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Sura Flow Review

Picture this: You’re seated cross-legged on a yoga studio floor. Soft music is playing and there may even been the scent of incense in the air.

A gentle voice begins guiding you to listen to your breathing. And, as you do, you may notice your jaw getting looser, your shoulder muscles unraveling, and your mind calming.

That’s just a little bit what meditation does. It can quiet your mind and relax your body.

Because, in our ever-increasingly busy and hectic society, many people are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, sleeplessness, and a host of other issues.

Meditation can help people alleviate these issues. By sitting and concentrating on your breathing, reciting a mantra or envisioning something in your mind, like a flower or nature scene, you can decrease your stress, heal your body and make your life better.

Even a few minutes a day of meditation can greatly improve your outlook. You’ll feel better, sleep better and even do your job better. And you’ll train your mind to handle all of the difficulties that life throws at you.

And, if you feel that great, maybe you’d like to teach others to feel the same things you feel, and to experience the joy, stillness and lack of stress that you’ve experienced.

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How do I become a meditation coach?

First of all, let’s talk about what exactly a meditation coach is.

A meditation coach may have their own business space, or they may work in a yoga studio, medical building, social work facility or mental health care facility, to lead one on one or group meditations.

But another growing segment that is attracting meditation coaches is corporate America. Both for their in-person and online-staff, businesses large and small are hiring meditation coaches so that they can bring serenity and calmness to their employees through meditation classes.

And, online meditation coaching is also gaining ground, with meditation coaches leading sessions from their home meditation space to students all over the world.

But remember, just like in the case of becoming a certified yoga instructor, you’ll have to practice and study in order to be qualified to work as a meditation coach. It’s not a job you can do without putting some serious work into it. But, studying to become a meditation coach is rewarding and life-changing, not only for you, but for your students. You’ll be helping people learn to deal with the stress of modern life. And you’ll find that you’re able to cope better, as well.

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That’s where meditation coach training comes in.

In a nutshell, when you enroll in meditation coach training, you’ll learn to guide individuals or groups through the various types of meditation, from mantra meditation, to mindful meditation, to even walking meditation.

Although the curriculum varies from the different meditation coach training programs out there, you’ll learn all the fundamentals and techniques associated with meditation. You may learn classic yoga philosophy, or you may concentrate on Buddhist teachings. You will also learn how to design your own meditation sessions for your clients and will most likely receive guidance on how to run a meditation coaching business and where to find work as a meditation coach.

And don’t worry – meditation coach training is for everyone, from yoga teachers, therapists, experienced meditators and even people who have never meditated before.

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How long does it take to become a meditation coach?

There are many meditation coach training programs out there today. And the length of these programs varies. From a 10-session 28-hour class, to a 100-day 200-hour class, there are plenty of classes that will fit your lifestyle. If you’re thinking of changing careers, you may need a class that will teach you what you need to know in the shortest amount of time. Or, you may want to work more than one job, so a longer course may be right for you, as you may not be in such a hurry to finish.

Read on as we discuss the best meditation coach training out there, Sura Flow.

We’ll give you an in-depth review of Sura Flow’s program so you can see for yourself how they will help you raise your game and become an effective and successful meditation coach.

Plus, we’ll tell you how you can study online in the comfort of your own home to become a meditation coach.

The Best Meditation Coach Training Out There: Sura Flow

We looked at a lot of great meditation coach training programs and are excited to tell you about the one we like the best: Sura Flow!

Sura Flow Liberate Meditation Certification is a 12-week online certified course that will teach you to lead meditations, will allow you to deepen your personal meditation practice and will encourage you to live your purpose.

The training focuses on a soft approach that emphasizes teaching relaxation and creative visualization.

And you’ll learn:

  • 4 meditation techniques
  • The essentials of leadership coaching
  • How to coach yourself and others
  • 4 approaches to energy healing
  • The energetics of meditation and energy management
  • How to guide a simple meditation practice
  • How to create and heal through intention

And here’s what’s included in the training:

  • 12 x 90-minute intensive training video recordings
  • 12 practice sessions with demonstrations and time for Q&A
  • 6 additional 60–90-minute training videos to develop your meditation coaching skills
  • Homework, exercises & handouts
  • Morning pages & journaling
  • Real, hands-on experience coaching and facilitating meditation`

Review of Sura Flow Beginner Meditation Teacher Training

Why did we love Sura Flow’s Liberate Course program so much? It’s because it’s so organized and well-thought out. It will teach you all the information you need to be come the best meditation coach out there, and it will do it in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner.

