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In the modern age, people are more aware than ever of how important wellness is. They have learned that health is not just about being physically well but also about emotional and mental well-being. In the wellness revolution of recent decades, some companies and brands have created products and resources to help bring wellness to everyone.

The Chopra Center is a highly respected wellness brand with a true devotion to holistic health. They focus on transforming lives with changed habits and increased self-awareness. The Chopra Center also encourages the spread of wellness through its teaching certification programs.

The Chopra Center is an incredible wellness brand that promotes self-care through access to resources rather than products. They provide their clients with things such as self-care classes and guided meditations. To learn more about the Chopra Center and its approach to wellness, continue reading.

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What Is the Chopra Center?

The Chopra Center is a wellness company that provides resources and classes designed to promote overall health and wellness. It was founded in 1996 by Deepak Chopra and David Simon. Since then, it has grown tremendously, become a well-known and respected wellness brand.

The Chopra Center focuses on three aspects of personal wellness: spirit, mind, and body. They combine yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda (an alternative medicine) for a holistic approach to well-being and self-awareness.

The Chopra Center operates largely through subscriptions and classes. Their app can be tried for free, but it costs $70 for an annual subscription. Their various classes cost anywhere from several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. They also have retreats that cost several thousand dollars.

Even though the Chopra Center does not sell products, they are still a brand that has to make money. That being said, you can get access to many articles on well-being and other subjects on their website for free. Their use of resources and not products reflects their beliefs about helping people, which promotes educating and guiding them.

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A Science-Backed Approach

The Chopra Center prides itself on being backed by science. They aim for all of their methods to be proven and sound. Their website even includes a section that explains the science behind their approach to wellness.

The Chopra Center has clinical results with their approach that show many things, such as healthy aging and better metabolism. Other results and benefits include:

  • More mindfulness
  • Decreased depression
  • Less inflammation
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • More spiritual awareness

The people behind the Chopra approach, such as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Sheila Patel, are scientists devoted to helping people discover what actually works for their wellness.

What Does the Chopra Center Offer?

The Chopra Center has a variety of wellness resources. For self-care, the Chopra App is a newer resource that provides easy access to meditations and more. They also have master classes on self-care as well for those who want a more in-depth experience. Additionally, their website hosts a diverse collection of articles on subjects including:

  • Advice on self-care
  • Explaining the science behind the Chopra Center’s methods
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

The Chopra Center has an archive of information on personal growth and wellness right at your fingertips. Besides their online resources, the Chopra Center also offers retreats on various subjects in several locations worldwide.

However, the Chopra Center is not only interested in providing but also in aiding and spreading the personal wellness community. To this end, the Chopra Center offers three different certification programs to train instructors in teaching the Chopra approach to personal well-being.

The Chopra Center is a well-known and globally recognized wellness brand. Earning one of their certifications is a good way to get knowledge on current wellness practices so that you can enter the world of wellness teaching with an exceptional foundation.


The meditation program offered by Chopra has two courses: Chopra Meditation Enrichment and Chopra Meditation Instructor Certification.

The Chopra Meditation Enrichment is a 7-week course focused on mantra meditation. It is not just an online program but a fully interactive course. The goal of this course is to enhance your own meditation practice.

While the course will not earn you a certification, completing it does make you eligible to earn a teacher certification with Chopra. The Enrichment course is the first step.

The Chopra Meditation Instructor Certification is, as the name suggests, the course that earns you a teaching certification. This course is designed with teaching in mind. It helps you learn to develop a curriculum, cater to all skill levels, gives you access to the newest research on meditation, and even how to grow your business.


The Chopra Health Certification Program prepares people to teach the Chopra approach to overall health, which is a much broader area of content than the meditation course. The program focuses on teaching both the details of Ayurveda and balanced wellness and practical teaching applications and business tips.

The program is ten weeks long and covers the science and philosophy of Ayurveda, how to teach the six pillars of health (sleep, meditation, movement, self-care, emotions, and nutrition), and how to handle your business. You will walk away from this program prepared to teach an overall approach to personal wellbeing.

Like the meditation certification course, you must first complete the corresponding enrichment course before you can enroll in the certification program. The Chopra Health Enrichment Program, which focuses on developing your own personal wellness, is the first step you will need to take on your journey to certification.


