Is online yoga teacher training legit

Is online yoga teacher training recognized?

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Are you at that place where you’re considering changing jobs or adding a second job? And perhaps that job you’re considering acquiring is in the yoga field. Yoga teaching jobs will give you a lot of flexibility with your time. If you teach yoga to private clients, you can make your schedule! It’s a popular and enriching field to go into. And it will allow you to dive deep into yoga, learning more about the philosophy, way of life, and poses. Even if you don’t want to be a yoga teacher and want to learn more about yoga, teacher training will be an excellent resource, giving you a better understanding of anatomy, breathing, and movement.

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Is online yoga teacher training recognized?

With the popularity of online yoga teacher training, it’s hard to know what programs are legitimate. How do you know you won’t get scammed? You shell out your hard-earned bucks only to see your money disappear. And then your dreams are dashed. Choosing the right online yoga teacher training program is a huge decision. You don’t want to make a mistake. 

Yes, online yoga teacher training is recognized. In this article, we’ll dive into why Online YTT is legit! We’ll tell you how to choose the right online yoga teacher training course to help you start your yoga teaching career, become a certified yoga instructor, and better understand all things yogic. We’ll also talk about different yoga certifications, and then we’ll talk about the difference between RYT and YTT. But first, let’s talk a bit more about the question: Is online yoga teacher training legit?

How to choose an online teacher training program

Choosing an online yoga teacher training program is all about the certification. When looking at programs, ensure the one you choose is certified by Yoga Alliance. The international standards organization requires a set curriculum for all of its teachers, including a prescribed number of hours learning the history of yoga, anatomy, poses and sequencing, practice, and practice teaching. And, for all of 2020, unlike past years, it allows all-online yoga teacher training. So, choosing a yoga teacher training course certified by Yoga Alliance will assure you that the program is legit and that, when you’re finished, you’ll carry a certification that will show prospective employers and clients that you’ve received a high level of yoga education.

What yoga certification is best

Some yoga studios offer online yoga certification, but which is the best certification? One from a niche yoga style or a widely recognized standards organization? Let’s talk about some other yoga certifications.

Yoga Alliance

If you want a certification respected and known throughout the U.S. as requiring a comprehensive curriculum, then go with a teacher training program certified with Yoga Alliance. If a less well-known entity accredits you, you may find that your job prospects are pretty narrow. Yoga Alliance certification will open up the job market for you. You’ll be required to have spent some time studying aspects of yoga theory, from movement to anatomy to ancient classics, so employers will know you have a well-rounded and deep yoga education. You’ll leave your Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training with an excellent knowledge of yoga and will be ready to begin teaching immediately.

What is the difference between RYT and YTT?

When you’re looking for an online yoga teacher training course, you may come across a few acronyms that you’re unfamiliar with. Let’s talk about a couple of those acronyms:

difference between RYT and YTT


As you’re searching for an online yoga teacher training course, you may see RYT 200. RYT means Registered Yoga Teacher. But it’s a specific registration – with Yoga Alliance. RYT implies that you are certified with Yoga Alliance and have taken a yoga teacher training that follows the Yoga Alliance curriculum. The 200 in RYT 200 means you’ve taken the primary yoga teacher training course, the 200-hour program. If a yoga teacher continues to take teacher training courses after becoming an RYT 200, the next step would be RYT 500, meaning they’ve passed an even more in-depth 300-hour yoga teacher training program.


Many yoga teacher training facilities use the standardized YTT instead of spelling out Yoga Teacher Training. A yoga teacher trainer is not required to name the course YTT. It’s just the industry standard. So, when you see YTT on a website discussing classes for prospective yoga teachers, you’ll know it’s just a shorthand for Yoga Teacher Training. It’s that simple!

Open a world of possibilities

Online yoga teacher training has opened up a world of possibilities for so many people. No longer will a person dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher have to take off work or arrange childcare to go to a studio and study to be a yoga teacher. With online YTT, you can learn from the comfort of your home. And you don’t have to worry about whether a program is legit. As mentioned above, ensure your online teacher training is certified with Yoga Alliance.

Although Yoga Alliance is the most widely known certification, don’t discount more niche yoga teacher training certifications, like the ones we listed in this article. If you’re near studios that teach the specific yoga you’re trained in, you may be able to find a yoga teaching job with them. Just know that the job market will be smaller for someone without Yoga Alliance certification. 

We hope that our explanations of the terms RYT and YTT will help you navigate the online yoga teacher training world without any confusion. Please look at prospective courses, check their certification options, and find the right course.