The Yogic Lifestyle Book Review

The Yogic Lifestyle Book Review

Yoga has gained popularity and has become a norm even in the western world. You’ll find that even though most people practice yoga, these people don’t understand what the practice is really about, nor do they go past the physical asanas. There’s more to yoga than the sequence you practice during a yoga class. In many yoga texts, you’ll find that as a yogi, there is a way in which you can find physical, mental, and emotional liberation, but most people aren’t keen on this.

The Yogic Lifestyle Book has put together wise teachings of Aṣṭāṅga and the eight-limbed yoga. Unlike reading those texts, it’s hard to put them into practice when you’re living a westernized lifestyle. So, in this book, you’ll find that all of that has been simplified so you can understand it better and apply it to your daily lifestyle. The goal of life isn’t happiness since that comes and goes. But you’ve genuinely mastered life if you focus on finding liberation and contentment. This Yogic Lifestyle book is a guide to achieving that.

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What does it mean to live a "Yogic Lifestyle?"

Since you want to live a yogic lifestyle, this doesn’t mean you should be a recluse. You can find ways to take this path while still interacting with the world as you already are. Living a yogic lifestyle in a material world can be tricky, but it requires a person who’s resolved and doesn’t get distracted. 

A yogic lifestyle means being conscious at all times. Doing so requires lots of practice. To do so, you must establish regular daily practices that suit your lifestyle. Amongst these daily practices, you must include meditation, yoga or some physical exercise, quality sleep, and a healthy diet. If you can create more time for devotional practice and change, that would be even better. Patanjali laid out Yoga Sutras that every yogi should live by. By reading these, you’ll realize that you must live mindfully and consciously and make choices based on those yoga sutras. You can find all these laid out for you in The Yogic Lifestyle. 

To live a Yogic Lifestyle means checking in with yourself now and then to see what you can let go of that no longer serves your journey. Letting go means leaving material things, lifestyles, and even people. These include emotions, habits, relationships, judgment, and material possessions. If you check in with your lifestyle in this manner, you’ll birth inner peacefulness, balance, and harmony. 

How is yoga related to freedom?

In Sanskrit, Moksha means freedom, as in the liberation from the mind and its beliefs. Freedom is the consciousness of connection to all existence and consciousness to all existence. When you find such freedom, you’ll have emotions like joy, bliss, and peace. 

Yoga celebrates the freedom we experience in our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls. Yoga opens a path to rediscovering our freedoms. Practicing yoga with time helps hone the liberties of our daily lives. When we realize that we can’t control everything, we lose our grip and control over everything. It is common to see people choose to live simpler lives and be more blissful as they keep practicing yoga. That’s because, throughout this journey, you realize that you have changed how you react to challenges. This shift means we begin to handle situations differently as old parts of ourselves fall away. 

Yoga expands a yogi’s perception of life, so you realize that you’re connected to something bigger than yourself. Yoga changes how you perceive life, and there’s no going back once that perception is altered. 

Who is the author, Melissa Lavery?

Melissa has over 20 years of experience writing everything from lifestyle literature to hard news. She has worked as a ghostwriter and provided editorial services to clients. She has her work published on various websites and in collaborative projects. Her educational and professional experience includes education, journalism, and psychology. Melissa is also a yoga and Ayurveda student who doesn’t mind lifting others by sharing the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. 

Melissa has so much desire to help others, leading to her sharing the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. Melissa shares the insight of her meditation and yoga journey through her writing. In her personal life, she remains present and mindful by painting, crocheting, gardening, and sharing a daily yoga practice with her two children and husband. 

What does the book cover?

Yoga, in Sanskrit, means union. Union is the liberation from suffering, contentment when one sheds parts of themselves that no longer serve them, and finding the joy of being. It is unfettered freedom, and that’s what this book helps you understand and achieve. There are many existing forms of yoga, and this book covers the teachings of Ashtanga and the eight-limbed yoga to lead you down a path of ultimate liberation. 

Unlike how most books display this information in the order of limbs, this book is curated to achieve freedom while living a modern and westernized lifestyle. This book focuses on relationships which are also seen as the ultimate union, to guide you down a path of purity and moral integrity. It also focuses on health since one needs a sound mind, body, and spirit to achieve union. The book also focuses on the abundance that leads to prosperity that allows us to actualize supportive resources and financial freedom. Through a yogic lifestyle, one can actualize liberation, changing the world from the inside out. 

The Yogic Lifestyle: Book Review

When reading the yoga sutras, you may find it hard to translate them into modern understanding and application. The primary source of information for this book comes from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translated by Śrī Svāmī Saccidānanda. The yoga sutras define ways in which a yogi should live in order to achieve bliss. Instead of simply writing them as they are, this book helps you understand how you can achieve such a lifestyle amid modern-day chaos. 

Relationships are at the center of our being. This book gives you the ultimate guide to purity and moral integrity. Mastering union will help us learn how to live and relate with others. It allows us to remove judgment from relationships and live blissfully with others. This book also helps us realize which relationships aren’t serving us so we can remove them from our lives. You can achieve bliss and peace by removing that which doesn’t serve you from your life. 

The Yogic Lifestyle also goes into our relationship with food. You need to consider your diet to have a sound body, mind, and spirit. Our health is what helps us achieve union. A yogic lifestyle requires you to focus on what you’re putting in your body as food, as it highly determines the quality of your life. 

Lastly, the Yogic Lifestyle also focuses on abundance. Abundance doesn’t necessarily mean accumulating wealth but gaining financial freedom and supportive resources. Abundance also means being happy with what you already have, which opens doors to receiving more. 

The Yogic Lifestyle helps you create a reality where you’ve achieved liberation. We all know that freedom starts from the inside, and that’s what you achieve by living a yogic lifestyle. You get to liberate your mind, body, and spirit, which gives you the best freedom anyone could achieve in the world.