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The Best Y12SR Certification Programs Online

People have used the art of yoga for centuries to improve their mental and physical well-being. Yoga also provides a much-needed break from our stressors and helps us put things into perspective. That’s why yoga and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) have been merged to enable people to overcome addictions and live a more fulfilling life without harming themselves, their loved ones, or their future. If you love helping people get their lives together and into perspective, there are multiple certification programs online, you can pursue and begin your practice.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and yoga practice share one goal; their goal is to achieve happiness through spiritual enlightenment. Both practices have a written set of guidelines that one has to adhere to to be free from their addictions. If you love helping people overcome such significant hurdles in their lives, then a Y12SR certification program is the perfect fit for you.

The 5 Best Y12SR Certification Programs Online are:

  1. Y12SR
  2. Sangha Studio
  3. Tula Yoga Wellness 
  4. Yoga Works
  5. Yoga International

Most people know yoga through physical postures. But there is a lot more to yoga than just that; there are eight limbs of yoga. Yoga is more about other aspects of self and very little about physical postures. Even though yoga isn’t a religious study, it is the practice of uniting the mind, body, and spirit.

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What is Y12SR?

Y12SR stands for Yoga 12 Step Therapy. Y12SR is modeled from the meetings of 12-step addiction recovery programs. Y12SR merges these 12 steps with the practice and philosophies of yoga. Y12SR is a program put in place to help people struggling with addiction and also prevent a relapse. The primary purpose of Y12SR is to help address the effects of addiction and trauma. Knowing the historical guide to styles of yoga training could give a better perspective of these practice has evolved over time.

During Y12SR, half the time is spent talking, and the other half is spent practicing yoga. Even though it is such a great program, Y12SR isn’t a replacement for a regular 12-step program or a sponsor. It is a tool that will help one address the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of the disease of addiction. You could always practice your base with these 12 basic yoga poses for beginners.

All participants can speak when attending the Y12SR meeting, but no one is forced to do so. It’s just like an AA meeting where everyone gets to share their experiences when they are ready to do so. The instructor also leads the students through breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga. These are meant to help the students approach the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of addictions. Yoga done in these meetings is under thoughtful instruction and benefits people on all levels.

Even though this program is meant for addicts, it doesn’t mean that they’re the only people who can attend such events. This program is for anyone that’s a human being. You could be dealing with trauma; talking and doing yoga could help you come to terms with it and learn to be in sync with your spirit, mental, and physical self. People who have dealt with addicts can also attend the program and get something out of it. Some people even go to these sessions with their kids and still enjoy it. Anyone can attend a Y12SR program.

Yoga shares many similarities with Alcohol Anonymous, which is why it’s not so hard to merge the two. In the 12-step recovery program, one is asked not to engage in sex to concentrate on self-development fully. In the Yamas of yoga, there is a principle called brahmacharya which stands for sexual responsibility. AA also credits its success to the philosophy that religion and spirituality play a significant role in recovery. That’s why it views alcoholism as the disease in the spirit which brings about the longing for a substance to replace one’s connection with the “higher power” or “God.” Similarly, you can also find the use of the terms “God” or “Lord” in the yoga sutras.

The Yoga Sutras also list the five most common causes of suffering: attachment, egoism, real nature, and the fear of death that makes us cling to life. Similarly, they have to let go of the sufferings mentioned earlier when joining AA. Read this article to learn in-depth about Y12SR Yoga. In AA, one has to let go of their ego, stop ignoring alcohol addiction, let go of their attachment to alcohol, and be ready to confront the pain and suffering that comes with sobriety. Both yoga and AA have the same goal: To achieve happiness and complete bliss.

When was Y12SR founded?

Nikki Myers is a yoga teacher, therapist, and somatic experiencing practitioner. She is also the founder of the Yoga-12 Step Recovery. She launched Y12SR in 2004, basing it on her personal experience with addiction. In her journey to recovery from alcohol addiction, she realized that there were many similarities between the 12-step program and the healing that yoga offers. That is when she merged both programs to include yoga and the principles of AA.

