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Last updated on November 24th, 2023.

Those who are struggling with addiction and recovery have such a hard time finding a way they can stay free from addiction due to the difficulty of maintaining the practices and new habits into the reality of life. Many who have beaten addiction struggle with finding their new normal and being able to feel as if it is a good way of life.

The Y12SR workshop with the Yoga Alliance teaches people how to walk through addiction and recovery while also putting into place habits and routines that allow them to feel as if they have a normal life. The yoga that is presented with this 12-step program gives those in addiction an outlet that is feasible in real life.

No matter what you are already trained in, you can become trained and knowledgeable in the Y12SR and help others out with what you know. Becoming a trained person in Y12SR means you can change the lives of addicts directly, being trained to teach it means you can help others change lives and have a larger impact on a larger scale.

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What Is The Y12SR Workshop Via The Yoga Alliance?

The Y12SR yoga workshop is used to teach you about a 12-step program that not only includes yoga, but uses it as the main way to process through addiction and healing towards no longer being addicted. No matter the type of addiction, or how deep into addiction someone is, this workshop can teach you how to work with someone through active addiction all the way to recovery. Learning and understanding addiction can serve you as a way of healing and having compassion for yourself and others.

This workshop can be taken online with various resources to fully involve you and allow you to learn at your own pace while also preparing to impact the lives of those in active addiction, or those who want to heal.


What Does The Y12SR Workshop Cover?

This workshop consists of a significant amount of information and training that will allow you to effectively work with someone to help get them out of active addiction and on their way to a healing lifestyle.

In this workshop you will learn things such as:

  • How addiction affects the brain
  • Trauma’s impact on the body and the nervous system
  • How addiction as a disease affects people
  • How to move from disconnection to connection
  • How to apply the principles of the Y12SR to the 12-step program
  • How to bring Y12SR to your community
  • An overview of the 12-Step program
  • How to become a Y12SR leader and teacher

The online content you will receive is broken down into 8 chapters and those are broken down into individual modules that are easy to follow and maintain no matter your schedule and learning availability. There are 6 stages of addiction recovery that a person would go through in order to heal.

For every online video and module there is a PDF that is broken down for you to look at and reference after you are done learning. After the first part of the Y12SR online courses there is an assessment you must pass before moving on to the second part of the Y12SR process.

Who Facilitates The Y12SR Workshop?

The facilitator of the Y12SR is Nikki Meyers. Nikki is specifically a yoga therapist and teacher who has worked her way to becoming a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. After founding the CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health in Indianapolis, IN,  she launched Yoga of 12-Step Recovery in 2004.

NIkki did not do this blindly because she based the yoga of the 12-step program on her own issues with addiction and recovery. With her experience, she has created a safe space for those dealign with addiction, wanting to get better without judgment and unrealistic expectations.

Through her teaching and new process to add to the 12-step program, thousands of people have a new lease on life with an outlook that doesn’t include relapse and disappointment. She is changing lives and relationships with her desire for healing.

How Can I Get Access To The Y12SR Workshop?

Getting access to the Y12SR workshop is as easy as becoming a member and starting the workshop process. You can pay for each individual workshop as you need it and once you pay, the resources are always yours to use.

Specifically, you can go through the Yoga Alliance, but you do have to become a member before watching any videos or having access to any resources. However, if you are looking for courses with no membership, you can find the workshops and all their information through Y12SR directly.

You can always watch any of the previous events or videos through Youtube as well on their youtube page Y12SR – 12 Yoga Steps Of Recovery. No matter what your budget or purpose is for the Y12SR, you can find something that works for you so you can make an impact on someone else’s life in a way that creates a new life for them.

Not only can you discover the Y12SR workshop to learn how to put yoga into the 12-step program, but you can also learn how to be a leader involved in the Y12SR. This can help you build a community or a team that can affect the lives of thousands of those trying to heal from addiction.

There are also opportunities for continuing education through Y12SR and their training modules on their site. This allows you to continue your ability to teach and walk through healing with others.

Final Thoughts On The Y12SR Workshop

Those who have been affected, or those who are dealing with addiction themselves will be the first to tell you it’s incredibly hard to heal with a new routine that doesn’t feel authentic. This is where Y12SR can help create a new lifestyle.

Y12SR can not only help start and continue the healing process, but it can also create new habits and lifestyle changes for those looking to heal from addiction. It doesn’t just give them something to do, it gives them something to work towards mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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