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Last updated on August 2nd, 2023.

With the dynamic of routine living in today’s society, countless people have turned to online therapy for convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness. Talkspace is one of the most popular online therapy services available. With individual or couples therapy options available as well as a variety of focuses, Talkspace has gained a lot of attention. So, is Talkspace worth it?

Talkspace is one of the best options for online therapy. Though it may not suit everyone’s needs, Talkspace’s expansive services provide therapy and psychiatry to many people. In most cases, Talkspace should be high on the list of online therapy considerations.

Read on for a more in-depth review of Talkspace. Depending on your needs, Talkspace may be just what you are looking for. Talkspace is widely appreciated as a service with which you can communicate with a licensed therapist for several resources.

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Who Is Talkspace?

Talkspace is one of the first online therapy services. After completing a brief assessment to analyze your therapeutic needs, you have the opportunity to select your therapy provider and begin your therapy path. 

With different subscription options and no contracts, Talkspace is a great resource for those looking to test the waters of online therapy. Plus, if things end up working out with your chosen online therapist, you can continue with the same subscription plan or change your plan easily. As you will learn shortly, Talkspace’s payment plans are convenient, and depending on your insurance provider, you can benefit from financial assistance.

Above all, Talkspace is a forum through which you can work towards improving your mental health or bettering certain aspects of your life. If you find yourself struggling in your day-to-day duties, Talkspace could be the platform that helps you find what you are looking for.

Is Talkspace Legit?

Talkspace is legitimate. In fact, Talkspace is one of the most highly-rated online therapy services across numerous websites. It would not receive the recognition that it is known for without having first proven its reliability. One of the most appealing attributes of Talkspace concerns the platform’s determination to cater to all of someone’s particular needs.

Talkspace is an established company whose customers praise its abilities. Of course, not everyone is satisfied with their services, but an overwhelming amount of people remain satisfied with what Talkspace has to offer and continue using Talkspace for their therapy needs.

How Did Talkspace Get Started?

Founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank, Talkspace has expanded its abilities to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. In doing so, Talkspace has gained the recognition it deserves as one of the best online behavioral health services.

Talkspace’s mission involves providing therapy from licensed therapists with convenience and making therapy as accessible and affordable as possible. Therapy and psychiatry are essential for all, and Talkspace seeks to allow anyone the opportunity to receive help.

How Does Therapy At Talkspace Work?

The process to begin therapy at Talkspace is simple and efficient. Initially, you complete an assessment so that Talkspace can get an idea of what you are looking for. The questions asked tell Talkspace of your preferences when it comes to therapy. This allows Talkspace to recommend a handful of therapists that could work well with you, decide if you might like to include psychiatry in your therapy, and lead you towards a happier life.

Once your assessment has been analyzed, Talkspace will provide you with information about different therapists. As you will see below, you can choose your therapist. When you have chosen your therapist, you pick the therapy subscription that works best for you. From there, you will begin therapy and be able to decide if Talkspace is a good fit for you.

Can I Choose My Therapist At Talkspace?

As mentioned, you can choose your therapist at Talkspace. Your completed assessment allows Talkspace to pick out a number of its licensed therapists. Therapists at Talkspace are professionals and must have completed 3,000 hours of clinical experience.

From the list of therapists provided to you, you can research each therapist and pick out one that you think would be a good fit for you. If you are not satisfied with the options provided, you can request additional choices. Even after having had a few sessions with a therapist, you might decide that they are not a good fit. In this case, it is easy to request to no longer work with the current therapist and find a new one.

Is Talkspace Expensive?

Talkspace prides itself on offering affordable therapy to all. Talkspace offers three subscription types:

  • Messaging Therapy for $69 per week
  • Live Therapy for $99 per week
  • Live + Messaging Therapy for $129 per week

With Messaging Therapy, you have 24/7 access to message your therapist through text, video, and audio messaging. Live Therapy includes four 45-minute live video sessions each month. Live + Messaging is both of the options above combined.

In some cases, the cost of your Talkspace subscription may be covered fully or in part by your insurance. One of the benefits of Talkspace is that they accept insurance claims. Many other online therapy services do not.

Compared to in-person therapy, Talkspace is incredibly affordable. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for one simple session, Talkspace offers multiple therapeutic resources at a fraction of the price.

Is It Better To Work For Talkspace Or BetterHelp?

If you have heard of Talkspace, chances are that BetterHelp has come into the conversation just as much. Both online services are very comparable to one another. So, is there a better option?

Below, you will see lists of pros and cons for both Talkspace and BetterHelp:

Talkspace ProsTalkspace Cons
● Offers both therapy and psychiatry
● You choose your therapist
● 24/7 communication
● Cost of live video sessions
● Plans are priced per week, yet the subscriptions are billed monthly, biannually, or annually

Talkspace has a wide range of attributes when it comes to the pros. Granted, it may not work for everyone, and there are certainly disadvantages to Talkspace. With the base plan, you will not have access to live video sessions, which can often be the most helpful therapy for people. The pricing is also a bit all over the place, with prices marked weekly but charged another way.


While BetterHelp does offer live video sessions for all subscribers, its cons far outweigh its pros when compared to Talkspace. BetterHelp may feel impersonal mainly because therapists often assign worksheets. This can be a great help for people who learn from concrete information, but it may make you feel less connected to your therapist.

BetterHelp ProsBetterHelp Cons
● All subscriptions include at least one live video session weekly● No couples therapy or teen therapy
● Does not offer psychiatry
● Therapist is assigned to you
● Therapy may feel impersonal

Overall, Talkspace is better than BetterHelp, both for therapists and customers. As a therapist, you have access to more therapeutic opportunities. Such is the same for customers.

Final Thoughts On Talkspace

Talkspace is an excellent online therapy service. When compared to in-person therapy, Talkspace is more affordable and more convenient. Against other online competitors, Talkspace also has several benefits. If you are struggling with your daily life, you should take a look at Talkspace.

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