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Sleep Noise on YouTube: The Top Sounds and Channels

Sleeping is essential to not only maintaining energy levels but your overall health also. But why do so many of us fail to get a good night’s sleep? As the percentage of adults not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep every night steadily rises, many are desperate for a simple fix to this common sleep dilemma. One popular remedy is listening to sleep noises on YouTube.

White noise is one of the most popular sleep noises that can be listened to on YouTube. White noise is the frequent go-to for those looking for a soothing sound to help them fall asleep. Some of the top channels specializing in sleep sounds are the Yellow Brick Cinema and Relaxing Soundzzz. 

Listening to sleep noises has proven to help many relax and fall asleep faster naturally compared to older sleep remedies such as counting sheep or drinking a warm cup of tea. Whether you like listening to the tranquil sound of lapping ocean waves or birds chirping, these top sounds and channels offer a variety of sleep noises for all preferences.

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What is the Most Popular Sleep Noise?

Many noises are naturally soothing and perfect for helping you fall asleep.

Some would say that good old silence is the best helper when it comes to falling asleep, but there are several downsides to silence. Silence can be golden at times, but more often than not, it can be the source of anxiety. (You can check out the ways mindfulness can help you manage anxiety in that article!)

For starters, with silence comes the presence of other distracting sounds such as those random creaking noises throughout your house. Chances are those random distracting sounds in your home are not the result of a lurking spirit; however, they can be disruptive to your body’s natural process of falling asleep. 

On the other hand, playing hard music or having the TV on in the background as you sleep is not ideal either.

To combat the issues that arise with falling asleep in silence or to the sound of vocal music, many turn to softer noises like nature sounds and white noise to help them fall asleep. 

With so many noises and colors of sound out there, it’s easy to wonder, what’s the most popular noise for falling asleep?

The Most Popular Noise

As mentioned before, white noise tops the list as the most popular sleep noise for sound sleep.

Remember that annoying aspect of silence—there is no sound? White noise is luckily a happy medium between too much silence and too much sound.

“. . . white noise—a mixture of all sound frequencies at once, at the same level of intensity—does a good job of masking other noises that can disrupt your sleep.” (Source: The Healthy)

By balancing sound waves and frequencies, white noise cancels out background sounds, AND those annoying high-pitched sounds like music that is too loud or the sound of floorboards creaking.

It can do this by providing a serene ambient sound that acts as a barrier to sounds in and outside of your home, making it a prevalent noise to fall asleep.

Sleep Noise on YouTube: The Top Sounds and Channels

YouTube is more than just your average go-to for do-it-yourself hacks and ASMR videos; it is also host to some of the top sounds and channels of popular sleep noises.

Even better, these soothing sounds are played along with scenes of:

  • Vast rainforests
  • Winding rivers
  • Raindrops, and more! 

Sleep noise on YouTube is literally its own unique category, and with that comes plenty of content that offers a variety of sleep noises from:

  • White noise
  • Pink noise
  • Blue noise
  • Raindrops on a tin roof 

These top sounds and channels, soon to be discussed, are unique in the content they offer and the way it’s presented.

The advantage of listening to sleep noises on YouTube is that many of the videos created feature scenery to accompany the sounds. With this aspect of YouTube, you can fall asleep to soothing sights and sounds!

Yellow Brick Cinema

With 4.6 million subscribers and growing, the popular YouTube channel, Yellow Brick Cinema, offers videos of relaxing sounds to fall asleep to accompanied by colorful scenery in the background. This channel is also one of the more unique sleep noise channels on YouTube because they also offer live stream videos of sleep noises in real-time.

There’s no limit to the content this channel offers either, as sometimes there’s upwards of 22 sleep noise videos live streaming all at once! Not only does this provide you with plenty of sleep noises to choose from, but you can also rotate live streams as you please.

Likewise, you can choose from nearly 3,000 pre-recorded videos.

Yellow Brick Cinema is self-described as “the world’s largest YouTube channel for relaxing music.” Roche Klue and his friend Margie created the channel in 2013.

Klue, who passed away in 2018, was a talented musician and composer while Margie, a musician, and lover of yoga herself, continues to maintain his legacy by continuing to create the content he loved so much. 

The name of this popular YouTube channel was inspired by none other than, you guessed, “The Wizard of Oz.”

To inspire others in their life’s journey, Yellow Brick Cinema provides the content to help viewers find ease and relaxation in everyday tasks like:

  • Reading
  • Meditating
  • Sleeping

All of the sounds you hear throughout the videos on their channel are all composed from scratch and combined with unique binaural beats to further enhance your experience.

