Austin Yoga Teacher Training

The 5 Best Austin Texas Yoga Teacher Training

While it may seem as if the industry is tapped out in Austin, Texas, for yoga teachers, there are still plenty of chances for you to be able to get involved and employed as a yoga teacher. One of the best ways to ensure you can and will get a job is to attend some of the best training opportunities that Austin offers.

Some of the best Yoga Teacher Training that Austin, Texas, offers are:

  1. My Vinyasa Practice
  2. Black Swan
  3. Practice Yoga Teacher Training
  4. Sacred Roots Yoga School
  5. Core Power Yoga

While every school differs in the type of yoga, it teaches, how long it takes to acquire the certificate and the class price point. However, no matter what class you choose, in the end, you are a yoga teacher capable of teaching classes and helping people reach their goals.

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Teaching Yoga In Austin: It’s Possible

Teaching yoga in Austin, Texas, is not only possible but also desperately needed. Many people are looking for calming and restorative ways to support their body’s natural systems, and yoga is perfect to help with all of the above. 

How Much Do Yoga Teachers Make Per Class In Austin?

How much yoga teachers make depends on how and where they choose to teach. Some teachers prefer to be employed by a studio and let the studio do all the scheduling, planning, and price points. 

When a studio employs you, you usually earn an hourly rate ranging from $32 to $38 an hour. However, having a steady income, someone who does the scheduling and paperwork for you is. a huge plus for some people. 

Now, some instructors prefer to do classes independent of studios that pay them hourly, and they can pick and choose where to do classes based on open space, weather, and availability. This usually results in a bit more income for the instructors. 

When you independently teach yoga, you receive most of the income from whatever you charge per person for the class. Most independent yoga instructors can make anywhere from $150-$600 a class, depending on class size and price point. 

Is There A Demand For Yoga Teachers In Austin?

There is a pretty large demand for yoga teachers in Austin, Texas. No matter what section of the city you are looking for a job in, you stand a pretty good chance of finding a position available for you. 

At any point, there are anywhere from 30-50 yoga instructor positions available in Austin, Texas. Yoga studios are regularly opening up and becoming bigger, thus growing in need of several instructors. 

The 5 Best Yoga Teacher Training In Austin

Since one of the best ways to ensure you will get a job is to work on your education and training. Going through training at the best or the highest-held training facilities can show your desire to learn and do well in your occupation. 

This is the same no matter what job, but yoga teacher training especially. Certain training studios or programs are seen as better or more in-depth than others. Certain studios also only teach a few types of yoga, so certain programs may be better suited for the type of studio you want to work with.

1. My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice is one of the most accredited 200-hour YTT certifications. This program does many things, but one of the biggest promises is the job placement guarantee after receiving your certification. 

Other benefits to receiving your certification through My Vinyasa Practice are:

  • 200 syllabus hours broken down into 11 different topics
  • One-weekend equivalent absence allowed
  • Training dates are already scheduled for the winter and spring of 2022/2023
  • Only $1800 for full tuition and payment plans are allowed
  • Early registration lowers tuition to $1400

2. Black Swan

The Black Swan training program offers many different options for basic teacher training. While there are basic options for training to make you capable of being an instructor, there are also modules that you can be involved in to further your education while you are teaching. 

Black swan offers many options and schedules for their 200 and 300-hour training programs ranging from $3,200 to $5,500 depending on the schedule and hour amount. Black Swan also offers things such as:

  • 500-hour certification choices at a bundled rate
  • Multiple schedule options
  • Payment Plans
  • Yoga Alliance accreditation

3. Practice Yoga Teacher Training

Practice Yoga offers 200-hour training through the Yoga alliance. This certification combines modern skills and techniques with ancient teachings to ensure the most rounded education someone can get. 

Practice School Training offers a few things such as:

  • 3 Month training schedule
  • Classical yoga teachings
  • $2950 tuition price with payment plan options

4. Sacred Roots Yoga School

While Sacred Roots is another school that offers a 200-hour training session, it’s far from the same teaching style as other schools. This school pushes to ensure what you learn in training will help you in the rest of your life with transformation and self-development. 

A few things Sacred Roots offers are:

  • Building on knowledge from past yoga experiences
  • $3,050 tuition with payment plan options
  • 6 Month training schedule
  • Hatha Yoga Technique

5. Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga training is great for someone who wants to learn more than just basic yoga and may be better for those looking for something a bit more challenging. 

Core Power Yoga offers several things such as:

  • Three different 200-hour program options
  • Teaches power yoga, hot power fusion, and hot yoga
  • Tuition prices range from $2,500-$3,000 with payment plan options

Final Thoughts

No matter what training program you choose to enter, you will come out on the other side as a yoga teacher capable of helping others reach their goals and change their lives. 

You must be trained in a type of yoga you enjoy since you will be regularly involved and invested in each and every class, so your choice of training is extremely important for future jobs and your personal walk. 

The popularity of yoga can be attributed to its adaptability to different fitness levels and abilities, as well as its ability to reduce stress, improve flexibility and strength, and promote a sense of well-being.