After its launch in 2004, Y12SR has discovered phenomenal growth and has become the grassroots movement in addiction recovery. There are weekly meetings in centers all over the country, and the Y12SR program has become widespread in most addiction centers in the USA. The program has not only been effective for substance addiction, but it has also helped people dealing with gambling, food addiction, compulsive spending, media consumption, and eating disorders.

To launch this program that is now helping millions, Nikki Myers had to start borrowing small loans from family and friends. It started small, but now it’s a beneficial movement and will change many people’s lives.

The 4 Best Y12SR Certification Programs Online

1. Y12SR - Intensive Leadership Training/Certification

The online Y12SR intensive and Y12SR leadership training explores the science and symbiotic relationship between the 12-step program and yoga. This institution offers two-part training for you to earn your certification. Both pieces of training teach different aspects of Y12SR. The first training is an online Y12SR intensive, and the second is Y12SR leadership training.

During the intensive training, you will learn about the 12-step program, the root of addictions, how to use sustainable practices to self-regulate, enhance all aspects of well-being (physical, emotional, and spiritual), and support long-term recovery. You can take this training online, and the institution collaborates with Yoga International.

During the leadership training, which is the second training for your certification, you will learn how to create and hold a safe space for those afflicted by addiction. It is unnecessary training as it offers you tools to lead others in weekly Y12SR meetings in your community. Besides learning how to create a safe space for those afflicted, you will also learn how to recognize those dealing with unresolved traumas and struggling emotionally. You will also learn to collaborate with other professionals and develop a network.

2. Sangha Studio - Y12SR Leadership Training

Sangha Studio offers Y12SR leadership training. In this training, you will learn how to create an all-inclusive safe space for those afflicted with addiction and those still dealing with it. As a leader, you will also know how to use yoga as a tool to prevent relapse and provide ways to manage internal stress. The training will also teach you how to recognize students struggling emotionally and those dealing with unresolved trauma so you can help them.

The training will also help you learn how to collaborate with institutions and other professionals and work with group settings. You will develop a network of professionals helping people dealing with addiction, like trauma experts.

This leadership training is perfect for probation officers, counselors, therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers who want to work with recovering people. You will have to complete leadership training and intensive training to get certified.

3. Tula Yoga Wellness - Addiction & Recovery Yoga Leadership Training

Tula Yoga Wellness offers an Addiction and Recovery Yoga Leadership Training taught by Nikki Myers. This training is good for people who want to work with the recovery population. Yoga teachers, therapists, social workers, probation officers, and others might benefit from this training. They will understand more about addiction, where it stems from, and how to help others struggling with it.

The training will help you learn how to welcome people recovering with open arms. You will understand the 12-step addiction recovery process and learn how to identify unhealed trauma and unresolved issues. By learning all these, you will know how to use yoga and other tools to prevent your students from relapsing and manage their internal wellness.

You will also learn how to observe projection and arrogance and develop a network so you can work with other professionals working with the recovering population. Also, since you will be learning from Nikki Myers herself, you will get a lot of insight from the best.

4. Yoga Works - 12-Step Recovery Training

Yoga Works is offering a Yoga 12-Steps Recovery combined 24-hour training. The host of this training is Nikki Myers herself. This training will equip you with tools to help people struggling with addiction in the community.

You will understand the 12-steps and learn how to use them to better your students. You will know to look out for symptoms of nervous system deregulation and unresolved trauma and get more tools to help people recovering stay that way, deal with their mental, spiritual and physical states accordingly, and prevent relapse.

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Yoga 12-Steps Recovery is a great program that has not only helped millions but will also help more people soon. Most people these days are looking to connect with something higher than themselves and move away from addictions. Y12SR is a great support system for those already in AA and will ensure they don’t relapse. It helps deal with the balance between spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.