Among their 2,900+ videos of sounds, you can find:

  • Healing sleep sounds
  • Deep sleep sounds
  • Relaxing spa sounds, to name a few

You can follow Yellow Brick Cinema’s YouTube channel or visit their custom blog.

The Popularity of White Noise

Given that white noise is one of the most popular sleep noises out there, there’s no wonder there are so many videos on YouTube featuring this ambient tune.

To discover the soothing sound of white, type it in the search bar on YouTube, and with the click of your mouse, you’ll find thousands of videos made to help viewers like you sleep peacefully.

Some of the top YouTube channels specializing in white noise for sleeping are:

  • Relaxing White Noise with over 1.8 million viewers
  • MeditationRelaxClub – Sleep Music & Mindfulness with just over 99K viewers
  • White Noise Tranquility with 34K subscribers and growing 

Each of these channels features videos of white noise you can listen to while you sleep.

In addition to white noise, each of the channels listed also has additional noises such as:

  • Rain
  • Thunder
  • Ambient music to help you sleep

Some of the most popular white noises are the sound of:

  • A whirling fan
  • White noise and water
  • An air conditioner running

These soft, subtle sounds and frequencies of all levels balance out any distracting noises that may keep you from sleeping soundly.

It is also comforting to know that most white noises can be found all around your home, from fans to washing machines and more.

These videos bring those sounds alive by playing on a constant loop with beautiful scenery to bring it all together.

For more information on these videos listed above, you can follow these links listed below:

Relaxing White Noise

White Noise Tranquility

Relaxing Soundzzz

Relaxing Soundzzz is another top YouTube channel that is host to a variety of high-quality sleep noises. With 301K subscribers and growing, this rather popular channel has different categories of noises that are all helpful to the process of falling and staying asleep.

Some of their videos feature the sound of a fireplace burning in the background and thunderstorms.

There are several categories by which their sleep and relaxation noises are grouped together. Some of these categories include:

  • Beach soundscapes
  • Fire soundscapes
  • Rain soundscapes
  • Forest soundscapes
  • Stormy soundscapes
  • Thunderstorm soundscapes

Started in 2014, Relaxing Soundzzz was created to provide soothing sounds and peaceful backgrounds to help viewers relax and fall asleep.

If you’re ever worried about running out of sleep noises to listen to, there’s no need for that.

The average length of each video on this channel is about seven and a half hours. That’s a lot of content packed into one place!

Most of the sounds on Relaxing Soundzzz feature sounds from nature, such as:

  • Ocean ambient waves
  • Crackling fires out in the woods
  • Snowstorms
  • Thunderstorms
  • Waterfalls

To accompany the high quality of the sound, you also have the beautiful scenery from which each sound is taking place. 

With this channel, you’re sure to get a relaxing night full of rest, all while enjoying the sounds of the beautiful scenery from the comfort of your home. To learn more about Relaxing Soundzzz, visit its YouTube page.

Nature Sounds

The second best to white noise is none other than the beautiful sounds of nature.

Nature is all around us, and while it is unpredictable at times, it offers some of the most beautiful scenery and sounds known to humanity. In addition to this, it’s also the perfect aid for sleeping. From cascading waterfalls to the sound of birds chirping, YouTube has it all.

It’s no secret that nature has healing and relaxing properties, but why is it that humans find the sound of nature so soothing?

It could be attributed to the fact that nature is very much intertwined with the human spirit or that at one point in time, birds were the original alarm clock. Whatever the case may be, nature has the power to ease all tensions.

Some of the top YouTube channels featuring nature sounds are:

  • Soothing Relaxation
  • 321 Relaxing – Meditation Relaxation Clips
  • The Relaxed Guy

Collectively, some of the videos on these channels have had over 100 million views, making them very popular amongst viewers looking for the relaxing nature sounds.

A simple search of “nature sounds for sleeping” on YouTube will provide you with an array of relaxing nature videos to help you sleep. Some of these videos include sounds of:

  • The rainforest
  • Ocean waves
  • Seagulls chirping
  • Crickets singing into the night, and more! 

To learn more about the top YouTube channels for nature sounds mentioned above, you can take time to visit these links below:

Soothing Relaxation

The Relaxed Guy


Stardust Vibes – Relaxing Sounds

Stardust Vibes – Relaxing Sounds is one of the more elite YouTube channels creating content full of relaxing sounds to help you sleep.

