ISSA Spin Instructor Certification Review

ISSA Spin Instructor Certification Review

Nowadays, most gym goers depend on at least one spin class a week to get their cardio in. Of course, some people practically survive on the cardio they attain in spin class, creating more opportunities for spin instructors. If you’re an exercise junkie and would very much like to teach spin class, then you need to read on as we further review ISSA Spin Instructor Certification (link to certification).  ISSA offers the most popular Spin Instructor Certification, and it’s only fair that you know what to expect.

When attending a spin class, you will notice that spin instructors are outgoing and enthusiastic and fill the room with infectious energy. Spin instructors always have this natural like-ability that you can’t miss. Even though having all these qualities is good, it’s not enough to get you clients and make them stay.

That’s why you need a Spin Instructor Certification. ISSA offers this certification to help spin instructors understand how spin affects the body and ensure their clients get the best out of a spin class and cycling nutrition. All these factors are essential to help your clients attain their goal, which is usually “to keep healthy.”

Article Topics

Is it worth getting ISSA Spin Instructor Certification?

Yes. ISSA is the most recognized institution in the fitness world. Besides that, ISSA is also accredited by the NCCA, which makes it very respectable, and you won’t be afraid of not getting work at any gym. Besides all that, it is better to have more indoor cycling knowledge when looking to become a spin instructor because, without it, you won’t be helping your clients. So, in terms of quality studies, you will get that in ISSA, and so will you get outstanding credentials. 

Is ISSA spin instructor certification difficult?

Compared to other institutions in the industry, ISSA offers one of the more straightforward exams since they have a 90% pass rate. Even though this seems easy to ace, their course material contains every little information you will need as a spin instructor. Their exam is rated as ‘easy’ because if you’ve actually read through the course material, then it means you won’t find it difficult. They only test according to what they’ve taught. 

How much does ISSA spin instructor certification cost?

ISSA offers different methods of payment for the Spin Instructor Certification. For example, if you want to pay in twelve months, you can pay $49.92 per month or $99.83 per month to complete the payment within six months. But if you want to pay all your fees upfront, $599 is the rate. The partial payment methods are interest-free, making them excellent options if you don’t have the entire amount when starting your training. These available payment forms are advantageous for everyone as they give spin instructors a chance to acquire knowledge even when they don’t have lots of money, to begin with. 

What does the ISSA Spin Instructor Certification cover?

Spinning as a form of exercise focuses on core work, hamstring, quadricep strengthening, endurance, and flexibility. Because spinning is done indoors, it is available for people of all ages as it can be low-impact and also provide active recovery, which helps rebuild muscles and decrease soreness. The main topics covered in the ISSA spin instructor certification include: 

  • Foundations of human anatomy and movement
  • Energy systems and performance
  • Cycling-specific nutrition demands
  • How to grow your skills as a spin instructor
  • Class design, equipment, and riding techniques

These topics equip cycling instructors with the knowledge to build result-driven cycling classes by evaluating the client’s body structure, movement, and nutrition. With such loads of information, you as an instructor can provide unique and personalized programs, retain more clients, and get the best results. 

Foundations Of Human Anatomy And Movement

Connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, bones, joints, and muscles are essential parts of the body as these parts move when cycling a bike in spin class or otherwise. When spin instructors understand this knowledge, they can improve the performance in motor skills of their clients. By simply studying the human anatomy and movement, you will learn how bones, joints, and muscles serve as anatomical levers in accordance with the laws of mechanics. By understanding these mechanics of the body and its moving parts when cycling, it gets easier to tell when students are moving in a way that will eventually cause harm to their muscles or bones and stop that. 

