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Last updated on November 29th, 2023.

Listen up, yogis and yoginis! It’s time to dust off your yoga mats, pack up your yoga bags, and hope that your yoga pants still fit and that your limbs have not lost their flexibility. That’s right, it’s back to yoga class, and that means it’s time to rid your mind of distractions and focus on achieving zen. The only thing that can stop you now is your sad-looking yoga supplies. When your mat is flat and your waistband is sagging, zen can be challenging to realize!

Never fear. We’ve been meditating over it for a while and have had some enlightenment. Amazon is your nirvana if you’re searching for the best yoga pants, tops, mats, or blocks. Here are some yoga accessories straight from Amazon that will keep your karma and budget balanced.

What are the Best Yoga Pants for Women?

Ever since the fashion powers deemed yoga pants workplace-appropriate, they’ve become a wardrobe staple for ladies. You might even say they’re the new skinny jeans. But there’s one thing that yoga pants can do that skinny jeans can’t: survive a hot yoga class. For that, you’ll need a good pair of yoga pants.

The best yoga pants for women combine fashion with function. Ideally, they should be sleek, chic, breathable, sweat-resistant, and high-quality, durable fabric. Preferably, they should be as easy to buy as they are to wear. Here are a few of our top yoga pant choices for posers, yogic or otherwise.

90 Degree By Reflex Yoga Power Pants

Thin enough to be calm and thick enough not to be see-through, the 90 Degree by Reflex yoga pants will take you to work-out to work with the mere addition of a blazer. They’re high-waisted for tummy control (great for your yoga posture and confidence), and the polyester-spandex blend makes them durable, stretchy, and delightfully uncomplicated. (Get one in each color to make every day feel like the weekend). 

Heathyoga Pants with Pockets

Upping the game on moisture-absorbing materials, moisture-wicking helps the fiber absorb less water, keeping it away from your skin for a cooler, drier feel. These Heathyoga Pants with Pockets not only have moisture-wicking technology, but they also have four-way stretch technology, which makes them the most comfortable yoga pants around, if not the smartest.

What are the Best Yoga Pants for Men?

Men’s yoga pants may say “I give up” as far as fashion is concerned, but true yogis don’t give up, and neither should their yoga pants. Men’s yoga pants come with one purpose: to let the wearer focus on his performance. Restrictive garments can be distracting, and while looser garments provide more room to move around, extra material can get in the way and give its type of distraction. Moisture-wicking and fabric can also influence choice; as a true yogi knows, balance is critical.

If your search for yoga pants is getting in the way of your search for spirituality, check these out. You’ll find them very eye-opening.

Alo Yoga Warrior Compression Capri

When your instructor is thinking of a toe-stand pose, and you are thinking more along the line dead-body poses, you will be thankful that you’re wearing Alo Yoga Warrior Compression Capri pants. As Amazon’s top-rated pants for hot yoga, the Alo Yoga Compression Capri features four-way stretch fabric that moves with your body and is moisture-wicking to keep sweat from messing with your mojo.

Yoga Addict Men’s Yoga Shorts

It happens to all of us, yet none of us like to talk about it. We’re trying to keep our hearts higher than our heads, but we can’t stop our shorts from falling lower than our waistlines. Luckily, one company recognizes how detrimental droopy yoga pants can be to executing an inversion, and it’s doing something about it. Not only do the Yoga Addict Men’s Yoga shorts keep you from giving your yoga classmates an enormous “chakra, but” they’re also supremely comfortable. With fabric that moves with your every stretch and an inner mesh liner to keep things in place, Yoga Addict Men’s Shorts have you covered in more ways than one.

What are the Best Yoga Tops for Women?

The general rule of yoga thumb is: Yoga pants go everywhere, and yoga tops go to yoga classes. Not that there are no exceptions to the rule, but yoga tops do tend to lean a little closer to the “path” part of athleisure than the “leisure” part. So, the first thing to consider when buying a yoga top is what type of yogini you are. If hot yoga is your thing, you’ll want a top with good ventilation. For those who prefer a less vigorous kind of yoga, a loose-flowing tank will give you room to move. The support you’ll need will depend on your body type, and sweat-wicking and odor resistance are other things to consider. The bottom line is once you’ve picked a yoga class, you’ll need a top to go with it. Here are a few of our top choices.

Nine Bull Women’s High Impact Sport’s Bra

For hot yoga, the Nine Bull Women’s High Impact Sports Bra is the cream of the crop (top). It’s made of premium sweat-wicking, lightweight material and offers good retention to ensure a snug fit. Plus, its full-coverage racerback top keeps everything in perfect alignment. So that you know: Wear this one if you dare. It puts the “hot” into hot yoga.

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank

Yoga stinks. It’s a fact, not an opinion. No matter how much you enjoy yoga, the BO level can interfere with your zen – and holding noses while holding poses is not an option. Luckily, with Lululemon, your stinky days of yoga are over. The Lululemon Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank Top uses silver scent technology powered by X-STATIC to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric. Plus, the lightweight fabric and seamless construction keep you moving freely, and the mesh venting promotes airflow and keeps you cool. A little pricey? Maybe, but think of the money you’ll save on deodorant.  

Lululemon also has great yoga mats that have become very popular.

What Are the Best Yoga Tops For Men?

