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Last updated on August 14th, 2023.

If you have ever pursued activewear purchases, you may have come across Yoga Club company, which provides premier activewear subscription boxes. Given the number of clothing options available to you as a customer, you may be wondering if Yoga Club is really worth it.

Yoga Club is well worth the investment. When you subscribe, you receive custom boxes to fit your sizing and style preferences for at least 50% off retail prices. They offer a “Best Value Guarantee” and allow you to make exchanges at any time.  

In addition to learning more about what Yoga Club actually is and how it works in practice, you may also be wondering how much it costs, where it ships, and what real customers have to say about their products. Read on for all of this information and more!

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What is Yoga Club?

Yoga Club is a company that believes in helping you look good for less. They provide custom-made activewear subscription boxes for customers at unbeatable prices. They guarantee at least 50% off Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), saving you money while still offering premier and stylish outfits.

What Does Yoga Club Do?

Yoga Club begins its process by asking each customer to take their fun and interactive style quiz. This allows them to understand better your unique sizing preferences, style preferences, and a few other personal identifying things that will help them craft your box. This comprehensive quiz takes less than 10 minutes and asks questions like:

  • How would you describe your overall style?
  • How often do you typically wear athletic wear?
  • Where do you typically sport your athletic wear?
  • What stores do you typically shop at for activewear?
  • How much would you prefer to spend on tops and leggings, if you had the choice?
  • What are your primary priorities when it comes to shopping for clothing (e.g., cost savings, time savings, materials, construction)?
  • What are your favorite top or bottom styles, and how much do you typically spend on these?
  • Are there any parts of your body you would prefer to keep covered?

At the end of the quiz, they will also create some samples for you to rate as:

  • Like
  • Dislike
  • Love

These include individual sample styles, as well as full sample outfits. By rating these, the Yoga Club team can get an even better idea of what you are looking for while weighing your answers to all of the previous questions.

Plus you can also get the yoga club box which includes the perfect outfit for a yoga session monthly!

After Your Quiz is Completed

Once you complete the interactive style quiz, Yoga Club’s team of expert stylists carefully curates an outfit that matches your unique preferences. This outfit consists of three hand-selected pieces based on a selection from their premium athleisure brands, and Yoga Club will ship the box directly to your desired address.

Best of all, Yoga Club does all of this for significantly less than you would find in retail stores. At a minimum, their prices are 50% that of MSRP, but they can be 80%+ off MSRP. Depending on your subscription, you can opt for boxes every month or less frequently, though monthly is the recommended subscription option.

Is Yoga Club Worth It?

Yoga Club is most certainly worth the investment. Nowadays, there are many options out there, and subscription businesses, in particular. that claim to offer everything you could need or want.

But Yoga Club takes a different approach, and their company and business model offers a huge value proposition to its customers for several key reasons:

  • Custom solutions – each box is crafted to meet the unique needs of customers based on their free and detailed style quiz. You save a significant amount of time by having access to numerous premier brands without having to shop store to store to find clothing that meets your preferences, sizing, etc.
  • Saves money – with savings of 50% or more off MSRP, the cost savings are significant when choosing to work with Yoga Club. They also offer a “Best Value Guarantee,” which means you will be refunded the difference should you find lower prices at other retailers, so you can be sure that Yoga Club is acting in your best interest when it comes to pricing.
  • Risk-free – they offer easy online exchanges at any time if you are not satisfied with the clothing styles, sizes, or overall looks that come in your box. You can also easily cancel your subscription at any point should you choose to do so, and their customer service team is more than happy to help you should you have any concerns.
  • More than just a business – last but not least, Yoga Club is more than just an apparel brand – they believe in empowering each and every one of their customers to live an active lifestyle. By joining Yoga Club, you are also joining a community of strong and inspiring individuals.

When you think about the options offered by other companies, you often have to make an either/or decision. You get quality clothing at high prices or lower quality clothing at lower prices. But with Yoga Club, you get the best of both worlds: high-quality clothing for low prices, plus the bonus of exchanges anytime.

Additionally, many other subscription boxes charge styling fees for the apparent investment of making boxes that are tailored to your preferences. They attribute this charge to the cost of the time it takes to hand select your styles. But Yoga Club does not charge for this, nor do they charge for the initial style quiz itself!

