The Peaceful Warriors Yoga Review

The Peaceful Warriors Yoga Review

If you’ve been practicing yoga for even a day, you may know which pose “Peaceful Warrior” is. Now, we are no longer talking about that beautiful pose here, but rather an institution. The Peaceful Warriors Yoga is a fantastic institution located within the beauty of Bali and, more specifically, in the heart of Canggu. Bali is known as “the home of gods.” Now imagine taking your YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) here! Because that’s what The Peaceful Warriors Yoga offers. You will be thoroughly immersed in nature, spirituality, and yoga.

If you’ve been practicing yoga for years, it gets to a point where you want to learn more about the philosophies and background of yoga, and that’s when yoga teacher training online comes to mind. Whether you’re looking to get a deeper understanding of the practice of yoga or just looking to be a yoga teacher, you need to sign up with The Peaceful Warriors Yoga. You can choose to have a complete immersion in your yoga training by flying to Bali or taking advantage of their online teacher training program. Either way, you will have enough experience and knowledge needed to not only teach yoga but also profoundly understand this ancient practice.

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Who is The Peaceful Warriors Yoga?

The Peaceful Warriors Yoga School is a registered yoga school (RYS) in the heart of Canggu in Bali, Indonesia. Maria and Bente founded the school. Currently, the school has over 600 graduates who are now registered to teach yoga all over the world. The Peaceful Warriors Yoga has terrific teachers who’ve completed training and are registered and experienced enough to train others. You can take up their programs if you want to learn more about yoga and deepen your practice. On the other hand, you can also become a registered yoga teacher after taking their course. The school is registered under Yoga Alliance which means the institution approves its curriculum, and you will get the RYT title once you graduate.

Where is The Peaceful Warriors Yoga based?

The Peaceful Warriors Yoga is based on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Here in this yogic paradise, you will find The Peaceful Warriors Yoga. Specifically, you’ll find them in Canggu. If you choose to take the program on this beautiful and scenic island, you’ll be sure to enjoy the magic and beauty of Bali as you discover yourself spiritually and learn more. Alternatively, you can find some of their courses being offered online if you can’t make it to take a YTT in person. 

How did The Peaceful Warriors Yoga get started?

The Peaceful Warriors Yoga is an institution founded when two aspiring yoga teachers decided to offer non-conventional Yoga Alliance-approved teacher training. The Peaceful Warriors Yoga is full of yoga teachers who are experts in the practice and will help guide you to attaining not only spiritual growth but also advance in your yoga practice. The two ambitious teachers, Maria and Bente, formed forces and started this great institution to help other aspiring yogis achieve their goals of becoming registered yoga teachers. 

Do The Peaceful Warriors Yoga offer both in-person and online certifications?

Yes, The Peaceful Warriors Yoga offers training online and in person. If you’re willing to set aside a month and travel to Bali for the total immersion of yoga teacher training, then you have that option. The dates are set for each year, and you must book in advance. But if you have a lot going on, you can choose to take the YTT online while you keep at your other duties. It doesn’t matter whether you do it online or in person. Their programs are meant to provide you with all the tools you need to learn, have your questions answered, and more. 

You will also find that The Peaceful Warriors Yoga has specific short courses you can take online instead of traveling to Bali. These courses will help you attain more continuing education hours required by Yoga Alliance. These short programs will help you expand your knowledge of different aspects and types of yoga you can introduce in your class. 

The Peaceful Warriors Online Yoga School

It is easy to understand how one wouldn’t find the time to travel to Bali for YTT hence why The Peaceful Warriors Yoga has some online courses for you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Use code MITM25OFF for 25% off at checkout on The Peaceful Warriors’ website.

YTT Mini Course

Sometimes when you want to start a yoga teacher training program, it feels better if you have a taste of the real thing before spending all that money, and that’s precisely what The Peaceful Warriors Yoga is offering here. This mini-course lets you take a peek at what’s being offered in the YTT 200-hour program. It summarizes all the concepts in the more extensive course giving you a detailed view of what you should expect. If you’re not in for certification but want to understand yoga a little more for your home practice, then you can start with this mini-course and decide later on whether you need the 200-hour program.

200-Hour Online YTT

This 200-hour online YTT is available to all aspiring yoga teachers that want the RYT 200 title. This program is an integration between modern science and ancient yoga. It is the perfect blend and evolution of yogic practice and philosophy. The program will give you credentials to practice yoga almost anywhere in the world, which is great. The teachers that will walk this journey with you have poured their souls and hearts into this online course which means you will get the best resources and get your questions answered if you have any throughout the course. 

You can also customize your yoga training to fit into your schedule and take it as slow or as fast as you can. You will complete the course at your own pace, however slow or fast. By purchasing the online course, you’ll get lifetime access to it which means you can always revisit certain chapters if you need to understand more. 

Meditation Immersion and Teacher Training

If you want to expound on your meditation knowledge, this is the course. It doesn’t apply to meditation teachers only but also to yoga teachers and beginners. This short meditation program mainly teaches three types of meditation: yogic, mindfulness, and somatic meditation. Just by setting aside twenty-five hours, you’ll be able to understand further how to explore your limits through meditation and help others find this joy. 

As a yoga teacher, this can be helpful to teach or lead students after or before a yoga class. Besides that, if you’re a registered yoga teacher, you can always add these 25 hours into your continuing education units (CEUs), which you’re expected to take by Yoga Alliance to expand your knowledge in every area. As we know, knowledge is a bottomless pit, and thus you better keep pursuing it. 

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

By taking this anatomy and physiology course, you can have the hours counted into your 200-hour certification. This course will help you further study the human anatomy and understand muscles, bones, tissues, and how they move with every posture. Understanding yoga anatomy and physiology is necessary to be certified to teach yoga because you will understand further how particular movements could benefit or injure the body. This training is essential for a safe and effective yoga class.

Hatha and Vinyasa Practice and Sequencing

This program counts as part of your 200-hour YTT. The program is meant to help yoga teachers traditionally understand the Hatha and Vinyasa practices. By the end of the program, you will understand how to sequence a Hatha and Vinyasa class properly. You will learn about peak postures and how to deconstruct them. You will also understand different sequencing techniques like progressive and mandala sequencing. You will also earn 80 hours of CEUs. 

In Person Certifications

These certifications are ones offered in Bali, and you can travel to pursue them. By being present there, you will have more time to concentrate on yoga and fully immerse yourself in practice. 

200-Hour Teacher Training in Bali

This certification by The Peaceful Warriors is one of the most popular 200-hour yoga teacher trainings in Bali. Many yogis have traveled to Bali to pursue this program. This training is Yoga Alliance accredited, which means you can have your certification after completion. Even though it seems like a mere 200-hour YTT, it’s not. Most people who have attenuated this training praise it for completely changing their lives and perspective towards life.  

You will learn how to teach yoga and expand your yoga practice. You will spend most days of the week learning the theory of yoga, practicing yoga, meditating, and breathwork. I don’t see how this can’t be life-changing. If you’re used to practicing yoga daily, you probably won’t experience excessive sore muscles, but the same isn’t promised for your emotional and spiritual aspects. You will have a chance to learn so much that you will grow emotionally and spiritually on many levels. After completing your exams, you will have a certificate allowing you to teach yoga worldwide. 

Final thoughts

The Peaceful Warriors Yoga is an institution that allows you to get your 200-hour yoga certification on a yogic island (Bali) or online at your home’s comfort. The choice is yours. This yoga school has something for everyone, which is quite perfect since no one will feel left out. If you’re looking to add your CEUs, they offer many courses that will expand your knowledge of yoga and meditation.