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The 6 Best Chakra Training Courses Online

Maintaining balance in the chakras can help the body, mind, and spirit in so many ways. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or your emotions feel out of balance, there is a huge range of symptoms we see when our chakras are out of alignment or blocked. However, it can often be challenging to find programs or courses to learn the ins and outs of the chakras. Continue on to learn about the six best chakra training courses online.

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1. Breathworks Miracles: 7 Chakra Healing Training

You don’t need to change your daily routine significantly to relax, recharge, and revitalize your well-being. By dedicating just 30 minutes a day to the Breathworks Miracles 7 Chakra Healing Training with Julie King, you can unlock the potential for inner peace, self-healing, and personal restoration. The creator of this chakra healing course is Julie King, an internationally renowned musician, transcendental Vedic psychologist, and skilled sound healer.

Julie’s three-week program allows ample time to explore and harness the power of your chakras, ensuring a gradual and holistic approach to chakra healing.

The curriculum includes:

  • 5 Sacral Chakra Meditations – associated with creativity and sexual energy. Through a series of five meditations, you’ll dive deep into unlocking your creative potential and cultivating a healthier relationship with your sensuality.
  • 5 Heart Chakra Meditations – regarded as the center of emotional well-being, spiritual growth, and organ health, is a key focus. These five meditations will help you nurture your emotional balance, deepen your spiritual connection, and support the health of your vital organs.
  • 3 Solar Plexus Meditations – plays a significant role in our respiratory system. You will work to stabilize and strengthen this essential aspect of your well-being through three targeted meditations.
  • 2 Base Chakra Meditations – associated with our sense of security and stability. In two dedicated meditations, we’ll help you clear financial obstacles and release any fears that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • 2 Throat Chakra Meditations – governs your communication and self-expression. These two meditations focus on helping you find your authentic voice while eliminating negative energies and blockages that may hinder your self-expression.
  • 2 Crown Chakra Meditations – your gateway to higher wisdom and universal consciousness. Two meditations will facilitate a realignment with your higher self, the pursuit of higher truths, and a deeper connection with the universal being.

The key to this chakra healing training lies in the specially curated music, measured for impact by EEG emotive technology. It is finely tuned to address the unique frequencies of each chakra with Shinto shamanic healing sounds, theta frequency, and binaural beats. Each session leans into full-body relaxation and deep, circular breathwork. Discover a more balanced and peaceful life with Breathworks Miracles!

2. Natural Healer: Chakra Healing Course

This is a great Chakra Healing Course from Natural Healer. It focuses on the fundamentals of Chakra and provides examples and understanding of how to focus and unblock your Chakras.

Upon completing the course, you’ll receive a Chakra Healing Certificate of Completion. Some of the items covered in this course are:

  • Use my Chakra micro-meditations for fast healing
  • Understand Chakra basics
  • Learn the physical and emotional connection of your Chakras
  • Understand what issues manifest from blocked Chakras
  • Be able to identify where your Chakras blockages are in your body
  • Know how to focus and unblock your Chakras quickly
  • Utilize my “All Chakras” meditation for ongoing ‘maintenance’ of your mind, body, and soul
  • Intertwine these techniques into any other healing modality you may already do (e.g., Reiki, massage, etc.)
  • Be able to help guide others in the same process.

This is an excellent chakra healing course for an overall understanding of energy healing, and will help springboard you and those around you into a better place of healing and living.

3. Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted: Chakra Healing Class

The Light Up Your Chakras course from Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted is taught from the perspective of yogis to teach students about the chakras, Tantric philosophy, and the body. The points highlighted by this chakra healing class are to get students to:

  • Better understand themselves
  • Empower students
  • Break through any self-limiting beliefs and fears

This course will provide you with in-depth information about the chakras and videos that will instruct students on how to better interact with their chakras. These videos will walk students through how they can work with the chakras for their gain as leaders or teachers.