Of important note, Yoga Club is not just for those who practice yoga; rather, Yoga Club provides activewear that can apply to all different sports and activities – even lounging! If you are simply looking to spice up your wardrobe with the help of talented stylists who will find the right clothes for you, choose Yoga Club.

Yoga Club Reviews

To date, Yoga Club has shipped over 1 million pieces of activewear to individuals via hundreds of thousands of member boxes, and their customer reviews are through the roof.

Yoga Club publishes member reviews directly on their website, so you can see exactly what existing customers are saying about their boxes! Here are three examples:

Review 1

“I’m a yoga teacher, which means I spend most of my time in athleisure wear. I’m also really busy and don’t have a ton of time to shop around and find outfits that are both fashionable and high-performance. Yoga Club was the perfect solution to finding cute clothes to practice and teach yoga in! I just received my first box and am in love with the Free People and Manduka pieces. The best part is that I probably wouldn’t have picked them out for myself, and now I’m trying brands that I wasn’t that familiar with previously. I’ve already worn the Manduka pants to teach and got several compliments. I can’t wait to see what’s in my next box!”

            – Lindsay, M. (Houston, TX)

Review 2

“I love this company. If you’re living a very active lifestyle and/or do yoga every day, I highly recommended signing up. The customer service team is amazing, always responding within a reasonable timeframe, and they make sure your boxes come customized to your specific preferences and sizes.”

            – Sara, G. (Los Angeles, CA)

Review 3

“I have tried other clothing clubs. The value of brands is BY FAR the best. Other clubs I have tried seem to over-price exclusive brands to which only they are distributing. Therefore just selling you on the idea that you’re getting a boutique item and overcharging. Not a fan of that. I have canceled all others and, for now, am just using Yoga Club. LOVE IT! I joined at the highest level and am so glad I did.”

            – Eliza, P. (Eustis, FL)

How Much Does Yoga Club Cost?

The annual cost of Yoga Club depends on your personal subscription box preferences. At a most basic level, the cost of a single box for a Yoga Club member is $79, but the annual cost will depend on how frequently you opt to have boxes delivered. Here are your three main options:

Annual ShipmentsCost Per Box
Annual Cost
Monthly Freq.*12$79$948
Bi-Monthly Freq.6$79$474
Seasonal Freq.4$79$316

Note: Excludes shipping costs, which may vary by location

* Denotes recommended subscription

Yoga Club recommends monthly packages for members in order to keep up with all the latest fashion trends throughout the year. Remember that you are allowed to cancel your subscription at any point, so you are not locked into any annual costs. You will simply pay monthly and can adjust your membership as you like.

If you prefer to start with just a single box, you can choose from any of their gift package options. These are also hand-curated and still offer significant cost savings relative to MSRP. The only difference is that you can choose based on the number of contents in the box. Here are the different options available to you:

What’s Included in the BoxCost of
Single Box
Total Cost
The MANTRA1 pair of leggings$4535%
The KARMA2-piece outfit$6540%
The GURU3-piece outfit$7555%

Lastly, if you have already started using Yoga Club and love it already, or if you are committed to a long-term investment to realize even greater savings, then you can opt for an annual Yoga Club membership. This will provide you with consistent shipments and wardrobe refreshes to keep you stylish all year long!

Does Yoga Club Ship to Canada?

Yoga Club ships within the United States, as well as to Canada and the United Kingdom. If you are looking to get a shipment in Canada, you simply need to pay for any relevant shipping charges, and you are all set! If you are having any trouble, call their customer service team for help with shipping to Canada.


When it comes to choosing your activewear, some of the biggest struggles people face include:

  • Finding the time
  • Finding clothes they actually like
  • Finding these at a price that fits their budget

Yoga Club handles all of these at once for each of its customers. Theirs is a value proposition that is simply unmatched.

So get started today with their interactive style quiz, figure out how frequently you want to receive box shipments, and enjoy. Join the growing community of members who desire to have high-quality clothing at reasonable prices and who are empowered to live an active lifestyle each and every day. Your only regret will be that you didn’t join Yoga Club sooner!

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