Studying with Strangers Online

11 Tips for Studying with Strangers Online

It can be tough to study with strangers, but if you are struggling with motivation or procrastination, it might help. Here are some tips for studying with people online, which will hopefully make things easier!

11 tips for studying online:

  • Watch out for distractions
  • If there is someone who isn’t focusing on their work, then avoid them
  • Don’t do the same thing every time
  • Have a good internet connection!
  • Try using Google Hangouts as an alternative way to communicate
  • Try sharing screens or doing screen shares
  • Choose a time and place to study where you know there will be no distractions.
  • If possible, meet in person first.
  • Remember, not everyone knows each other, so they might be more reserved at first.
  • Start off by introducing yourself in chat or whatever messaging service you choose
  • If someone says no, don’t take it personally.

In this article, you will learn eleven tips for studying with strangers online. These are just some basic guidelines to follow when doing group work over Skype with strangers. We’ll go through some tips and tricks to make the experience easier.

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The New Trend: Studying with Strangers Online

Studying with strangers online is a new trend and a great way to get rid of your distractions to study efficiently. If you study where there will be no distractions, this might be the perfect option for you.

However, not everyone knows each other, so that they might be more reserved at first. You should always start off by introducing yourself in chat or whatever messaging service you choose, such as Skype or Whatsapp, etc.

There are some precautions to take when doing this. Don’t forget to mute yourself when you’re not talking, for example. And, always stay calm! If someone is getting under your skin, make sure not to show it.

Where Can I Study with Strangers Online?

Studying online with strangers is a growing trend.  There is no doubt that this way of studying is excellent for those who are shy or don’t want to have a similar person with them during the exam. Also, you can use online study rooms to help with language learning!

Some sites where you can study online with strangers include:

These sites allow you to search for people by age, language, or even exam.

11 Tips for Studying with Strangers Online

Studying with strangers online is becoming more popular.  Here are some tips to help you through the process.

Watch Out for Distractions.

When studying online with strangers, you want to make sure that the person is focused on studying.  Don’t study with someone who has a habit of randomly checking their phone or chatting online, as this can cause distractions when trying to focus.

Keep distractions on your end at a minimum as well.  Make sure you’re in a quiet place where distractions won’t be an issue. Some additional steps you can take to minimize distractions are:

  • Shutting off notifications for messages and other apps on your phone.
  • Turning the brightness level down as low as you can tolerate, reduces distractions from outside stimuli.

Removing distractions will only help you focus, which will allow you to study more efficiently.

If There Is Someone Who Isn’t Focusing on Their Work, Then Avoid Them.

Avoid anyone who seems unable to focus when studying.  You don’t want to be distracted by their lack of attention. Make sure you’re in a quiet place where distractions won’t be an issue.

If you notice someone who is distracted by the external environment, choose someone else. You don’t want to fall victim to their lack of focus and attention as well!

Don’t Do the Same Thing Every Time

Switch between different activities (like watching a video and writing an essay) as this helps your brain learn better. 

For example, if you watch a video about French for an hour and then switch to writing your essay, this is better than just sitting there watching the same thing.

Try doing something else after 20 minutes of studying/watching videos etc. This will help avoid any boredom between activities! You can even set alarms or timers so that you don’t spend too much time on one specific activity.

It might be beneficial to give yourself some downtime before continuing onto the next task at hand, otherwise known as switching off! Take this opportunity to do:

  • Some yoga
  • Stretch, or
  • Something else that you find relaxing.

If it’s not possible to change tasks now and again, take breaks between each task so that your brain doesn’t get too overwhelmed with information (and go into overload).

Have a Good Internet Connection!

One of the most important things to always remember is that you should never study with bad internet! This will make the experience difficult and dampen your mood (which isn’t exactly conducive to learning).

So, considering this, try finding somewhere where there’s a good internet connection, preferably an area of your home or university library without many people around.