The coaching certification is the highest level of certification Chopra offers. You are not eligible for this program until you have achieved both the Health and Meditation certifications.

Just as with Health and Meditation, you will begin your journey towards certification with an enrichment program. The Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program is a 4-week course that will teach you the methodology of Chopra Coaching.

Once you have completed the Coaching Enrichment Program, your journey will end with the 12 week Chopra Coaching Certification Program. In this course, you will focus on four key aspects of Chopra Coaching:

  • Purpose
  • Intent
  • Meaning
  • Shadow

After completing the 5 pre-required classes and the Coaching Certification Program, you will receive the title of Certified Chopra Well-Being Coach. You can grow your business and teach clients how to transform their lives.

Who Is Deepak Chopra?

By this point, you are likely wondering who exactly is this person that co-founded the Chopra Center and after which the center is obviously named. To understand what the Chopra center is all about, you need to understand who Deepak Chopra is as the center bases a lot of what they do on Deepak Chopra’s ideas and research.

Deepak Chopra is a leader in the integrative medicine movement. He has published over 90 books on topics ranging from meditation to spirituality and health and some fiction. Several of his books have been New York Times bestsellers. His work focuses on maintaining mental and physical health and also personal growth and transformation.

Besides being an author, Deepak Chopra is also an MD. He works at the University of California and as a scientist for the Gallup Organization. Chopra also founded The Chopra Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching humanitarianism and well-being.

Deepak Chopra is also the founder of Chopra Global, which is the whole health company behind the Chopra Center. Chopra Global, and thus the Chopra Center, use an approach to well-being and growth based on the research and ideas of Deepak Chopra.

What Religion Is Deepak Chopra?

Deepak Chopra has written a book entitled The Third Jesus, in which he discusses the teachings of Jesus. Chopra argues that Jesus’s teachings, such as the Beatitudes, hold beauty and truth that should not be restricted to Christians. However, Deepak Chopra is not a Christian.

In fact, Deepak Chopra does not identify with any organized religion. He defines himself as a secular spiritualist, which means to believe in a universal spirituality without being tied to a particular religion.

Despite not belonging to any organized religion, Deepak Chopra is still very much concerned with the idea of God. He has written many books on God, the soul, and even the after-life. Chopra thus believes in the existence of spirituality and God, but he does not believe that a particular religion holds the path to God.

Chopra believes that the path to God comes from becoming awake to one’s self and consciousness. Chopra explains his own views succinctly in an answer to a question about religion on the Chopra Center website.

What Is the 21-Day Meditation Challenge?

For those interested in trying meditation or those who are already devoted to it, the Chopra Center offers 21-Day Meditation Experiences as a guided meditation resource. Hosted by Oprah and led by Deepak Chopra, these experiences are easily accessed through the Chopra Center app or website.

The 21-Day Meditation Experience includes more than just guidance by Oprah and Deepak. Each day also comes with journal questions and motivational messages. The meditation challenge also gives you help in learning to make the most of meditation through:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Other resources

The 21-Day Meditation Experience is a recurring event from the Chopra Center. There are several different 21-day series to try, and you can even follow along when the newest one starts to be released.

How the 21-Day Meditation Experience Works

Because the 21-Day Meditation Experience is encouraging you to form a habit, you get each lesson one at a time in your email. You will lose access to that lesson after 5 days, which encourages you to stick with the daily meditation.

Please know that the 21-Day Meditation Experience from Deepak Chopra and Oprah is not free. Whether you access the series through the Chopra Center or the 21-Day Meditation Experience app, you will need to pay.

You can find other 21-day meditation challenges besides the series done by Deepak Chopra and Oprah. However, Chopra and Oprah’s version has received much acclaim and is the original 21-day meditation challenge.


The Chopra Center has a host of online resources and guidance to help you get more in touch with yourself and begin practicing better self-care. You will not only find resources on various topics and with varying goals, but it is all backed by science.

Additionally, the Center has moved into the modern era well with its new app, which makes wellness convenient. The Chopra Center is a brand that is about creating wellness lifestyles through self-transformation, and it does so in an informative and proven way.

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