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Last updated on November 18th, 2023.

Currently, there are so many people in the universe suffering from lifestyle diseases, and many are out of shape. A health coach helps others deal with chronic health issues like diabetes. They also help others adopt healthy habits that lead to healthier lifestyles. When working one-on-one with a health coach, the client acquires the tools, knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their lifestyles.

There are various ways to make money as a health coach. You can always work one-on-one with clients or work with them as a group; when serving groups with the same needs. The most well-known health coaches are those who’ve served countless people helping them through their issues. To earn enough from health coaching alone, you need to build your reputation so people know who you are, and you must have great credentials to back you up.

Are health coaches in demand?

The demand for health coaches is ever-increasing, making the job outlook seem great. From 2014 to 2015, you’ll see a 6% increase in the coaching market, leading to an extra $6 billion in the industry. This career keeps growing every day, and if you’re looking to get certified, you better start your training right now. The weight loss coaching market alone was predicted to skyrocket to $1.05 billion in 2022.

So, if you’re thinking of joining the thousands of health coaches out there, there is no better time to do that than now. Many people are working towards reforming their lives, it could be moving from an unhealthy eating cycle or they want to quit certain behaviours such as smoking or drinking. Either way, they will need a health coach to intervene and be their cheerleader as they pursue this new path.

How do health coaches get paid?

Health coaches can get paid per session or per hour. When a health coach starts their first sessions, they mostly do so at a lower rate and then keep increasing it with time as they gain more experience. Health coaches get paid to offer individuals services either one-on-one or in groups. Once they offer their services, they get paid, or they can get paid beforehand. Even though a health coach is beneficial to one’s health, the real work is in the client’s hands. If the client isn’t willing to do as their health coach requested, it can be hard to see the expected results or life changes.

Can you make money as a health coach?

It is possible to make money as a health coach. Even though some people pursue this certification so they can help their families and friends with their health, others use it to advance their careers and even get more pay. You can do both. Health coaching, just like any other career, can make you lots of money.

However, making money as a health coach requires you to invest time in learning about health coaching from a business perspective or else you’ll have an expensive hobby. There are many ways to get clients, as long as you’re willing to learn the business side of coaching. If you’re a health coach and have tried getting clients for a few months and finally give up and go in for more training, you’re doing the wrong thing.

When turning health coaching into a successful business, you don’t need more health training. Instead, it would be better if you tried to learn more about the business side of coaching. If you do cold calling or even public speaking and you’re not sure it’s your preferred way of getting clients, you don’t need to keep at it. You can try other ways of getting clients. Don’t give up so easily, and that’s why you’ll need to learn the business side of coaching to prosper in your business.

Can you make money as an online health coach?

You can always make money by being an online health coach. There are people in other areas of the world who can’t access a one-on-one session with you, and serving them online will be a great way to help them and earn money. As an online health coach, you can even sell products like audio, videos and ebooks that will help your clients and make money out of these. Even so, selling such products can earn you new clients if they like what you have to say. More people love the convenience that the internet has to offer, thus making online health coaching a great way to make money.

How much do health coaches charge per session?

New health coaches still getting their bearings in the craft charge between $50- $75 per session. But when you find an experienced client with years to show under their belt, they charge between $100- $200 per session. Some coaches charge between $1200- $2400 per session. Considering how much the charges can range, it can be a little hard to be definitive about how much being a health coach will make you earn, depending on the number of sessions you have. When you narrow down your niche to only serving certain clients, you’re assured of earning more because of how specific your solution is. Most coaches offer two sessions per month, ranging between 45 to 60 minutes.

7 Legit Ways to make money as a health coach


Online coaching

The health and wellness industry keeps growing every single day online. Health coaching hasn’t been left behind with this wave of growth. Online health coaching can be a passive way to earn money if you already have one-on-one clients. You don’t even need to have any clients to earn money from it. If you get clients to work with, you won’t need to be restricted to working with those in your geographical area. This means you can have one-on-one clients and still have some other online clients to cater for.

Online coaching can be really helpful to most coaches because you get that extra money you need by working with online clients. You can even create various schedules for them depending on their locations, which means that sometimes you’ll be working with clients even at night if need be. You will be offering services to people who couldn’t get a heath coach or the right fit in their location, but you’ll also be increasing your earnings.

Group coaching sessions

Despite having one-on-one clients, you can also venture into group coaching. Group coaching sessions will allow you to share your expertise with a larger group of people and help them through their issues. Even though group coaching sessions will mean the people pay less per session, you’ll have reached a larger group of people quickly.

When offering group health coaching sessions, you’ll have to offer generic health and wellness advice, and if some people in the group enjoy it, they will sign up to be your clients. Group health coaching sessions will increase your income by bringing in more clients.

One on one coaching sessions

This type of coaching is the most common way to make money if you’re a health coach. You will be offering health coaching services while working with individual clients. When working one-on-one with a client, you will be charging them per month or session, depending on your agreement. If you have clients looking for a single session, you can charge them per hour. But you can have a flat rate for long term clients.

Even though this coaching method is the most common, it’s also the trickiest. If you have lots of clients, you will earn well every month. But when you have fewer clients, you won’t earn at all for the entire month. So, you may need to combine this coaching method with others to ensure you earn every time, irrespective of whether you have one-on-one clients or not.

Sell digital products

Besides having one-on-one clients, you can also sell health and wellness related digital products to help others. Items you can sell as a health coach include:

  • Recorded audio files
  • Videos
  • Ebooks

All these products ought to be helpful to your clients so they can recommend others to acquire them. It is also very possible to get online or one-on-one clients after they’ve purchased your digital products. If someone buys what you’re selling and falls in love with your work, they will surely come back to get coaching from you, which means more money for you.

Affiliate marketing

If you have a health and wellness blog, you should monetize it by using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing includes advertising other people’s products on your blogs and getting paid a commission whenever someone purchases because you’d advertised it. Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn passive income. Always ensure that you push for wellness products that will help those reading your blog posts.

The only downside of affiliate marketing is putting your reputation on the line. If you push for bad products, then it could really mess up your reputation, chasing away your clients. You need to ensure that you push for products you’re knowledgeable about or have used before and liked.

Corporate wellness coaching

The corporate wellness market is rapidly growing due to the increasing number of people suffering from Chronic illnesses and organizations paying up to $3.8 trillion in annual healthcare costs. This market has been predicted to keep growing in the coming years, and if you’re a health coach, you can offer corporate consulting services, which will give you a great opportunity to expand your client base and earn even more money. Depending on your clients’ location, you can offer corporate wellness coaching online or in person.

Sell physical products

Even though this is a lesser-known method of making money as a health coach, it still works. You can sell products like water bottles, t-shirts, journals, mugs, and other items. You can also decide to venture out and develop your unique products like supplements. You can either promote them on your social media or sell them on your website. Either way, no matter what you choose to sell, it will be a great way of earning that extra income.

Final thoughts

Health coaching is an amazing opportunity to guide someone as they begin the journey to change their lives for the better. Even though it is a recent career compared to others like nursing or teaching, it is very fast-growing, and you will surely get your part in it. The need for a health coach keeps increasing with every waking minute as people battle various illnesses and addictions.

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