what you should meditate on

You Should Meditate on These 5 Things Monthly

Have you been experiencing anxiety and uneasy feeling lately? Maybe what you need is meditation. A few minutes of silent meditation every day could help elevate your moods and boost your productivity. Meditating doesn’t have to be rocket science, and there are several things you can meditate on to improve the quality of your life.

Meditating on these five things could help impact your life positively:

  1. Personal health
  2. Personal relationships
  3. Relationships to the world
  4. Relationship to self
  5. What brings you joy

Focusing on the five could help to bring balance to your life and channel the positive energy you need to thrive in life.

That’s not all, as there’re many things to know about meditation, like whether it always involves a blank mind, the common forms of meditation, and an in-depth look at these five things you can meditate on, which you will learn if you read on.

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Does Meditation always Include Creating a Blank Mind?

While many might argue that meditating involves clearing and changing your mindset of every thought, the statement could never be further from the truth. For starters, you cannot make your mind go blank even if you try, and the least you can do is quiet it.

Meditation is about controlling your thoughts and detaching negative emotions from them. It’s about listening to your thoughts, focusing on them, and analyzing them in-depth. It’s the art of training your mind to focus on a single thought at a time and help improve your decision making. You can meditate on important topics that emotionally, mentally, and physical impact and shape your life.

Our thoughts are primary determinants of our moods, which also affect our decisions. As a result, it’s safe to say that the nature of our thoughts affects the type of life we live.

What Forms of Meditation should I Use when Meditating on Topics?

Meditation comes in different forms, and as a dedicated student, you should try different styles, especially when meditating on topics. This way, your mind will not get used to or adapt to one form and experience less impact. Here are the three types of meditation you can use when meditating on topics:

Progressive Relaxation/ Body Scan

This form of meditation focuses on targeting areas of our bodies with tension and expels the feeling to bring relief. It’s perfect for someone going through a stressful situation and requires clarity. Also, it comes in handy for someone who’s about to make an important decision in their lives. Additionally, it has been known to help patients with chronic pain, although more studies need to be made on this topic.

Zen Meditation

Known to help someone attain emotional and mental balance, Zen meditation is perfect for someone going through emotional turmoil. However, this form of meditation requires studying under a teacher since there’re more postures to learn. The primary goal of Zen meditation is to focus on your breathing and body posture. It helps to calm your mind and develop a deeper understanding of the problem you’re facing.

Transcendental Meditation

If you’re struggling with your spiritual being or wish to connect to the world more, then transcendental meditation is something you should try. You’re allowed to choose a mantra that you can repeat until it sinks in during this session. It’s perfect for those who wish to boost their confidence or connection to nature. For instance, you could repeat ‘I’m not afraid of public speaking’ during your meditation session if you’re about to go on a public speaking task.

You Should Meditate on these 5 Things Monthly

We face many things in life that threaten our emotional and spiritual well-being, but focusing on a few could help bring balance to our lives. If you wish to bring balance to your life, then it’s best if you focus your meditation on these fives things monthly:

1. Personal Health

Health is something many take for granted until it’s under threat. Personal health involves physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Meditation helps to expel negative thoughts that might affect our moods. Sitting still during meditation also helps relax muscles, promoting physical healing.

2. Personal Relationships

We all need love and affection from others to thrive, and as such, working on our personal relationships is vital to improving the quality of our lives. Relationships are not easy, and events can sometimes affect the way we see our partners and relate to them. Meditating on personal relationships could help reveal how we feel about our partners and, most importantly, how their actions make us feel. Such mediation can help us improve our communication and how we interact with the other person.

3. Relationships to the World (Earth and Society)

Things that happen around us tend to have an impact on how we see life and the choices we make. Improving your relationship with the earth and the societies surrounding you could encourage positive spiritual growth and alter the way you see things. Such meditation is best carried out in nature, like in the forest or river, to help you get an authentic feeling of connecting to it. It can also be done in a group to promote societal harmony.

4. Relationship to Self

The relationship you have with yourself is very crucial and affects the ones you have with other people, and that’s why you need to work on it every day. Meditating on personal relationships helps to balance your emotions, understand your desires, and learn how to love yourself more. It promotes self-awareness and improves things such as confidence and self-esteem.

what you should meditate on

5. What Brings you Joy

We all have different things that bring joy to our lives, and meditating on them could help us be grateful and appreciative of our lives. It also brings fulfillment to our lives, allowing us to look at things positively and avoid situations that might drain our energy and emotional stability.

Final Thoughts on What you Should be Meditating On

Mediation is a great way of improving your emotional and mental well-being. It can also promote physical healing when done properly. It does not age-specific. Meditation could be for kids, teenager and adults. Meditating on personal health, relationships, personal relationship, and that with the world is a great way of bringing balance to your life. You also don’t need a blank mind when meditating.