You’re in luck if you take this course with your yoga teacher training. This course counts toward Yoga Alliance Continuing Education. The course teaches about the anatomy of the brain, the internal organs, and the digestive system to incorporate how our energy centers impact our body systems.

On top of this, the course will cover the tantric worldview and universe creation, shariras, chakra bioenergetics, and Ayurveda. Remember that the chakras and subtle bodies course is intended as an advanced course. For those who have experience practicing or teaching yoga, you will find this course suitable.

Length and Pricing

For those who have never practiced yoga or studied the chakras, this course may be a bit too advanced to start with. In this case, one of the following five may better suit your experience level with the chakras.

This course is about $995 in total, for around $199 per month for the five-month duration of the program (prices may vary). However, this course can be done at your own pace, so it may take less than five months; this is simply the estimated amount of time it takes students to complete the coursework.

4. Siddhi Yoga: Understanding Chakras

Understanding Chakras by Siddhi Yoga aims to connect students with their spirit guides and offer comprehensive material on the chakras. This chakra course will explain how each chakra impacts the body, mind, and emotions. By understanding the psychological and physiological implications of the chakras, you develop a solid foundation moving forward in the course.

With the groundwork laid by real yoga masters, students will explore how chakras are the primary source of processing, assimilation, and purification in the human energy system.

By learning the anatomy of the body and each chakra’s co-relation with mental, physical, and emotional occurrences in the body, students will have the knowledge to utilize specific kinds of practices to work directly with each chakra. This includes gaining an awareness about which chakra may need work when a certain feeling comes up in the mind or body.

This course will help you to better connect with your body and balance each chakra with guided mantras, meditations, and Kriyas. Working to understand signals of chronic pain, illness, and other symptoms that could be healed by identifying the energy source at work.

Overall, this course will teach students how to engage in more self-healing of the mind, body, and spirit. 

Length and Pricing

This course is 30 hours of self-paced training with 30 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education. It provides you with the Siddhi Yoga Online Community for motivation and the opportunity to share your thoughts with like-minded people.

The course also has lifetime access to review course material when needed. The course cost is available in 2 different payment options: A total payment of $197 or 3 monthly installments of $88. 

5. Sounds True: Chakra Activation

The Chakra Activation course from Sounds True is a self-guided course that teaches students all they need to know about the energy centers in the body. By tapping into how to identify each chakra, students can awaken each energy center and learn more about how to open the chakras and maintain constant energy flow.

This course includes video content with chakra exercises demonstrated to walk students through each step visually. Due to the powerful chakra awakening nature of yoga and other body-based practices, this course includes instructional videos of these practices for students to tap into their chakras, regardless of fitness or yoga level.

In addition, the course offers several guided meditations and daily practices to continue the self-exploration. These include journaling, daily practices, simple changes to benefit overall emotional and physical health, and tools to transform relationships and expand the potential that can be reached by tapping into the chakra energy.

Length and Pricing

This program starts simple to ensure it is accessible to all levels. The first session is an introduction to the chakra system that walks through the basics of chakra, introducing each chakra and the basic balancing exercises that will be used for each. It then continues for eight sessions, ending with a Q&A session.

This eight-week course is only available for a limited time and is currently priced around $50, although prices are subject to vary.

6. White Tiger Qigong: Meridian Qigong Mastery Program

Are you curious about Meridians and how they impact your health? Like chakras, in the Daoist tradition, the internal organs play a significant role as energy storage and distribution points. The Meridians run under your skin, connecting your organs, but trouble arises when these pathways get blocked, causing symptoms like inflammation, fatigue, and pain. Don’t worry, though; there’s a simple solution!

Introducing the game-changing Meridian Qigong Mastery Program from White Tiger Qigong. This 12-week program offers a comprehensive approach to master Meridian Qigong. You’ll learn slow, rhythmic exercises that stretch, contract, and rejuvenate your body, relieving energy stagnation. Sounds like magic, right? This style of Qigong was once a well-kept secret among old Qigong masters in the mountains of China, but now you can access their wisdom through simple follow-along demonstrations.

