Types of Natal Charts

The 7 Types of Natal Charts

In order to have a better understanding of ourselves and our actions, many astrologers will refer to natal or birth charts. These charts can help determine aspects of one’s personality that they had never considered before like certain patterns in their behavior or why they may prefer certain things.

There are actually many different variations of natal charts that can help to highlight different aspects of a person and their personality. There are a total of 7 different types of natal chart shapes. They are called the bowl, the seesaw, the bucket, the splash, the bundle, the locomotive, and the splay.

Continue reading to learn more about natal charts and what they do. Also, continue reading to learn about each of the seven different types of natal charts and what each different shape can help reveal about a person.

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What Is A Natal Chart?

A natal chart, also known as a birth chart, is a map that shows the alignment of planets at the moment a person was born. It is used in astrology, as one of the major aspects of astrology, in order to determine certain personal qualities of a person and help them to understand why they tend to gravitate toward certain situations or people. They can also be used to determine when is the best time to do something in order to obtain a certain outcome.

How Many Types Of Natal Charts Are There?

There are seven types of natal charts. These are identified by their shape. These shapes are commonly referred to as:

  • The seesaw chart
  • The bowl chart
  • The bucket chart
  • The splash chart
  • The bundle chart
  • The locomotive chart
  • The splay chart

What Are The Strongest Aspects Of A Natal Chart?

The strongest aspect of a natal chart has to do with the placement of the planets on the chart, which you could learn in depth in an astrology online business course. Another important aspect of a natal chart is what is known as the “three legs”. The three legs of a natal or birth chart consist of your sun sign, your moon sign, and your ascending or rising sign. Your sun sign reflects who you are at all times. Your moon sign reveals a side of you only a few are able to see. Your rising sign reveals how others may see you.

The 7 Types Of Natal Charts

There are seven different types of natal charts that are based on patterns that are observed.

The Seesaw Chart

With the seesaw shape of a natal chart, the planets are bunched into two opposing groups. It can look somewhat like a bowtie or an hourglass. This can reveal that you are often pulled in two directions that are contrasting. An astrologer may conclude that you are constantly jumping from one extreme to another in a race for balance.

The Bowl Chart

The bowl chart shape is seen when the planets occupy half of the wheel, so six of the twelve houses will have planets shown.

With the bowl chart shape, an astrologer may conclude that you are self-contained and very resourceful, but you may be one-sided in that you face the challenge of integrating to the other side of the chart. You may also have energies that are concentrated and directed which can help you better reach your goals.

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The Bucket Chart

The bucket pattern for a natal chart is shown when all of the planets except one are on one side of the chart or wheel. The lone planet is seen as the handle of the bucket and acts as a counterbalance to the others.

If your natal chart has a bucket shape, an astrologer may conclude that you are a goal-fixated person. It is also important to note for this shape that the house and sign position of the lone planet indicates the type of energy you express most frequently.

The Splash Chart

The splash pattern for a natal chart has the planets splashed all throughout the birth chart wheel. When this happens, all of the planets are distributed evenly around the wheel. If your natal chart has this splash pattern, an astrologer may conclude that you are less entrenched or focused than others may be.

Adaptability and versatility are two words that tend to describe individuals who have a splash pattern on their natal/birth chart. These individuals may have a lack of direction which results in this “jack of all trades” mentality.

The Bundle Chart

With the bundle pattern on a natal chart, the planets are grouped together in no more than four of the zodiac houses. The bundle pattern may reveal that you have an extreme focus on one part of life. This pattern is the rarest of the seven different types. An astrologer may conclude with this natal chart pattern that you have a narrowness in vision and experience.

The Locomotive Chart

For the locomotive pattern in a natal chart, all of the planets are spread over two-thirds of the chart. Those who have this pattern in their birth chart will apply their energy to challenges that are indicated by the houses the planets are in, but they are not experienced to handle challenges in one’s life that would be indicated by the vacant houses.

The Splay Chart

The splay pattern is the most common natal chart pattern. Similar to the splash pattern, the splay pattern will have the planets spread out throughout the chart, but there will be certain concentrations of planets in different areas. In a splay pattern, you will often find at least two clusters of planets, and all of the others will be spread throughout the chart.

An astrologer may conclude that a person with a splay pattern in their birth chart may have several strong interests or areas of strength. You can learn how to read a birth chart to get a clear idea of what every part of it means.

Final Thoughts

Astrologers tend to notice different patterns in one’s natal chart, and these patterns help to illustrate more about what we tend to excel at or what we may struggle with. There are seven patterns that are often shown by natal charts; these patterns are known as the seesaw, the bowl, the bucket, the splash, the bundle, the locomotive, and the splay.

Each shape is used to describe how the planets are dispersed throughout a natal chart. For example, if your natal chart has all of the planets spread out in only half of the chart, or six of the twelve houses, your chart has a bowl shape. An astrologer can then use this information to determine you may be self-contained and struggle to face challenges that are often reflective of the other side of the chart. Through understanding the types of birth charts, we can better understand ourselves.