Try using Google Hangouts as an Alternative Way to Communicate

Google Hangouts is an excellent alternative because it is much less likely to lag than, let’s say, Skype or Facetime. This may be because Google hangouts don’t use the peer-to-peer connection for video chat. Instead, it uses a different kind of data channel based on WebRTC technology.

It has its benefits and drawbacks, but one thing is certain: if you want smooth communication online while studying with your friends, then try using google hangouts!

Try Sharing Screens or Doing Screen Shares (Check out

Sharing screens is a great way to save time and increase efficiency. This is one way, for example, that screencasts and tutorials can be made.

When studying with friends online using video chats such as Facetime or Skype, there is a possibility for many issues due to connectivity problems. Doing screen shares instead of trying video calls is a way to avoid that.

Video calls are more unstable because they use peer-to-peer connections, so if one person doesn’t connect properly, then it’s all messed up! It might seem like an extra hassle, but sharing screens is much easier than you think! Use whenever possible.

Choose a Regular Time and Place to Study

Choosing a specific time and place to study is a great way to hold yourself and each other accountable. Your study buddy should do the same thing to make it fair for both of you! Make sure that you can focus and won’t be interrupted.

Before beginning an assignment, decide how long you would like to study/how many hours or days, etc. You can also plan where and when you want to meet online before getting started on the actual work.

This will be more effective than just beginning without any planning whatsoever because:

  • It means that people are prepared and know what they’re supposed to do next,
  • This will also help due dates become more official because there could be consequences if not completed by then.

If you can choose a regular time each time you plan on studying, it will help you to prepare and know what you need to do. Try choosing a time that works for both of your schedules; this way, you can make it part of your routine!

It’s essential to develop a schedule and talk about specific details, such as whether everyone agrees to do something else after studying. Hence, there are no hard feelings afterward. People have busy lives, so it’s best not to stress them.

If Possible, Meet in Person First

If it is possible, meet each other in person before starting the session. This is because it will be easier for both of you to understand what each other needs from this study session (e.g., do they need help with something, or can they just listen?).

Meet in person before beginning a study session; it helps everyone involved to get an idea of exactly what’s needed and how people like to function optimally while working remotely.

This way, sessions are more organized and productive!

Remember Not Everyone Knows Each Other, so They Might Be More Reserved

This doesn’t mean that they are unfriendly! Make an effort to introduce yourself politely rather than just jumping straight into asking for help. Many people could be reserved when meeting new people for the first time, so this might be more of a personal preference.

Remember, not everyone is in college or has had to take online classes before. Sometimes it can feel daunting, and you need to help them through their questions about how it all works! Be patient with people who are learning for the first time since they might have never experienced that type of environment before.

If someone seems unfamiliar with something, then remember to explain what’s going on very thoroughly. They’ll probably want to learn quickly, but if anything confuses them, make sure you don’t leave any unanswered questions hanging around.

Start off by Introducing Yourself in Chat or Whatever Messaging Service You Choose

You should start off by introducing yourself via chat or messaging apps. Then ask if anyone wants to study together before linking any documents/websites etc. This is polite because it’s assumed people will do their own work unless otherwise stated.

Introducing yourself to a stranger you’re studying with can build a rapport, and it’s a great icebreaker. It will also help make studying with them more comfortable.

If Someone Says No, Don't Take It Personally

If you’re not keen on studying with strangers, then don’t. No one will judge you for it.

If anyone doesn’t want to study together or they prefer to work alone, that’s totally fine too! No one is judging them either way, so if someone says this, just respect their decision and move on.


Studying with strangers can be a really great way to socialize and learn something new. The only downside is that you need a good internet connection. Otherwise, it starts getting frustrating. Along with a good internet connection, there are preferred ways to communicate, like Google Hangouts.

One thing about Google Hangout is that its strength lies in its many features. You can screen share with one person or several people simultaneously, so students who are studying together online really benefit from using it! Studying with strangers online can be easy, just follow these 11 tips and you’ll be set.