Similar to White Tiger’s Qigong Teacher Training, the Meridian Mastery Program comprises five exciting levels:

  1. Body
  2. Breath
  3. Spirit
  4. Prescription Qigong
  5. Teacher Training

You will experience:

  • Better mobility and coordination
  • An increase in libido
  • Improved internal organ health
  • Relief from body aches and pains
  • Greater emotional balance
  • Improved appetite
  • Smooth digestion and elimination

With detailed instructions, Qigong theory, and advanced concepts, you will progress sequentially and watch your knowledge grow exponentially. Say goodbye to energy blockages and hello to a rejuvenated, flowing Qi that enhances your well-being from the inside out! Enroll now in this specialized program.

Choosing the Right Chakra Class

Selecting the right chakra class is essential for meeting your learning needs and expanding your understanding. While considering factors such as pricing and duration, it’s recommended to thoroughly review each section and the lesson plan outlined in the course.

Understanding what each lesson entails and how well it fits into your schedule and learning style will help you decide on the most suitable course for your chakra training journey.

If you’re not yet ready to enroll in a course, consider trying some guided meditations to connect with each of your chakras. Notice the impact on your mind, body, and spirit as you deepen your awareness of your energy flow. This exploration may also guide you in identifying areas where you’d like to explore further and how a course could support your personal growth.

What Are the 7 Chakras?

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk”; however, this references a point of energy within the body. The seven chakras fall along the spine and up through the head. The chakras correspond to specific organs depending on their location and emotional, psychological, and spiritual states.

Because of this, it is very common to feel off in both the mind and body when the chakras are out of alignment or not fully open. The concept behind the open chakras is to allow the prana energy to flow freely through them. Prana is the ultimate pure healing energy. This energy is believed to keep us healthy, happy, and thriving in all aspects of our lives.

Therefore, when it comes to finding ways to open and train the chakras, it is primarily to find the balance where the prana energy can flow so that the mind, body, and spirit are vibrant. The seven chakras are as follows, starting from the pelvic floor to above the head:

  • The root chakra
  • The sacral chakra
  • The solar plexus chakra
  • The heart chakra
  • The throat chakra
  • The third eye chakra
  • The crown chakra

All of these chakras rule over different regions of the body, and in turn, when one is blocked, it leads to other emotional and physical pains.

The root chakra

The root chakra is the energy that controls your physical awareness and how comfortable you feel in your body in different situations. Because of this, a significant symptom that your root chakra is closed is feeling anxious, especially in social settings.

In opening and healing the root chakra, standing, engaging in some movement like yoga, or even walking around your neighborhood is often recommended! Even if all you can do is clean your house, the movement of these activities will help you become one with your body and, therefore, strengthen your relationship with the root chakra.

Grounding into the earth is another great way to open the root chakra. Whether you can stand on the grass or want to stand barefoot in your home, standing with your feet shoulder-width apart with a slight bend in your knees and your upper body relaxed will allow your body to find balance and relaxation in your grounding.

This grounding is often followed by a seated meditation in which you can visualize red or chant the sound “LAM” to activate the root chakra.

The sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the house that holds your feelings and sexuality. This is your feeling around expressing yourself, both emotionally and sexually. A great way to tap into your sexual energy that is housed in the sacral chakra is to sit on your knees with your spine straight and your hands lying on your lap with palms facing up.

Place your left hand underneath the right and touch your thumbs together. While in this meditation, focus on your pelvis and lower back, where the energy center lies. The best sound to chant to activate the sacral chakra is “VAM.” This, in combination with the meditation position described above, will help you open the sacral chakra.

The solar plexus chakra

Follow this meditation posture to access the confidence and dignity that the solar plexus chakra offers the body. Sit on your knees with your spine straight, as you did for the sacral chakra. Put your hands together, with your fingers facing away from you, in front of your stomach. Keep your thumbs crossed, but straighten your fingers out.