With 923K subscribers, this channel offers live stream videos of gentle noises like:

  • Melodic vibrations,
  • The humming of Tibetan bowls,
  • Instrumental music.

These categories also have lots of pre-recorded videos as well.

Compared to many other YouTube channels out there featuring the same content, Stardust Vibes appears to have the most diverse selection of sounds.

This channel features your usual go-to sleeping sounds like nature, white and other colors of sound, and instrumental music. 

It also features more unique sounds like:

  • Affirmations
  • Indian instrumental sounds
  • Guided meditations

The unique aspect of this channel is that it’s more than just a top-notch YouTube channel offering videos of sleep noises. It’s a mental health-based channel founded and maintained by a certified hypnotherapist and life coach, Elita, and certified yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner, Sean.

This aspect makes the channel that much more authentic and unique.

Likewise, all of the music and sounds you hear in the videos are produced by Elita and Sean themselves.

This goes for the videos and images featured in each video as well.

So, if you ever find yourself tossing and turning in bed, check out their vast collection of relaxing sleep sounds on their YouTube channel.

What are the Different Colors of Sleep Noises?

Sound is something intangible yet so impactful to our lives.

This aspect of sound never ceases to exist whether you are gifted with the ability to hear or gifted without the ability to hear.

Sound surrounds us constantly with each wave vibrating through us, adding to the natural energy of our bodies. (There are energy healing courses online that help your body reach relaxation and balance!)

With all the characteristics of sound—high-pitched, low, soft, hard—it’s no surprise that it’s as colorful as the intensities it comes in.

Each color of sound has unique characteristics based on the waves it gives off and the frequencies involved.

Many people are familiar with white noise, a relatively static sound that quickly cancels out background noises.

This color of sound is popular for helping people naturally relax and, hopefully, fall asleep.

Are Pink, Brown, Blue, and Green Noises New to You?

Sounds such as the whirling of a fan or humming of the air conditioner are all common examples of white noise; however, these everyday sounds could also be considered pink noises.

This noise closely mirrors white noise but has higher and lower frequencies.

Not following too far behind are brown, blue, and green noise, to name a few.

Just as there is a full-color spectrum of light, there’s a rainbow of sound, full of colors that each come with their own unique properties. 

For comparison, here are some of the many different colored sleep noises to help you sleep:

  • White – a clean balance of all frequencies known to the human ear, all set at the same intensity.
  • Pink – also has a clean, balanced intensity. However, this noise is a mixture of both high and low frequencies. Pink noise doesn’t sound as harsh to the human ear when it’s compared to white noise.
  • Brown – the name of this sound is not inspired by the actual color brown, but rather the Brownian motion that its sound signals mimicked. Brown noise is more of a deep tone and is exemplified in sounds like waves crashing or thunder.
  • Black – this color of sound may be assumed to be the deepest of the most resonant sounds. However, it’s anything but that. As black is the opposite of white, so is the sound of either of those colors. Considering white is a balance of all intensities, black is the unbalancing of all or rather the absence of frequencies. Black noise is quite simply complete silence.
  • Blue – this noise sits at the higher end of the sound spectrum and features higher intensity sounds like high-pitched noises. Not to say blue isn’t suitable for sleeping, but the sound of a river trickling would best exemplify blue noise.
  • Green – the significance of green noise is rather coincidental considering sounds associated with nature most likely fit into this end of the color spectrum. Green noise has a central frequency and is the perfect balance for those interested in a more soothing sound for falling asleep.

What is Pink Noise?

It’s been mentioned multiple times that white noise is one of the most popular sleep sounds on YouTube and, in general. However, its close competitor, pink noise, appears to be running as a top contender in recent times.

The growing popularity of pink noise can be attributed to its slightly deeper sound compared to white noise and its more ambient sound.

According to experts, the idea of white noise being a great sleep aid should not be put to rest completely; however, listening to pink noise to help you sleep better isn’t a bad idea either.

While white noise is soothing to the human ear because of its ability to contain all frequencies, pink noise actually allows the human ear to hear all frequencies equally.

“. . . listen to a certain soothing sound called ‘pink noise’ —a mix of high and low frequencies that sounds more balanced and natural than its better-known cousin, ‘white noise.’” (Source: Time Magazine Online)

Although pink noise does sound more resonant to the human ear, the equality of all frequencies actually helps to balance the sound out and make it softer.

