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The Best Duality Course Out There

Everyone seeks to improve themselves and make life better for themselves. The understanding that good physical health is coupled tightly with energies created and harbored in the body. What if you could learn to control and channel those natural energies into more productive and healthy ways. What if a course could teach you how to use this dual nature to your advantage?

Jeffrey Allen, the creator behind Mindvalley Training,  has created the best course available to teach you how to awaken your natural healing abilities and use your inner energies to lead a more productive, abundant, and aware life. You will find greater happiness and lasting inner peace by applying Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Energy Training.

Very few of us in our Western culture and society are aware of the other half of ourselves. Our education and training focus on the physical side of our nature. We ignore the all-important energy side of our beings to our detriment. Let’s look at how Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Energy Training can unleash the power of your inner energy to transform your life and the lives of those around you.

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What is the Best Duality Course Out There?

There are many ways to approach the concept of duality. The traditional approach practiced in the east for thousands of years focuses on meditation and some forms of physical training such as yoga. Many people successfully transform themselves using these techniques.

However, the western world and culture don’t fit this type of learning and transformation. Jeffrey Allen understands this and has adapted his knowledge of western culture and technology to create a course geared toward our lifestyles. The Duality Energy Training course from Mindvalley is the best duality training course focusing directly on western concepts and understandings.

(Still not 100% sure what duality is? Check out this article for examples of duality and everything you need to understand about the topic!)

What is Duality and How Does Studying It Help Me?

Western culture is, by nature, grounded in the concepts of the physical. Our science, culture, and education centers around what we can see, hear, touch, and measure. Our education, from an early age, teaches us about this world and ourselves. What is missing is an understanding of our dual nature and the inherent energies of our person.

Duality expresses this two-sided nature that is so important. We have a dual nature. To lead full and productive lives, we must embrace this duality of our nature. Only by maintaining our energy side can we hope to achieve our true potentials.

What makes the Duality Energy Training the Best?

Several things combine to make the Duality Energy Training course the best. Consider the man behind the course and the concepts that guide the design of the course. What you find is that there is nothing ordinary about any of these things. That all melds into a concept and an extraordinary reality.

The Basics – Background and Training

To create the best duality training available, you must start with the best foundation. That foundation is Jeffrey Allen. The combination of education, training, and passion spawned a person with the perfect blend of technical knowledge and spiritual understanding to develop the best duality course available. Consider Jeffrey’s background.

  • Trained and successful software engineer
  • A well-traveled and educated spiritual counselor who has trained with the best-known minds in the field
  • Two decades of experience successfully counseling thousands of individuals
  • Well known speaker and educator in his own right
  • Served on the Board of Directors for the Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, Colorado
  • Co-founder of Spirt Mind Living, Inc and Oneness Company

The culmination of this training and experience is the best duality training course available today.

The Full Duality Course Review. Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Course

Many people wonder what the Duality Energy Training course includes. The general answer is that the course includes everything you need to transform yourself and your life into a more productive, happier, healthier, and balanced self. Each Duality Energy Training course package includes the following.

The Duality Energy Course

This eight-week intensive online course will take you into a new mastery of your inner energy systems. The course design includes a complete curriculum including:

  • Guided exercises
  • Meditations
  • Videos with Jeffrey Allen
  • Real Classes with real people
  • Practice sessions and feedback

All of this is available on your computer or portable device. You can take the course anywhere, practice and study anytime, and refresh your learning every day. The daily study requires only twenty minutes of your time.

Course Content – What Can you Expect to Learn?

The eight-week Duality Energy Training Course takes you on an amazing journey of self-discovery. Each week will unlock a different aspect of your inner energy and teach you how to manage that energy. The eight-week course includes:

  • Week One Personal Presence and Energy Awareness: Topics such as Energy Awareness, the body-spirit connection, and personal presence meditation are the core of the first week’s training. On these foundational concepts, the rest of the course builds forward to a complete realization of your inner energies’ power.
  • Week Two Mental and Intuitive Clarity: The focus of the second week’s learning is cultivating a balanced mind. Greater creativity and clarity is the goal of this week’s lessons. The concepts include removing mental distractions, practicing mental clarity, and mediation for clearer thinking.
  • Week Three Healing Your Body: Your inner energies have amazing healing capacities. This week’s lessons focus on channeling those healing energies. Imagine a life free of aches and pains and without the worry of lingering illnesses. In this lesson you will focus on healing yourself with your inner energies, practicing with your healing tools, and fine-turning your inner energy sources for best results.
  • Week four Energy Boundaries: Protecting yourself from negative energy forces that surround you every day is a key to making yourself strong and invincible. This lesson focuses on the tools that will boost your levels of empathy without absorbing others’ negative energies. This lesson includes practicing healthy energy boundaries, controlling your life, and choosing a space mediation.
  • Week Five Chakra Healing for Communication and Manifestation: Week five’s lessons move into more advanced topics and understandings. This week focuses on creating resonance and harmony in your chakra centers. Having your chakra centers in harmony increases your energy levels while eliminating limits, resistance, and inner struggles. Learning to focus your chakra centers and your inner energies empowers you to even greater heights. In this lesson, you will master communication with others, healing chakra patterns, and chakra clearing daily meditations. (Check out some more Chakra course online!)
  • Week Six Changing Your Beliefs: After this lesson, you will have a clearer vision of the world. The basis of this clearer vision is greater emotional stability and increasing tolerance. You will find that you get along with others much better and more easily. Your talents as a leader will increase, and you will find it easier to inspire those around you. This week’s lessons include practicing conscious beliefs, clearing unwanted beliefs, and advanced daily mediation techniques.
  • Week Seven Using Your Intuition: Intuition is a powerful tool if properly understood and harnessed. In this week’s lessons, learning the secrets of synchronicity is at the core. Success will become almost effortless as you learn to create your dream life without simply stumbling from one coincidence to another. This set of lessons includes understanding intuition and how it works, creating synchronicity, and using intuition in your daily meditation.
  • Week Eight Expanding Your Awareness: Connecting your higher self and your spirit guides is the central teaching of this final lesson. You will learn to make decisions more quickly and more accurately, boost your creativity even more, and build your self-trust to new levels. In this set of lessons, you can expect to learn how to contact and connect with your spirit guides, practice, and use your new higher awareness, and incorporate your new connections into your daily mediation.

The Extras That Come with the Duality Energy Training Course

Along with the course itself, you will receive these additional resources to ensure your training’s success.

  • Energy Healing Start Guide: 101 – This is a 45-minute mini-course that leads you to learn and employ some of Jeffrey Allen’s’ handpicked energy healing techniques. These techniques help you ease pain, heal yourself, and raise your energy levels any time of day and anywhere. (See these energy healing courses online for more!)
  • Healing Negative Emotions During a Period of Growth – Emotional growth can be traumatic at some stages. These growth stages can leave you feeling stuck or grumpy and can affect the movement of energy throughout your body. These video course techniques help unstick your inner energies and clear your body for faster spiritual growth.
  • Clearing Energy Blocks – It is normal to experience energy blocks as you grow and heal. Keeping the energy flowing smoothly and cleanly in your body is a must for continued growth. This video explains the techniques for clearing and cleaning your energy channels daily.

Other Jeffrey Allen Course Available

Once you experience the Duality Energy Training course’s depth and clarity and understand the basis of Jeffrey Allen’s techniques and mastery, you will want to experience more of his educational opportunities. Jeffrey has produced several other training courses to help you attain a greater self-awareness and strength level.

Unlocking Transcendence – 60 Days to Spiritual Fitness

This Jeffrey Allen course helps you on your journey to self-experience and greater awareness. Mastering these techniques gives you a new perspective on your spiritual being and wellness. This course brings you this knowledge and understanding by

  • Finding a higher awareness for an abundant life
  • Empowerment and awareness for life-fulfilling co-creation
  • Putting yourself in the right place at the right time for success
  • A better understanding of others with greater fulfillment
  • Clearer and better-organized thinking
  • Being present in life
  • Finding opportunities that may otherwise remain hidden
  • Staying purposeful for an impactful and satisfying life.

Spirit Mind Training

Jeffrey Allen teams with Hisami Allen in this video course to teach you powerful tools for b=finding balance with your inner spirit and your material needs. This training takes you on a course of discovery to create more joy and success for yourself and those around you. The core of this video course includes:

  • Engaging with the planet’s New Energy for positive change
  • End the needless struggle and avoid the hard road
  • Flow with life using your energy
  • Live enthusiastically with a new world view
  • Letting your spirit shine through for others to see
  • Overcoming life challenges without struggle or pain

Finding a New Direction and a Better Life

We all want to be happier, healthier, and more successful. Jeffrey Allen has provided the means to find this path with his Duality Energy Training course. If you want to transform your life and yourself, you want the best methods and information available. The Duality Energy Training Course gives you all of this, plus a plethora of other information to make your transformation effortless and complete.