Major Aspects of Astrology

The 5 Major Aspects of Astrology

Many people are aware of astrology. They learn their birth sign, something almost everyone can easily tell you. Some people even know their moon, sun, or rising sign. And even some can name off their natal chart, but what about the five major aspects of astrology?

There are five major aspects of astrology. These are how the planets interact and can help you understand your cosmic frequency. The five major aspects of astrology are the following:

  1. Conjunction
  2. Sextile
  3. Trine
  4. Square
  5. Opposition

Understanding each will help you begin your journey in the astrological world. It will give you the foundation of astrology and how you can navigate this topic. After finishing an astrology online business course you could even be able to create your own deck of cards. Here is everything you need to know about the aspects.

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What Is The Meaning Of An Astrology Aspect?

Knowing these astrological aspects will help you understand how the planets interact and how they affect any of the 7 types of natal charts. Specific planets will affect astrological signs differently, whether your fixed sign or one of the houses.

When you understand how these planets interact and how they affect you within astrology, you will be able to understand specific fluctuations in yourself and others. You can be better prepared and begin your studies in astrology.

How Important Are Aspects In Astrology?

Although it is unnecessary to know all these details when just learning about astrology, it can help you understand astrology more profoundly. You can begin interpreting the planets and stars independently, rather than relying on others to do it for you.

These are essential to understanding the foundation of astrology. It is extremely important when trying to interpret your chart or someone else’s. It will tell you how you will be affected by the planets and their positions. These are the 3 best crystals for every birth chart that you can get your hands on.

The 5 Major Aspects Of Astrology

There are five major aspects of astrology. These aspects are important when interpreting astrology on a more profound level than just understanding what birth sign you are. This helps you understand how the cosmo affects you. These aspects consist of:

  • Conjunction
  • Sextile
  • Trine
  • Square
  • Opposition

1. Conjunction

The conjunction aspect is just how it sounds. It is the “conjoining” of two or more planets or stars within a single sign. This occurs when two planets are zero degrees apart and blend the qualities and characteristics of those planets.

This can be a wonderful and harmonious occurrence, especially if these characteristics blend together well. This conjunction can also provide hyper-active energy full of potential and action.

Conjunctions can also hinder signs from gaining success and harmony. If the planets have clashing qualities, it can cause chaos and discord. It can cause people to become on edge, like they are stepping on each other’s toes.

2. Sextile

The sextile aspect is often full of positive and sun shining vibes. This is where things are pleasant and all around just fun. It is the chill, easy-flowing atmosphere between complementary elements. These elements will look like the following:

  • Earth and water signs
  • Fire and air signs

This aspect is not the most powerful or actionable aspect of astrology. You will not see major shifts or events occurring in this aspect. It will not bring a lot of drama to your life and is often one of the easiest aspects of astrology you will deal with

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3. Trine

The trine aspect is considered the most fortunate part of astrology. It is the union of three planets at a 120-degree angle. It occurs when these planets are in union with each other. This is a time of harmony.

This may be when you see a major shift in your life for the better. There is little to no resistance during this time. All things will be going for you, and it feels like everything is just falling into place.

When a trine occurs, it is time to grasp this opportunity. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you will not have to work for this. It will just come to you like it was meant to fall into your hand.

4. Square

Many experts in astrology explain the square aspect of astrology as like coming to a four-way stop sign. This is where things come together and can cause a lot of conflict within your life. It occurs when two planets of the same mode are 90 degrees from each other.

When planets are in the square aspect, you will find a lot of tension and drama in your life. It brings light to situations that you will need to face and may need to compromise in. You may think this will be a difficult time in your life, but it will show you what you need to work through.

Try not to avoid conflict during this time. You will use these conflicts and situations to help you grow and work through problems that may have been hidden until now. Take this as a lesson and a way to work towards your higher self.

5. Opposition

The opposition aspect occurs when the planets are opposite of each other. In this aspect, you may find signs and planets butting heads. There may be some conflict, but that’s not always the case.

This refers to the formation of the same mode like the fixed, cardinal, or mutable sign, the complementary elements to fire to air signs, and water to earth signs. These can be a great union, or they can be a bad one.

This aspect can make or break you, but it can be something great as well. The saying that opposites attract can describe this aspect very clearly. This is where you get passionate relationships like moths to a flame. Be careful when the planets are aligned this way.

Final Thoughts On The Major Aspects Of Astrology

You can start to delve into many more things about astrology, but the five aspects of astrology are a great way to begin your journey into astrology. Understanding these aspects of the planets will help you determine what to expect in the future and make you more knowledgeable about the cosmos, you can even learn what zodiac signs go well together.