This aspect of pink noise makes it perfect for sleeping, as it encourages brain activity to slow down and allows you to get a more restful sleep. 

This fact can be confirmed by studies conducted by researchers at Peking University in China. Through their research process, they found that participants who listened to pink noise while they slept reported better restful brain activity compared to those that slept in silence. 

What is White Noise?

Many have heard of white noise, both by definition and literal sound, but many are still unsure of what white noise is and the significance it plays in being naturally helpful to the sleeping process.

The great thing about all colors of sound is that they don’t have to be produced artificially. They can be heard straight from your home or backyard.

White noise can be created by the simplest of objects, from a stationary fan to a washing machine, and more. It also tends to mimic the sound of a hushed, static tone similar to snow on a TV station.

This sound isn’t pleasing to everyone, but the select few who do enjoy the sound of a static TV can easily be sucked into its tranquility.

White, both in the color spectrums of sound and light, is a color that is made up of all the colors in the spectrum.

When you consider this aspect, it makes sense that just as white light is created from all colors of the spectrum, white noise includes all of the sound frequencies that the human ear can hear. 

“Since white noise contains all frequencies at equal intensity, it can mask loud sounds that stimulate your brain. That’s why it’s often recommended for sleeping difficulties and sleep disorders like insomnia.” (Source: Healthline)

Who knew sound, much less sound comprised of all frequencies, could have such healing and calming properties?

White noise is definitely one to consider for those with difficulty sleeping. Best of all, doing so is made easy thanks to YouTube channels creating content featuring white noise like those previously mentioned.

What is Blue Noise?

Blue is a color often associated with:

  • Water
  • The sad feeling symbolized by it
  • Of course, the sky

In the case of sound, however, it represents the sense of tranquility that its higher-pitched sound brings to those listening to it as they sleep.

With blue noise, the higher the sound, the harsher it sounds.

This, however, should not deter you from listening to it as you sleep. Similar to white noise, blue noise can mask external noises that can prove to be disruptive to your restful night’s sleep. 

“The energy of blue noise is mostly concentrated at the high-frequency end, with very few deep tones to balance it out. As such, blue noise sounds similar to the hiss of a kinked water hose.”

(Source: CNET Health and Wellness)

As with all of the colors of sound, not everything will help with your sleeping process; however, it can’t hurt to try listening to them.

When it comes to blue noise, the high-pitched frequencies may be more problematic for you to listen to. To help with this issue, consider playing it at a low volume in conjunction with the sound of a different color, such as white or pink.

In combination with other higher and lower-pitched sounds, blue noise tends to be more tolerable to those who would otherwise dislike it if it were being played by itself.

How to Incorporate Sleep Noises into Your Routine

One of the best ways to combat common sleep dilemmas, such as insomnia or even common restlessness, is to establish a routine.

(Listening to meditation music to help you sleep can be a great option too!)

While they can be beneficial in helping you sleep, sleep noises alone will not help you get the most out of your night’s rest. For this reason, establishing a healthy bedtime routine and then incorporating sleep noises into it is essential.

The first step in establishing any type of routine is choosing a time and committing to being consistent as much as possible.

Consider setting aside a few hours in the evening to begin getting ready for bed. Give yourself about 15-30 minutes to listen to sleep noises in bed before you fall asleep.

Once you’ve done this, consider how you will incorporate the sleep noises into your routine and, more specifically, how you will listen to them:

  • Will you play them on your phone?
  • Will you broadcast them over a Bluetooth speaker?
  • Will you invest in a specific sleep machine?

Just as the medium you’re playing them from is worthy of consideration, the level of volume matters also.

Best Listening Methods for a Restful Night

White and pink noises are best listened to with headphones, as it’s easier to hear the sounds with the speakers close to your ear. There are also sound machines for sleeping, which are a great option for listening methods too! Nature sounds for sleeping are best listened to from your phone, speaker, or a sleep-noise machine. 

You can also find meditation music to help you relax, sleep and relieve stress on youtube for a better sleep. If you plan on using YouTube, you can listen to sleep noises on any device that supports the platform.

Listening to sleep noises on YouTube can easily be done by selecting a playlist of your favorite soothing sounds to help you slowly drift asleep. Likewise, if doing so enables you to relax, and therefore, sleep better, you can set a timer to watch the scenery that comes along with each video for a short time-frame.

(Need to stay up all night studying? Need some of the best music to help you focus? Check out that article to find some great study music!)