Sura Flow aims to teach you how to not only enrich your clients’ lives through meditation coaching, but to enrich your own life by learning to enhance your own meditation practice. The happier and more grounded you are, the better you’ll be able to help others.

We’re impressed with the online classroom training, including webcast training videos and handouts, as well as meditation and coaching assignments.

We also think it’s vital to include observing sessions in any meditation coach training, and happily Sura Flow requires its students to observe meditation coaching. Observing others coach meditation will allow students to learn the rights and wrongs in meditation coaching and create their own lasting coaching practice.

But not only will you learn the ins and outs of being a great meditation coach, you’ll also learn how to launch your own meditation coaching business and achieve success at it.

Sura Flow’s Beginner Meditation Teacher Training Business Toolkit will teach you to:

  • Find your ideal clients and launch your own business offering
  • Become a leader in meditation by learning how to effectively market yourself
  • Learn how to make a successful and sustainable income as a Meditation Coach

And there’s even more. Sura Flow cares for its students and wants them to go out and spread peace to the world. And as successful mediation coaches, they will be able to do just that. So, Sura Flow helpfully offers bonus teachings to its students. When you’ve finished your 12-week training, you’ll receive 6 EXTRA training modules to deepen your meditation coach training knowledge:

  • Module 13: Growing Your Business
  • Module 14: Energy Healing for Deep Well-Being
  • Module 15: The Power of Energy Communication
  • Module 16: Mindfulness for Families
  • Module 17: Unlocking Your Intuition
  • Module 18: Energy Management

Some Sura Flow students have even started their meditation coach careers right after they finished the 12-week training part of the program thanks to Sura flow’s innovative mediation coach training. Although it is suggested that you participate in the pro bono coaching directly after the 12-week intensive finished, know that your skills will be sought out and respected!

And, when you’ve successfully completed the entire course, you can receive accreditation through Sura Flow. The company’s certification is recognized through major organizations and companies. So your clients will rest assured that you’ll have a strong background in meditation coaching when they know you’re accredited through Sura Flow.

Can I become a Meditation Coach online?

Absolutely, you can take a meditation coach training online.

As program such as Sura Flow’s, you’ll be required to lead group meditations as part of your training, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of practice from studying online. Online meditation coach training programs will allow you to gain the valuable knowledge required to become a meditation coach just as if you attended a brick-and-mortar class.

And the great thing about taking a meditation coach training class online is that you will be able to set your own schedule. If you work all day and haul the kids around in the evening, you’ll still have the night to study. Or perhaps early morning is more your thing. You can study your meditation coach training while everyone else is asleep. Now you won’t be constrained by rushing to get to a class on time.

You’ll be able to avoid rush hour traffic, hours in the car and missed meals by studying online. This will, in the spirit of a meditation practice, decrease your stress and allow you the work at your own pace, at your own time.

Wrapping up

There’s nothing stopping you from embarking on a new career path. A career path that will not only improve your life but will allow you to help improve the lives of others.

And we’ve given you all the things you need to know to begin studying to become a meditation coach. We’ve explained what meditation coaching is. We’ve talked about how being a meditation coach will allow you to change people’s lives for the better, including your own.

Plus, we told you about the best meditation coach training program out there, the Sura Flow Beginner Meditation Teacher Training 12-week certified meditation coach training course. It’s a great course and we tell you why. From its extensive course teachings as well as its pro-bono teaching requirement, Sura Flow’s Beginner Meditation Teacher Training will allow you to enter the world of meditation coaching with a deep knowledge of the field as well as the confidence that you’ll be the best.

And, lastly, we wiped away any fears you may have had about whether you could take meditation coach training online. With Sura Flow and other online programs, you’ll be able to set your own schedule and study online to become a meditation coach without stress.

It’s an important field to go into so take a look at Sura Flow’s Beginner Meditation Teacher Training program today!