Chakra Bracelets With Real Stones

7 Authentic Chakra Bracelets With Real Stones

There are numerous benefits to wearing chakra bracelets. When your chakras are aligned, your body, mind, and spirit are in proper balance.

The seven chakra bracelets mentioned in this article are genuine with authentic gemstones. Each stone matches its respective chakra. Knowing the suitable chakra bracelet to pick starts with knowing what kind of beads you like and the colors you want to wear.

Wearing a chakra bracelet can give your energy a nice boost. If you want to understand more concerning chakra bracelets, read the information below and find out about seven chakra bracelets with genuine stones.

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What is a Chakra Bracelet?

A chakra bracelet or bangle is a piece of jewelry that comes with a purpose. A chakra bracelet helps to balance out your chakras and stimulate positive energy. Chakras in the body are centers of spiritual power that govern our lives. There are seven major chakras in our being. If your chakras are out of balance, it can cause many different problems:

  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Physically

Chakra bracelets help promote the restoration and balance of energy within us. They work by clearing away energy blocks, which can help you in every area of your life. These bracelets are not just accessories to show. They are believed to bring the seven chakras in unison.

Chakra bracelets can help put the healing process in motion. There are different crystals or stones you can wear for each chakra. The healing qualities of the bracelet are revealed through the energy level in the stones. The bracelet is meant to allow positive energy to replace negative energy.

How Do I Know If My Chakra Bracelet is Real?

Some serious frauds can fool you into thinking you purchased a genuine chakra bracelet. You want the real deal with quality crystals that truly harness the power of each chakra. There are specific ways you can tell the real from the fake:

  • If it is fake, there may be color stains on the bracelet string. Authentic chakra bracelets have natural colors
  • Go to the internet and look for pictures of genuine stones. See if the stones on your bracelet match.
  • Check for symmetrical lines or markings on the beads. Natural stones do not have symmetrical lines because they come from crystals with unique qualities.
  • Feel the weight of the beads on your bracelet. Natural stones are heavier than fake.
  • There should be seven different colors of stones. If it is perfect, it has all the primary chakra colors represented.
  • It is real if it comes with useful information regarding using the bracelet. There should also be the names of the stones that it comes with.

The genuine stones are meant exclusively for bracelets. Using the stones provided in necklaces or rings are not authentic chakra bracelets.

What Beads Go on a Chakra Bracelet?

There are different stones you can have for each chakra. The seven chakras are represented with each stone. The beads on the bracelet have special meaning and fall in order of the chakras.

Root Chakra

The root chakra comes first, as it is the root of all the chakras. It helps with grounding and being connected to the earth. It is represented by a red stone:

  • Red Jasper
  • Red Onyx
  • Pyrite
  • Hematite

If the root chakra’s energy is out of balance, it affects all the other chakras. You can help heal it by eating red fruits and vegetables from the earth.

The Sensory Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is responsible for your happiness, gut feelings, and profound wisdom. It is represented by an orange stone:

  • Sunstone
  • Amber
  • Moonstone
  • Carnelian

When the sacral chakra is not balanced, it can manifest sexual dysfunction and emotional distress. It may help to connect with the element of water.

The Stimulating Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the third chakra, and this chakra is associated with your relationship with yourself, your personal power, and your creativity. It is represented with a yellow stone:

  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Hessonite
  • Zincite
  • Citrine

When the solar plexus chakra is obstructed or out of balance, it can cause a lack of motivation and the propensity to be controlled by others. You can often help the solar plexus heal by being out in the sun.

Heart Chakra

The heart is chakra number four. It is responsible for compassion, love, and trust. It helps us to give and receive love. It is represented with a green stone:

  • Jade
  • Rose Quartz
  • Unakite

When the heart chakra is blocked, it affects your relationships. You can help it heal by getting outside and getting some fresh air.

The Creative Throat Chakra

The throat chakra has to do with using your voice, self-expression, speaking, and knowing the truth. It could also symbolize health. It is represented with a light blue stone:

  • Blue Agate
  • Sodalite
  • Turquoise

When the throat chakra is blocked, so is your ability to communicate. You can help heal it by listening to your favorite music.

The Intuitive Third Eye Chakra

The third eye is the sixth chakra. It is essential for your intuition, concentration, and visualization when meditating. It is the center of your sixth sense or psychic power. It is represented with a royal blue stone:

  • Sapphire
  • Labradorite

When your third eye chakra is blocked or out of balance, you may experience a lack of inspiration, overactive imagination, and headaches. Keeping a dream journal is an excellent choice for the third eye.

A Crown for Your Head

The crown is the seventh and final chakra. This chakra is vital for enlightenment and a sense of purpose. It can also help you feel strength and alignment with the universe. It is represented by a purple stone:

  • Amethyst
  • Charoite
  • Spirit Quartz

If your crown chakra is jammed, it can make you very tired and fearful, and you may lack focus. Yoga and meditation are excellent for the crown chakra.

7 Authentic Chakra Bracelets with Real Stones

There are many different chakra bracelets you can choose from. You need to know how to spot the real from the fake. It all depends on the type of bracelet you like:

1. Himalayan Quartz P10 Pink Samadhi Quartz

Samadhi quartz has the gorgeous energy of the earth, as it promotes heart chakra health. It shares comparable properties to rose quartz, but it possesses unique energy all its own. The color is pink, and the metal is brass. This bracelet is sure to look stunning on the believer’s arm.

2. Grounding Bracelet Set

This piece is a dual bracelet with Tiger’s Eye Black Onyx and Tiger’s Eye. It helps you to feel grounded and linked to the earth. The bracelet is black and brown, and the band type is crystalline. The bracelet is one of a kind and made of natural stone.

3. The Chakra Cure Bracelet

This bracelet is filled with beautiful purple amethyst to create balance and harmony and help you with the other chakra crystals. The royal blue Lapis Lazuli stimulates the third eye chakra. Other stones include:

  • Aquamarine
  • Amazonite
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Moonstone
  • Garnet

The bracelet is made from natural stones. The band is elastic.

4. 7 Chakra Stones

This chakra bracelet is sure to clear all blocks and align your chakras. Red jasper helps with the lower three chakras, red agate helps you stay grounded, and calcite helps with the solar plexus. Citrine stimulates creativity, aventurine works on the heart chakra, and sodalite enhances the energy that reveals the truth. The bracelet also has Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Clear quartz.

5. Handmade Beaded Gemstone

This chakra bracelet was made with extra care in mind for the wearer. Each gemstone represents each chakra with its specific colors. The bracelet combines garnet, carnelian, citrine, malachite, amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and crystal quartz, and it is sterling silver with a nice spring-ring clasp.

6. Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

Macramé cords knotted this lovely chakra bracelet, with each gemstone representing its respective chakra. It was created especially for the most faithful believers to nurture balance and harmony in their lives. This bracelet provides inner balance and energy restoration.

7. Natural Green Fluorite Aventurine Bead Leather Wrap Chakra Bracelet

Fluorite has healing powers and allows you to keep a clear mind and open heart. Green aventurine helps heal and promotes physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual balance. This bracelet is an outstanding choice for individuals who are eager to invoke the powers of the chakras.

Final Thoughts

When you have a real chakra bracelet, you have something of sincere value. You should always make sure that each different colored stone represents each chakra.

You can use your chakra bracelet to help balance out the seven chakras in your body, and unblock your energy. The seven chakra bracelets mentioned in this article can help you unlock your true potential.