Focus on your navel region where the solar plexus energy is stored, and use the chant “RAM” to open the chakra even further.

The heart chakra

As suggested in the name, the heart chakra is the center of love and compassion. The best posture for a heart chakra meditation is cross-legged. Allow your hands to rest on your knees with your palms up and your pointer finger and thumb lightly touching. Move your right hand to relax on the lower part of your sternum and focus on the heart center of your body.

Access the self-love and empathy that the heart chakra has in store, and use the chant “YAM” for additional heart chakra opening.

The throat chakra

The throat chakra, also known as Vishuddha, is the fifth energy center in the body’s chakra system, situated at the base of the throat. It governs communication, self-expression, and authenticity, and when balanced, the throat chakra fosters effective communication and empowers individuals to speak their truth with confidence and integrity.

One effective exercise to clear the throat chakra involves practicing chanting or vocal toning. Sit comfortably, begin to produce a sustained humming sound or any vowel sound (like “ahh” or “ohh”). Focus on feeling the vibration in your throat area and imagine releasing any blockages or tensions as you continue the vocalization. Repeat for several minutes, allowing the sound to resonate deeply within you and promoting the clearing of your throat chakra.

The third eye chakra

This chakra is where your insight lives. This meditation may be perfect for those looking to tap into their dreams and think for themselves more. Start by sitting cross-legged, placing your hands in front of your sternum. This hand positioning can be tricky. Start by fully extending all your fingers and keeping your fingertips touching.

Next, bend your pointer fingers toward your body so your pointer fingernails are touching. The rest of your fingers will stay fully extended with the fingertips touching. The third eye chakra lives just above the center of your two eyebrows. Focus on that spot on your body and use the chant “OM” to tap into the insight in the third chakra.

The crown chakra

This chakra is known to be the most spiritual as it houses your oneness with the universe. The crown chakra connects you to the Earth. If you want to tap into your spirituality, start by sitting cross-legged and crossing your fingers into a prayer position, but keep your hands elevated in front of your stomach.

Let your pinky fingers out of the crossed fist and point them away from you, and while visualizing the spot on the very top of your head and even the space above your head, chant the sound “NG.”

Remember that the crown chakra is the last, and it will be tough for you to open or work with it if you do not have a strong foundation first. If your root chakra is not open, and your other chakras have not been tended to, you should not try this meditation yet.

How do you open your chakras?

There are a variety of ways people can go about opening their chakras. The first step to opening any of your chakras is identifying the root of your problem and which chakra needs the attention. You can locate a chakra by tapping into the part of your body where you may be experiencing changes or how your emotional or psychological health has been impacted.

Once you have identified which chakra may be off, closed, or blocked, you can go about opening it. A common technique to open the chakras is engaging in spiritual movements, such as yoga, dance, or active meditation. Mindful body movements and consciousness can open chakras more easily.

Crystals to open chakras

Many like to use crystals to open their chakras as different chakras are suitable for specific chakras. Crystals can be used independently or in conjunction with yoga, meditation, or another activity. The energy and vibration of your crystals can open the chakra that needs your attention; however, it is essential to research which crystal is best for the chakra you are opening.

When looking into crystals for chakra opening or in conjunction with meditation, the best way to figure out which crystal will be best for each chakra is by looking at the color. If the color of the crystal matches that of the chakra color, it is often a good one to use to tap into the chakra in question. It can be a crystal matching your birth chart, but focusing on the chakra color is best.  

Remember that while these are general ways you can open your chakras, each is different and may use a different methodology to open. There are a variety of meditation postures and chants that target specific chakras.

Closing Out the Best Online Chakra Classes

Understanding how energy flows through the chakras can profoundly impact physical and psychological well-being. Enrolling in one of these online chakra classes will teach you the skills to analyze symptoms, provide holistic advice and treatment, and foster a comprehensive approach to healing.