Best Yoga Studios in NYC

The 7 Best Yoga Studios in NYC

NYC is one of the best locations in the world to take a yoga class. There are about 300 yoga studios to choose from, and they are all extraordinary. To narrow down the top yoga studios in New York City is a tall order. There is the traditional Dharma Yoga studio, where yogi wisdom flows like a good sweat. There is the Y7 yoga studio, the original “hip hop studio,” that bucks the conventional practice of yoga.

Each studio presents different cost options and packages, so it would be good to know what you want from your yoga experience. Check out this article if you want to know the seven best yoga studios in NYC.

Finding a Yoga Studio in NYC

There are many benefits to finding the ideal yoga studio for daily practice. If you are new to the city, finding a studio that is right for you may take some time. When searching for the perfect yoga class, you want to find one that suits your physical needs and skill level. 

New York City can certainly be intimidating on its own, but it is even more intimidating when you pair it with finding a yoga studio. You would do well with a game plan to help narrow your search. Word of mouth might be the right way to go, but you also want to call each place to learn more about the studio and its offers. 

What to Look for When Picking a Good Yoga Studio

Every yoga studio is different. You may find that some studios are offbeat, hip, and modern, while other studios are like peaceful and tranquil sanctuaries worthy of Buddha’s approval. The following includes some of the things you should be looking for in a yoga studio:

  • Look for classes that suit your level and ability. You want to pick a place where you feel most at home.
  • Experienced teachers that are invested in helping students
  • Clean and sanitary conditions to practice yoga. You can also use yoga mat cleaning spray to clean your mat.
  • Seek a studio that specializes in breathing techniques as well as yoga Nidra or meditation
  • Teachers who stick around. When you look for a yoga class, you want to find teachers who are happy with their job and want to help people
  • Easy and free parking. Believe it or not, this is an essential factor in determining your choice of a yoga studio. No one wants to come from class to discover that a parking ticket awaits them. 

You also want to be somewhere where you feel you can grow as a student. If the energy is good, and your inner light feels drawn to the studio and the atmosphere, it may just be the perfect place for you to practice yoga. 

How Much Does a Yoga Class Cost in NYC?

It is worth it to shell out the cash for a good yoga lesson, primarily if you practice daily. The following includes all the different prices for the various yoga classes mentioned in this article:

  • Y7 costs $25 per class and $45 for the new client special, which is three yoga classes and yoga mat and towel rentals. There are also various packages.
  • Yoga Vida costs $30 for a first visit and $22 for drop-ins. There are also various packages.
  • Sky Ting is $40 for three classes for first-timers. $20 a month for Sky Ting TV. There are also various packages.    
  • Laughing Lotus is $11 per 60–75-minute session or $16 for a 90-minute set. Newcomers will get unlimited yoga for one week at $20, or they could opt for three sessions in one month for $30.  
  • Dharma Yoga Center is $15 for a 60-minute session. $18 for a 75 or 90-minute workout. You can purchase the beginner’s sampler for $40, which covers five classes monthly.  
  • Pure Yoga is $18 for a drop-in class, $85 for a five-class package, and $155 for ten class package. They offer a complimentary first class. 
  • Bode NYC is $35 for a single yoga session and $310 for a pack of ten classes. An all-access membership allows you unlimited access to live stream classes. 

As you can see, yoga can be quite expensive, depending on which studio you choose. Getting a membership or taking a package deal may be wise if you are attracted to any of the above studios.

The 7 Best Yoga Studios in NYC

There are many yoga studios in New York City and several good ones. Yoga studios should inspire you to learn and connect with your body and the universe. A great atmosphere is a must. You want to feel both comfortable and motivated at the same time. You should always visit the yoga studio first before making the commitment. NYC has no shortage of great yoga studios:

1. Y7 Yoga Studio

Sarah Larson Levey started Y7 in 2013 with her husband, Mason Levy. Levey was motivated to create an entirely new option for people because of all the yoga classes she had attended, which she hated. She wanted to do something different. Within the next five years, Y7 Studios began popping up all over New York City, with eight in NYC and two in Los Angeles.  

The Y7 yoga studio is the original “hip hop yoga” studio. During every Y7 yoga session, the lights are turned off, and candles are lit. The room temperature is between 80 to 90 degrees, so not sweating is not an option. Y7 utilizes an infrared heating system. The room is set up so everyone focuses on themselves and their breath. 

It limits the amount of self-consciousness in the room, as everyone concentrates on themselves and their movement. The teachers pick the songs, and everything revolves around hip-hop jams. Some of the artists whose music you will often hear:

  • Tupac
  • Beyonce 
  • Jay Z
  • A Tribe Called Quest

If you are really into hip hop, the studio hosts special nights where there is one artist, and only their music is played. The teachers guide the students through hip-hop yoga in every class. The Y stands for yoga, and the 7 represents the seven chakras. Y7 gives you a great workout, and you will feel relaxed. 

and there is a list of e-mail addresses that correspond to each city or area where Y7 is located. You need reservations to get into this class. 

