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Last updated on November 28th, 2023.

Staying focused on goals, no matter how simple, can be hard. Life has a funny way of constantly throwing curveballs and pelting unsuspecting dreamers in the face with sour lemons. When times get tough, it’s normal to go out searching for aid, support, and motivation.

Everyone is different, that is a universal truth. However, it’s also true that everyone has a goal, even if it’s to convince someone else that they don’t. Goals can be anything from simple tasks that someone wants to finish to big dreams and plans for their future. Just the act of making a goal helps to solidify one’s own humanity, so keep reading for information and quotes to help stay focused on them.

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Why Do We Have Goals?

Goals help to motivate, develop strategies, and generate a persistent effort. Sometimes, the act of setting a goal and going through with it is enough to boost self-esteem, confidence, and determination. Even those who believe they don’t have goals do, even small ones like getting to work on time, getting better grades, or to enjoy a day off.

It’s part of what makes someone human and gives value to the day. The human brain loves to accomplish and to succeed, so it’s going to keep setting up that system to get the dopamine produced from those accomplishments, no matter how tiny. Goals help us live with intention and towards something achievable. Look at these living with intention quotes for inspiration!

Why is it So Hard to Stay Focused on Our Goals?

Since everyone is unique, it’s hard to have a catchall for why it is so hard to stay focused on our goals. Brains are all wired differently, but that doesn’t mean that there are not some ideas anyway as to why it’s so hard to stay focused on our goals.

Such ideas and reasonings include:

  • Certain neuroatypical conditions and disorders
  • Trying to focus on too many things at once
  • The reward isn’t worth the effort
  • Focusing too hard on the beginning/end rather than the steps to achieve
  • Trying to please someone else
  • Refusing to reevaluate failures/rewards
  • Fear of failing
  • Unrealistic expectations

Whatever the reason for the struggle, it typically helps to be self-actualized and take some time to reevaluate the aspects of the methodology and even the goal itself frequently, in order to keep moving forward.

Maybe you’re wondering what is to be self-actualized and how it helps towards staying focused on a goal.

The Value of Quotes and Motivation

Motivation can be just as hard to find as the goal itself is to achieve. That motivation however can strike at any moment but can be hurried on and fostered by some good quotes from people who have experienced the same thing.

Finding motivation through quotes is simple and can help with the following:

  • Building focus and determination
  • Giving purpose
  • Allows for the expectation of success
  • Brings about more active responses rather than passive
  • Fosters curiosity
  • Growing confidence
  • Learning and building insight, skills, and memories

Setting goals helps to be human, be alive, and to feed the brain with dopamine. Happiness is the root of true success. Additionally, humans are extremely social creatures that strongly desire affirmation and support.

Quotes are an easy way to get all of this and then some in a neat little package. Alan Watts quotes range from love and identity to life and motivation. You can definitely find a quote that suits the motivation you need!  

Stay Focused on Your Goals Quotes

Everyone is different. What might help one person motivate themselves might be useless for someone else. Thankfully, everyone has felt some loss of focus and struggled with motivation at least once in their lives, so there are tons of quotes out there addressing this dilemma.

Such quotes include:

  1. “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” – Roy T. Bennett
  2. “No matter how small you start, always dream big.” – Stephen Richards
  3. “Work on moving away from having only a vision and dream and focus more on the practical steps to get there.” – Edmund Rone
  4. “Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” – Paulo Coelho
  5. “You don’t get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results.” – Mike Hawkins
  6. “Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.” – Eric Thomas
  7. “When you fail, that is when you get closer to success.” – Stephen Richards
  8. “Focus on doing the right things instead of a bunch of things.” – Mike Krieger
  9. “But when you’re beginning, you should try to focus on something you love and your own way of doing things.” – Jerry Harrison
  10. “Focusing on yourself does not mean that you are selfish, but it means that you care about your life and goals.” – Nitin Namdeo
  11. “Success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t look back.”—Erin Andrews
  12. “Discipline simply means staying focused on chipping away at the identified tasks you need to complete in order to eventually realize your goals and achieve success.”—Jonathan Mills
  13. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”—Walt Disney
  14. “When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it.”—Jim Rohn
  15. “Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Focus on your character, not your reputation. Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes.” – Roy T. Bennett
  16. “Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you can absolutely love what you’re doing.” – Leo Babauta
  17. “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”- Alexander Graham Bell
  18. “What you focus on expands. So focus on what you want, not what you do not want.” ― Esther Jno-Charles
  19. “I learned to focus and work hard and not give up. I learned that every obstacle is really an opportunity.” – Jenna Ushkowitz
  20. “Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.” – John Carmack
  21. “In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.” – Yuval Noah Harari

It’s easy for someone who has it all to tell someone else to just work harder. However, these mountains are not all the same height and some people have quite the climb ahead of them. Hopefully someone out there can bring forth a little inspiration and motivation so that all those goals can be met head-on.


Humans are fascinating creatures with brilliant, dopamine-loving brains. They constantly set goals for themselves to generate the happiness chemical and to get further along in their dreams. For some, keeping up the motivation to finish accomplishing their goals is a steep uphill climb. Thankfully, there’s others out there with some motivational quotes at the ready.

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