The 5 Best Online Yoga for Anxiety Courses

The Best Online Yoga for Anxiety Courses in 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, finding inner peace and managing anxiety has become increasingly crucial. Fortunately, the transformative practice of yoga offers a powerful antidote, and the digital age has made it more accessible than ever. Welcome to “The Best Online Yoga for Anxiety Courses,” your guide to a calmer, more centered you. In this curated selection, we explore top-notch virtual yoga courses designed to soothe your mind and spirit and help you navigate life’s challenges gracefully. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, these courses offer a path to tranquility right from the comfort of your own home. Join us on a journey towards a harmonious mind and a healthier, happier life.

Here is a quick glimpse of the best online yoga for anxiety courses:

  1. My Vinyasa Practice
  2. Mindwalk Yoga Academy
  3. Yoga Anytime

Are you considering dealing with your anxieties in an excellent, zen way? Well, these courses have your back! But hold up, don’t just dive in unquestioningly. Picking the right course is crucial because a bad one might scare you off yoga for life. So, keep reading to learn how building yoga skills to combat anxiety.

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The Best Yoga for Anxiety Courses in 2024

Embarking on a journey towards inner peace and emotional well-being, our curated selection unveils the five best online yoga courses to alleviate the grip of anxiety. We’ve meticulously scoured the digital landscape to present you with courses that transcend virtual classes, offering solace, serenity, and a pathway to transformation. Whether you’re an anxiety warrior seeking solace or simply looking to infuse more tranquility into your life, these online yoga courses can guide you on a transformative odyssey toward a calmer, more centered you.

1. My Vinyasa Practice: Yoga Therapy for Anxiety Class

My Vinyasa Practice offers courses from many different teachers. Although yoga teachers frequently have many different credentials, such as being certified by the Yoga Alliance, it is expected to have a preference in teaching style in addition to these qualifications. You can search for a teacher on My Vinyasa Practice with the qualifications you seek, such as being trauma-informed or of a specific gender.

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety is a course taught by Michelle Young that is explicitly designed to educate you on Anxiety and how to use yoga as a tool to decrease it. Michelle has been practicing yoga for nearly two decades and is certified as a teacher.

  • This Yoga Therapy for Anxiety class is Yoga Alliance certified and eligible for 20 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.
  • It can be taken at any pace in any place, and it covers topics such as how to deal with emotions and different breathing techniques to help when you need some grounding.
  • This course costs $75 and can be dried through My Vinyasa Practice.

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety online is another course on My Vinyasa Practice taught by Michelle Young. This course is similar in philosophy to Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, but it is free training that is not eligible for CEUs.

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety includes a resource library with courses about embracing the body and understanding breath and meditation. It is an excellent course for a beginner or anyone looking for a yoga class to help with their Anxiety without trying to become certified.

(If you are looking for more meditation to help with Anxiety, check out this guided meditation for Anxiety!)

2. Mindwalk Yoga Academy: Yoga for Anxiety Online

Mindwalk Yoga Academy offers a course to help with anxiety called Eight-Week Yoga Therapy for Anxiety. Mindwalk Yoga Academy only provides two classes, but both are focused on mental health and well-being, with the other being a 16-week course to help those suffering from Imposter Syndrome.

Mindwalk Yoga focuses on Black women’s mental health and how yoga can be an asset. Although less information is available about these courses, they have a specific target audience and a rigorous course schedule to ensure that members are moving toward their goals.

The eight-week Yoga Therapy for Anxiety class includes 31 lessons over eight weeks. Each of the course topics includes primary yoga practice. Still, there are also activities such as journaling and philosophy to encompass all angles of what anxiety is and how to overcome it. Weekly topics for the course range from Resilience to Empowerment, and there is a progression each week, with course-taught skills building on each other.

Suppose you are a Black woman looking for an inclusive community to help as you grow through your anxiety by using yoga. In that case, an Eight-Week Yoga Therapy course is probably an excellent option. However, it would likely not be an excellent fit for as many as the less specific courses.

3. Yoga Anytime: Anxiety Yoga Course Online

Yoga Anytime offers Yoga for Anxiety classes taught by yoga instructor Jillian Pransky that focus on practical tools and techniques of yoga that can help you learn coping skills for Anxiety. She provides a welcome video that highlights aspects of what is to come, such as

  • How the series is formatted
  • What to expect in each episode
  • Why you would use this series

This also allows you to become familiar with her voice as an instructor before committing to the entire course.

This Anxiety Yoga course online is formatted like a television series, with the first season containing 15 episodes. The season starts with the welcome episode and then a description of Anxiety. However, moving forward, each new episode covers different poses and skills you can apply to your own life.

Some of the episodes are pretty short, such as the one-minute episode five, which teaches an emergency grounding technique. Others are much longer, and the average time for an episode is around 20 minutes.

Yoga for Anxiety’s goal is to teach you practical tools for when your Anxiety is high. Unlike some other courses, it does not provide full-length yoga practices. If you apply these yoga techniques to the practice or lifestyle you already have, you can create your full-length practices.

One of the appeals to Yoga for Anxiety is that it teaches at a beginner level and focuses on simple poses, breaths, and postures. You do not need extensive experience with yoga to use the tools Jillian teaches to calm your mind.

Final Thoughts on the Yoga Skills for Anxiety

In the quest for inner peace, the journey through our selection of the best online courses has been nothing short of transformative. Each course, a sanctuary of serenity, extends a compassionate hand to those grappling with anxiety. Remember that building yoga skills for anxiety is not merely an exercise but a profound philosophy and a lifestyle that invites harmony into every facet of our existence. Through mindful breath, graceful postures, and tranquil meditations, these courses provide a path toward self-discovery and healing. Whether you’re a novice seeking solace or a seasoned yogi deepening your practice, these courses offer an invaluable resource for nurturing your well-being. 

As you step onto your mat and embrace the wisdom of this ancient art, may you find strength in vulnerability, tranquility in chaos, and, above all, the unwavering belief that within you lies the power to overcome anxiety and embrace a life of peace, balance, and boundless joy.