With the term ‘brogan” having earned its definitive place in the Free Dictionary, you would think that yoga tops for men would be the new black (t-shirt). However, black T-shirts and yoga tops are two different things, and mistaking one for the other can be a regrettable move, especially after a few minutes of Bikram yoga. The first step in finding the right yoga top is finding a yoga top, period (as opposed to a regular athletic shirt). The secondary is picking the one that best suits your yoga style and comfort level. Here are some picks that will keep you “top” (downward) dog no matter your yoga needs.

Ryu Tech Tank

Even if it were the loosest fitting shirt you could find in your closet this morning, it would be stuck to you like glue after about 15 minutes of hot yoga. For intense workouts, sweat-wicking is the way to go. The Ryu Tech Tank has sweat-wicking technology and a comfortable fit that stays in any position without the constricting feel of a compression garment. You’ll be the coolest kid in yoga class with Activestream construction to prevent chafing and permanent odor control.

Soul Flower Take Root Hemp T-shirt

The Soul Flower Take Root Hemp T-shirt will bring “chakra” value to any yoga class. The root chakra (Muladhara) design symbolizes stability and a sense of feeling grounded. Can you dig it? Everyone in your class will.  Oh, wait!  Are you a yoga teacher already, or are you maybe ready to pursue your yoga certification online?  It doesn’t matter! Bursting with kind vibes and eco-friendly threads (made of hemp and natural cotton), this T will get the conversation flowing.

(If you are looking for great yoga tops that don’t ride up, that article is perfect!)

Which Are the Best Yoga Mats?

Now that you odor-free, moisture free and have enough freedom of movement to bring your foot behind your head, it’s time to ask yourself an important question: Is my yoga mat fulfilling my needs? Is it dense enough to offer a stable foundation? Is it squishy enough to cushion my joints? Do I feel slipping out of place when I execute my warrior pose? Does it slip around on smooth floors? Is it easy to clean, and will it match my hot yoga class?

Tough questions, maybe, but ones that need to be answered. If the answer is no, your yoga mat may be the roadblock to enlightenment. Never fear; now that you know the problem is with your yoga mat, half the battle is over – the other half is finding the best yoga mat to suit your purposes. Fortunately, we can offer some guidance. Here are a few tips and recommendations to keep your spirit in harmony and your handstands in perfect alignment.

Check out this article for the best alo yoga mats.

What is the Best Thickness for A Yoga Mat?

Yoga is based on balance, so it should come as little surprise that your choice of yoga mat should also be found on balance. The best mats should walk the line between too forgiving and unforgiving. In other words, squishy enough to cushion your joints but firm enough to keep you from losing a pose. Those who need more support should consider thicker mats, while those who commute a lot may prefer thinner mats that are easy to roll up and carry.

Which Mats Offer the Best Grip and Which are the Easiest to Clean?

Cleanliness is close to godliness, but a well-held yoga pose can achieve divinity. How can you choose? Porous open-cell mats are grippier, but they also absorb everything, which makes cleaning difficult. Closed-cell surfaces are easier to clean but also more slippery. Again, the key is balance. The best yoga mats are just grippy enough to keep you from slipping and smooth enough to avoid the buildup of dirt and debris.

Lifeforme Mat

Align-for-me and Grip-for-Me? Yes. Achieve Zen-for-Me? If your idea of zen is a comfortable yoga mat, consider it. Proclaimed by its creators as “the grippiest yoga mat in the world,” the Lifeform Yoga Mat at Grip-For-Me material can hold the asanas of even the sweatiest yogis. The Align-for-Me technology features intelligent markers to guide you in perfect alignment. And if clean and grippy are not mutually exclusive, this mat proves it. The PVC-free and biodegradable mats are made with non-toxic materials to keep the mat clean and hygienic.

Which are the Best Yoga Blocks?

From new kids on the block to yogis who have been around the block, yogis can benefit from a good yoga block. Whether you are trying to get into a challenging pose or deepening your flexibility, yoga blocks can make it happen. They extend alignment when you can’t quite reach the floor and make excellent modifiers when a full pose is just beyond your comfort zone.

Although yoga blocks are for every yogi, not everyone is for every yogi. When choosing the best yoga block, there are some factors to consider; here are some of them.

What Size of Yoga Block Is the Best?

It would be an exaggeration to say that yoga blocks are available in all shapes and sizes. After all, they’re all the same shape, but there are a few size variations. The standard used by master B.K.S. Iyengar was 9 x 4.5 x 3, but the ones you’ll most commonly find in the west are 9 x 6 x 4—the best advice: try your yoga block on for size. Depending on your hand size and body weight, you may prefer something bigger or smaller.

Which is Better: Cork or Foam?

Immaterial as the principles of yoga may be, the material of the yoga block is being considered. Although cork may feel more substantial, it could be more superior. You’ll want foam in restorative yoga classes where the block supports your back and head. Foam is kinder on the third eye and gives more when you lean on it. On the other hand, cork provides more stability and is less likely to slide out from under you. Please stay firm on the cork if arm balances and backbends are involved.

Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

Speaking of staying firm on cork, we await the Hugger Mugger Yoga Block, not only for its non-slip surface. The Hugger Mugger is made of a durable, eco-friendly cork for tactile stability that is not found in its foam counterparts. The molded cork provides a finished soft surface that is comfortable to work with and lean on. Plus, the Hugger Mugger will appeal to all three of your eyes. It will lend a subtle, minimalist look to your yoga style and add a decorative touch to your yoga environment.

So, Amazon is your one-stop shop, whether you are looking for the perfect yoga pants for prenatal yoga at home or finding the right equipment to learn acro yoga at home.

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