Energy Systems and Performance

It is common to hear about “energy systems” in athletic performance. The energy systems in everyone’s body affect their health, quality of life, and longevity. There are three central energy systems in the body, and they affect performance in different ways. These include: 

  • Immediate energy system: This type of energy copes with immediate demands that require explosive energy. The overall capacity of this energy is limited, such that during explosive exercise, the energy yield from this system can continue until the creatine phosphate stores are mostly depleted, which may occur in approximately ten seconds. An example of the use of this energy is during a one-rep max of a fast and heavy weight lift. 
  • The Glycolytic System: Glycolysis involves splitting carbohydrates to generate ATP and power cellular work. One uses this energy during a high-intensity, short-duration type of exercise. An example of when this type of energy is utilized is when an athlete in a football game sprints down the field. 
  • The Oxidative System: This energy is produced during a low-intensity sustained exercise where ATP needs can be met indefinitely. Unlike the other forms of energy, this one takes time to build up. An example of when it’s produced is during a long-distance race. 

These energy pathways have immense effects on human performance and also aspects of health. As new stimuli are repeatedly used, muscle fibers change and adopt them. For example, if you’re training for a long-distance race, your type I muscle fibers will develop more mitochondria for a stronger oxidative system. If you’re into explosive lifting, your muscles will adapt by storing more creatine and glycogen. General well-being is highly dependent on the use of these energy systems. By understanding how they work, a spin instructor can utilize them to aid their clients in better health and endurance when working out. 

Cycling-Specific Nutrition Demands

Good nutrition affects all aspects of cycling. As a spin instructor, you need to understand the roles of carbohydrates and proteins to help you plan what your clients can eat to meet their desired goals. There’s nothing more critical in fitness than nutrition. If your client is on a bad diet, no amount of spinning could help them achieve their goals. Under this topic, you’ll learn about cyclists’ essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and how they affect the body. This information will help with strength for a cycling class and recovery after a cycling session. You can also advise your clients on the best snacks before class or after to boost energy. This nutrition information can also help you devise a meal plan for those clients who want to reach specific goals. 

How To Grow Your Skills As A spin Instructor

As a spin instructor, please keep learning more for your personal growth. Knowledge is infinite, and you should know that. So, this topic will look at ways in which you need to keep yourself on your toes. This can mean attending training programs, visiting other spin classes here and there, or even ensuring you take continuing education units often. You can never have too much knowledge in one niche, and it’s better if you keep your mind open to new ideas and practices that will keep your classes exciting and get clients coming back for more.

Class Design, Equipment, And Riding Techniques for spin

This topic mainly expounds on how to plan your classes, teach them, and master equipment and techniques. Planning a spin class can prove tedious because you have to put together a playlist and ensure it changes on different days just in case you have repeating clients and don’t want it to be boring for them. While doing so, you’ll also need a change-up in the techniques here and there. When mixing songs on your playlist, ensure there’s something for everyone, so not one party feels left out. 

If you have that option, you can always change up the ambiance of the class so that, at times, it’s dim, creating different moods and attracting various types of clients and their preferences. Riding techniques are something you need to have at the tips of your fingers as a spin instructor to ensure each ride is safe and effective. You also must know how to adjust bikes to meet the needs of your students. You also need to identify newcomers and give them attention by showing them what to do so they feel comfortable and ready to get their sweat on. 

Other online spinning instructor certifications

If you’re interested in checking other common spin instructor certifications out there, here are some of them: 

  • ASFA’s Online Cycling Instructor Certification
  • AFAA Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification
  • Spinning Instructor Certification
  • NETA’s Indoor Group Cycling Certification

These spin certifications are also quite common and will be of great help in your learning journey.

Where can I find more about the ISSA cycling certificate?

The best place to start your search will be through their website. If you’re interested in pursuing their course, you can quickly contact them as they have a way to reach them (email). They will guide you and answer all your questions timely. Since you’re still here, you’re serious about pursuing a spin instructor certification course, which is excellent. This industry is growing quite fast, and so is the demand for fitness professionals and spin instructors. You can add this certification to your other fitness qualification or pursue it as the first program towards your fitness instructor career. Either way, you will be helping lots of individuals and also yourself. Read more on our full list of spin instructor certification online to compare and choose the best for you.