Stay Motivated to Workout

11 Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout

For many people, exercising can be a grueling and scary task that you do not want to do. However, initially, you feel motivated, but that motivation drains away when you have life stressors such as work and school pegging at you from every corner. You know that physical activity should be a part of your lifestyle, but you are just unsure how to motivate yourself and have it stay that way entirely.

Ten tips for staying motivated to work out range from writing down your goals to signing up for exercise classes. However, even if they were to have these tips in front of them, this lingering self-doubt looms over them, de-motivating them again, which is normal and challenging.

Read more about why it is so hard to stay motivated to workout, why there are people who quit working out, and ten tips for staying motivated to exercise.

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Why Is It So Hard To Stay Motivated To Workout?

There are various reasons why someone would find it hard to stay motivated to work out. For some, they are not used to exercising and find it hard or tedious, while for others, it does not fit within the schedule they have in their lives.

With finding it hard to motivate themselves to continue working out, people quit working out altogether for various reasons. Let’s read more to learn about why people stop working out.

Why Do Most People Quit Working Out?

A majority of those who start off feeling motivated in the beginning tend to taper off as the months go by due to a lack of motivation before entirely quitting. Quitting working out, for many, can vary from person to person, but some reasons can include:

  • Lack of accountability.
  • Not enjoying
  • Not enough time.
  • Lack of resources.
  • Mental health overtakes them.
  • Uncomfortable with others, possibly, looking.

Many factors can be why a person may want to quit working out entirely. However, there are tips and tricks to re-motivate yourself to wanting to work out again.

Read more about ten tips for staying motivated to work out.

11 Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout

Working out can be very tasking and take a lot of time out of your day, so people, over time, lack the motivation to continue. However, there are tips to continue the push that you once had.

Fitness is important for a healthy lifestyle and well-being by reducing the risk of chronic disease, improving cognitive function, and enhancing mood and quality of life.

Read more about the ten tips for staying motivated to work out.

Have Fun

Remember to have fun while working out. Feeling as though working out is more of a chore can be a demotivating factor for many due to not enjoying the experience as much as they should.

Ways to make the working out experience fun, for many, can vary, but suggestions can include listening to music before and during your workout. Listening to a podcast can also make the time go by faster than watching YouTube videos or an episode of a tv show or a movie.

Other ways to make working out enjoyable can be taking a class or, if you prefer, working out alone, yourself at a gym or home, and putting on a workout video online. And do not feel as though you have to stick to one specific routine. Mix it up.

Write Down Your Goals

Write down your goals and what you want to accomplish with these workouts. Writing down your goals can motivate you to set a plan and get started and achieve what you want to accomplish. Create your goals centering around a simple goal. A way to accomplish this is by using the SMART goals method. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.

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Workout with Family or Friends

Workout with family or friends as a form of motivation for not just you but also for them. A workout buddy is a form of accountability partner and will help you stay motivated and remind you whenever you have not completed your workout for the day. Another reason for a workout buddy is passing the time by conversating with them during the workout.

Create a Rewards System

Create a rewards system after each workout session or at the end of the week. Small or large, rewards will help motivate you to continue working out due to the positive reinforcements you give to yourself. Large prizes can be given to you on your workout days. You can treat yourself to a new purchase for your hard work or take a day off for the next week.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you happen to not get a workout in for the day. Workout out when you can and keep it moving. Harping over not being able to get a workout in will inherently demotivate you from wanting to continue. Just remind yourself that you are only human, and you have things in your life that you have to prioritize, then try again the next day or whenever you have free time.

Create a Flexible Schedule

Create a flexible schedule that is the most convenient for you and your personal life. You do not need to create a strict set and stone schedule because that can easily demotivate you from wanting to workout. If you have to mix up your days to work out, do so because it is your schedule. Mixing up days can also help you determine when you want to rest and not work out.

Start small when creating a plan, and then gradually work your way up. Starting small can include working out either one or two days a week before moving up to three, four, or even five days a week.

Determine What Exercises You Like

Find a workout or specific exercise that you like and start with that. Naturally, you should still incorporate other forms of exercise that may be less enjoyable. First, focus on what you do like so that your workout experiences can be more enjoyable for you at your comfort level. Determining what workouts you may or may not like will include a lot of trial, error, and patience.

Wear Workout Clothes

Wear workout clothes, even if you are working out at home. Wearing workout clothes can be motivating and help you differentiate what you will be doing for a specific period in your day. Wear cute or colorful workout clothes to make your workout experience more exciting and enjoyable. Stylish clothing can make the experience more fun for you.

Start of Lightly

Start with light workouts. For a beginner, it is typically recommended to only work out between twenty to thirty minutes a day. This will help you get your foot wet and not overwhelm you. Working out for twenty or thirty minutes can also be done during your free time either in one go or in ten or fifteen-minute increments throughout the day, totaling the overall time.

Have a Designated Space

Have a designated space in your home or the gym where you feel the most comfortable. Have a nice, quiet, designated area for yourself where you feel motivated to work out since others will not interrupt you or look at you. If you work out at home, you do not need a large area to conduct your workouts, but it still needs to be spacious enough to do the exercises you want to do.

Sign Up For Classes

Sign up for fitness classes. Paying to work out can be motivating since you do not want to waste money, and you can also socialize with others and find like-minded people. Exercise classes allow you to determine what you do or do not like to incorporate into a workout.

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So you have now learned about ten tips for staying motivated to work out, why people find it hard to stay motivated, and why they would quit if they still lack the motivation.