2. Yoga Vida

This yoga studio was founded in 2009 by a Princeton University economics graduate, Mike Patton, who teamed up with Extra TV correspondent Hilaria Baldwin. It was conceived to meet the demand for accessible yoga. Anyone at any level can come and practice. There is no pressure or judgment. There are four Yoga Vida studios throughout Manhattan.  

The Yoga Vida method marries the concepts of purposeful movements and conscious breath. Some of the various classes offered at Yoga Vida include:

  • Flow
  • Heated flow
  • Kids yoga
  • Restorative

Yoga Vida also offers yoga classes for prenatal and postnatal mothers. There are also therapeutic classes specialized for those suffering from pain issues and those with depression and anxiety. Yoga Vida has a wealth of variety for each individual student.  

You can call Yoga Vida at one of their four studios: Union SQ is 212-995-5553. NOHO is 212-845-9973. Dumbo is 646-878-4711. Tribeca is 212-343-7001. 

3. Sky Ting

Sky Ting Yoga was established in 2015 by Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan. The two of them met as teachers at another yoga studio. They shared ideas and bonded and then had the opportunity to start their own business, which is how Sky Ting was born. Now, there are three Sky Ting studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  

The studio is full of greenery and great amenities, including fridges with refreshing drinks for the yoga students. It is one of the best yoga studios in NYC, where you can practice yin yoga. Sky Ting also offers classes such as acupuncture, body treatments, kickboxing, and meditation. 

Sky Ting uses a wide array of influences for practicing yoga:

  • Katonah yoga
  • Taoist
  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa 

Sky Ting has various options, including Sky Ting TV, a well-established subscription-based streaming platform that costs $20 a month. Jones and Kernaghan swear by a Sky Ting yoga session as a great date night. A couple doing yoga together can bond and have a good time. 

4. Laughing Lotus

This studio was founded by someone who dismissed yoga as a boring New Age fad in the late 1980s. Today, Dana Trixie Flynn has had her studio, Laughing Lotus, since 1999. The one and only pink and orange studio is in Chelsea. It is next to the Stonewall Inn and above the 55 Bar. 

Laughing Lotus is known for its Soul Sweat class, which combines cardio with a core building. Sometimes the studio has local DJs or musicians who provide the music for the class. Lotus Flow classes manage to be simultaneously grounding and challenging. 

5. Dharma Yoga Center

Dharma Mittra is a beloved old-school yoga master who has taught at his modest studio in Gramercy Park since 1974. Mittra is a wise old soul whose primary goal with each student is to have them come to self-realization, which means to “gain absolute knowledge of their true self.” 

Dharma Mittra has been practicing yoga for about fifty years. You will benefit from an experienced and knowledgeable teacher who knows how to help students who are eager to learn. Dharma yoga is the name of the type of yoga that Dharma Mittra created.  

Some of the classes offered at Dharma Yoga Center:

  • Asana
  • Pranayama 
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Spiritual discourse

The studio has a fabulous ’70s motif with lots of vintage carpeting. Mittra also gives classes and workshops exploring yogic philosophy and physical exercise.  

6. Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga is a mega studio. It started in Hoong Kong in 2002. It offered all different types of yoga, and it became a powerhouse and moved to New York City; the first Pure Yoga location opened on the East Side in 2009. The New York studios are owned by Equinox, which has a spa connected to the yoga studio.   

Pure yoga studios are yoga’s equivalent to a five-star restaurant. Heavy glass doors keep the noise from entering the studio, and color therapy lights shine on you while you practice your downward dog. The different yoga classes are grouped according to skill level. The beginner classes offered include beginner yoga, gentle yoga, and meditation. 

All levels can enjoy Vinyasa yoga, which focuses on asanas, postures, and breathing techniques to help you stay grounded and lengthen your body. The all-levels classes consist of intermediate yoga with modifications for beginners. There is also a yoga and Pilates fusion class, which is quite popular. 

7. Bode NYC

Bode NYC was first known as Bikram Yoga in 1999. It was the first Bikram yoga studio in Manhattan and became Bode NYC. Its founders were Donna Rubin and Jennifer Lobo. Rubin was a former Broadway performer and dancer in the Canadian “Phantom of the Opera.” Lobo was the director for IMG, the world’s largest sports marketing company. 

Some of the yoga classes offered at Bode NYC:

  • Hot Bode Flow
  • Hot HIIT
  • Traditional hot yoga
  • Yoga Nidra meditation

Hot HIIt is a class that combines high-intensity interval training, muscle toning, and cardio in a heated room. It is performed on a yoga mat for a low-impact exercise. Bode NYC also offers yin yoga, core strengthening classes, and guided meditation. Amenities, such as showers, are available. 

Bode offers classes at all their sanctuaries on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, and Flatiron. You can also take online yoga classes if you would prefer. 


If you are a faithful yoga student, you will find everything you need in New York City. There are a plethora of different options when it comes to classes for Yoga Teacher Training in NYC. You will find that there is a yoga class for everyone. With so many great options, the yoga studios in NYC are a yoga lover’s dream come true.