you to receive all the perks of having the energy carried into your bodys cells using advanced scalar energy techniques. Since the scalar energy treatment, is produced by your therapist; youll wind up with a professional in control of your scalar energy. This will give you the best possible energy.

Who discovered scalar energy?

Scalar energy was discovered generations ago, which is a fact that might surprise you. However, since the concept of scalar energy never went mainstream, the benefits of scalar energy were overlooked. Many people have forgotten about the discovery of scalar energy. Nowadays, scalar energy is still widely misunderstood, and scientists continue to pass over studying the concept because it’s so challenging to measure scalar energy.

The individual credited with first discovering scalar energy is James Clark Maxwell, a scientist from Scotland. To give you a better idea about how long scalar energy has been around, Maxwell was born in 1831. So, it’s been known for a while. Still, its lack of measurability meant many scientists prefer to discount scalar energy because of their limitations rather than try to figure out a way to harness scalar energy’s power and benefits.

Maxwell was an expert in mathematical physics. He created two essential theories, both of which we’ve already covered to some extent above:

  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Electromagnetic fields

The person that brought the most attention to scalar waves was Nikola Tesla, who worked as a mechanical engineer and was also an expert mathematician. Tesla studied Maxwell’s theories and then enhanced them by inventing devices that helped him prove that scalar energy existed. Tesla then reported that he discovered that two forms of energy exist in the universe:

  • Electromagnetic energy, or the physical realm, which is widely accepted by science
  • Scalar energy, which seems to be poorly comprehended and unexplored by science.

Tesla tried to bring scalar energy to the mainstream as a concept, mention scalar energy could perform a transfer of energy without any of the energy evaporating. He also emphasized that he believed Scalar energy is one of nature’s primal forces since

  • You can get it for free, like air
  • It exists everywhere, like air
  • It’s renewable like air is with photosynthesis

Tesla also believed that if humans could learn how to contain the power of scalar energy, we’d have limitless possibilities and boundless energy. Because Tesla was such an active proponent of scalar waves, he is typically called the father of scalar waves.

How do scalar waves work?

It’s quite easy for your body to transfer scalar energy’s benefits, meaning it’s easy for scalar energy to transfer the scalar wave from the energy-producing device into the cell.

Your professional therapist will ensure that the electrical charge you receive from the energy-producing device is at optimal levels, and then generate an electrical charge that will reach throughout all your cell membranes. When that is accomplished, your body will be able to move nutrients back into your cells faster and get rid of waste as speedily as possible. The result is

  • More energy
  • Improved mood
  • Better health

After a scalar energy treatment session, you’ll feel a lot more energy because all your cells will have received a nice dose of energy. Scalar energy is comparable to recharging a lithium battery because suddenly, you’ll feel refreshed and recharged. Also, by undergoing scalar energy sessions, your chemical bonds within your DNA will become stronger so that they can resist damage more easily. Additionally, your blood gets a cleanse so that your cells function at full strength again.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, the health advantages of scalar energy have not been studied. Because scalar energy is so challenging to measure, scientists would rather dismiss it than invest in figuring out an accurate scalar energy measurement. However, that doesnt mean you cant receive the benefits of scalar energy. By attending a scalar energy session, youll receive many health improvements, like more energy, less stress, and a happier mood.

If you want to learn more about the energy within our bodies, there are energy healing courses online that can help you learn and grow in your wellness journey!