Uplifted Yoga Business Launchpad Review

Uplifted Yoga Business Launchpad Review

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Loving yoga and wanting to teach it is one thing, but teaching yoga and earning a living is something else. Completing yoga teacher training (YTT) is the first step to earning a living. But making money from yoga can be tricky without the best advice and direction from people who have made it in the business. Getting hired or starting your own yoga business after a yoga certification can be challenging if you don’t have a plan.

Like any other business, yoga is equipped with the pitfalls and joys of any other business. Before starting your own yoga business, working at an established yoga studio is vital so you can have hands-on experience with the ins and outs of a yoga business. By teaching students elsewhere, you’ll also develop a loyal clientele that will follow or recommend you if you open your own business. To learn how to be successful in a yoga business, you need to get solid advice from people who’ve made it from where you currently are. That’s why we’ll talk about the Uplifted Yoga Business Launchpad.

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Learn from those who have gone before you

There are many yoga teachers online and offline. You’ve probably met many when taking your YTT or in workshops. You can always ask for advice about how they started their yoga businesses. The best lessons you can learn are from those who’ve passed through the path you’re looking to tread. You’ll find that most yoga teachers are willing to share their knowledge and tips with you. If you’re looking for solid yoga business advice, you’re in the right place.

What is Uplifted Yoga?

Brett Larkin founded uplifted Yoga. She teaches yogis and yoga teachers worldwide through her successful platform. On Uplifted Yoga, you can find yoga business advice, YTT, and yoga classes. Choosing to take your teacher training on Uplifted Yoga means that you’ll study under Brett and other yoga teachers that she admires. Uplifted Yoga has certified over 1500 yoga teachers and healers. Teachers that are fresh out of YTT turn to Uplifted Yoga to jumpstart their businesses and deepen their skills.

What is offered in the course?

This Uplifted Yoga Business Launchpad is a pathway for all who want to build a successful yoga business. As a yoga teacher, you’ll learn how to get yoga studios to hire you, how to earn more money as a yoga teacher, how to get more clients, and how to grow your business. The course teaches you how to make money teaching yoga to corporates and privates via video call. You will also learn how to launch your yoga course online and yoga template, which can be hard to figure out independently. 

What is offered on this launchpad is more than what money can buy. Brett Larkin started her yoga business online from nothing after spending so much time watching YouTube videos online to no success. She’d even spend a lot of money on workshops to learn how to run a thriving yoga business, but this went without success. This Uplifted Yoga Business Launchpad is her secret recipe from her failures and successes that led her to create a lucrative online business. It’s hard to put a tag on something so precious and made from blood and sweat (not literally). 

This program is for those who find it challenging to create a market strategy, collect emails, and design a website. If you’ve just completed your YTT-200 and need an actual teaching job, then it’s the perfect program. This program will also serve those who feel they’re ready to teach but can’t decide what to charge, the steps they should take, and in what order. 

How do I get started?

To get started, you must sign up for the Uplifted Yoga Business Launchpad course. Once you sign up for the course, you’ll get all the resources you need to study and eventually successfully create an online yoga business in person. Upon completing the course, you will be able to find your way around in this niche and earn a living as you’ve always dreamt.