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David Goggins Motivation: Quotes & The Man

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One of the most inspirational athletes on the planet is David Goggins. His story starts simply and brutally and continues that narrative through his days as a Navy SEAL and ultramarathon athlete. The one constant is his never-ending supply of determination that he credits to his mindset called the calloused. Who is David Goggins?

The world of sports and social media is chocked full of people with inspiring stories and provides motivation to millions, but none have the impact or delivery of Goggins. So read on and learn everything about David Goggins and his quotes!

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Who is David Goggins?

Goggins is a name that is well known in ultramarathon and other ultra-endurance events. He is also an in-demand public speaker who works with some of the highest-grossing companies on the stock index. He grew up hard and has cleared hurdles that regular people cannot comprehend or wrap their heads around.

A few interesting facts about David Goggins are:

  • Navy SEAL: To become a SEAL, he had to lose over 90lbs in three months to make weight for the school. Then he suffered a series of ankle and foot injuries that forced him to endure the famed Hell Week of BUDS training three times.
  • Charity: A large portion of his work in ultra racing has been for charity. He is involved in the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. A group that supports the survivors of Special Ops soldiers and sailors and provides aid for their children.
  • Racing: Goggins is one of the hardest competitors ever to walk the Earth. He has competed in over 60 endurance and ultra events. He regularly wins events and has qualified for some of the most elite marathons globally.

David Goggins has created a brand known for hard work and discipline. His manner of speaking evokes drill sergeants and touches the nerves of people across all spectrums. Yet, his message is positive and shows people that through working harder than the next person, you can get the life you want and find satisfaction at the same time.

What is David Goggins Story?

He was born in Williams, New York, in February of 1975. His father, Trunnis, was a hard man who always worked a scheme. He was an abusive man, and David left with his mother, Jackie, when he was a young boy. However, the damage was done, and Goggins suffered for many years through educational and personal setbacks.

As a Senior in high school, David began to see the need for more work. His drive led him to want to join the Air Force, but that meant conquering his learning phobia. Within the year, he had passed the ASVAB test for entry to the service and was on the way to reaching his dreams.

A few signposts on the roadmap of David Goggins’s life are:

  • Air Force: While still in the Air Force, David began to see the limitations of his weak mind. While undergoing swim training for SERE school, he learned he was negatively buoyant. This made the swims a nightmare for him, and he was rolled back in the course.
  • Pest Control: A few years after he departed from the Air Force, he worked as a pest control representative. One night after a particularly nasty interaction with some cockroaches, Goggins decided to chase his dreams.
  • Ultra Athlete: Once Goggins learned that his mind was unbreakable, the sky became the limit. He competed in a 100-mile race on short notice and with no preparation. However, he realized how much the body could handle that night and how far he could take himself and come out the other side.

Once Goggins saw that he would never get the life he wanted by being sedentary, everything changed. He began a workout regimen that allowed him to lose a monumental amount of weight and built the basis for one of the hardest workers ever to exist.

What Does David Goggins Say About Motivation?

Goggins isn’t a fan of motivation. He says that motivation is fleeting and that knowing why you are doing what you are doing is essential—having a why keeps the need for motivation at bay.

A few ways that Goggins helps you find your why are:

  • Self Reflection: One of his most popular exercises involves keeping truths and goals for yourself on the bathroom mirror. Writing down how much weight you want to lose or how much time you want to shave off your 5k becomes concrete and gives you a why to look to when you want to quit.
  • 40% Rule: Probably Goggins’s most popular spiel is the 40% rule. It is a rule that states when you reach the point where you are mentally beat down and ready to quit; your body is only at the 40% mark. Meaning you have 60% more left on the table. This powerful tool can help you pull yourself out of an exercise-induced funk.

Motivation isn’t a good thing because it can falter. People lose motivation all the time. If they have something that means everything, they will keep fighting. Motivation can be lost, but your reason for participating in the activity must never be lost.

What Does David Goggins Say About Failure?

One of the best things a person can go through is failure. Failure can be learned from and is something that people will encounter. Goggins sees failure as a way to find out what you did wrong and correct it the next time.


David Goggins is one of the most no-frills motivational speakers around. He doesn’t mince words or confounds his followers with products they don’t need. His approach to fitness and life is refreshing, and athletes from weekend warriors to professional championship teams have adopted his techniques for creating a powerful mind.

Finding your reason for wanting to be your best is the hidden message of his craft. He intones that nothing can take down a mind that knows beyond the pain of suffering is the promised land we all seek.