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Last updated on November 23rd, 2023.

Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial art, has gained immense popularity around the world for its numerous health benefits, stress reduction, and spiritual development. As more individuals seek to explore the art of Tai Chi and its holistic benefits, the demand for reputable Tai Chi certifications has grown exponentially. Online certifications have emerged as a convenient and accessible option for enthusiasts and aspiring instructors to deepen their understanding and expertise in Tai Chi.

In this article, we will explore the best Tai Chi certifications available online. We will delve into the key aspects of reputable certifications, the criteria to evaluate them, and highlight some of the top choices for individuals seeking to become certified Tai Chi practitioners or instructors. Let’s embark on this journey of balance, harmony, and self-discovery.

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Understanding the Importance of Tai Chi Certifications

Tai Chi is more than just a physical exercise; it is an art that encompasses principles of mindfulness, movement, and meditation. While learning Tai Chi through books and online resources can provide a foundation, formal certifications offer several advantages:

      • Expert guidance. Certified instructors have undergone rigorous training and possess in-depth knowledge of Tai Chi’s philosophy, forms, and applications.

      • Safety and correct technique. Proper form and alignment are essential to prevent injuries and derive the maximum benefits from Tai Chi practice. Certified instructors can guide students in executing movements safely.

      • Structured curriculum. Certification programs offer a structured learning path that allows students to progress systematically and gain a comprehensive understanding of Tai Chi principles.

      • Credibility. Certification from a recognized institution or master adds credibility to an individual’s Tai Chi skills, making them more appealing to potential students or employers.

      • Community and networking. Certification programs often provide opportunities to connect with a community of like-minded individuals and experienced instructors, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Key Considerations for Evaluating Tai Chi Certifications

Before enrolling in any online Tai Chi certification program, it’s crucial to consider the following aspects to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the certification:

      • Accreditation and Recognition. Look for certifications from reputable organizations or renowned Tai Chi masters who are recognized within the Tai Chi community.

      • Curriculum and content. Assess the course’s structure, syllabus, and learning materials to ensure that it covers all essential aspects of Tai Chi, including history, philosophy, forms, applications, and teaching methodologies.

      • Instructor credentials: Investigate the qualifications and experience of the instructors leading the certification program to ensure they have the necessary expertise and lineage.

      • Online learning platform. Evaluate the user-friendliness and features of the online platform where the certification course is hosted. Ensure it supports interactive elements, video demonstrations, and provides access to supplementary resources.

      • Reviews and testimonials. Check for reviews and testimonials from past participants to gauge the program’s effectiveness and credibility.

The Best Tai Chi Certifications

Based on the above considerations, here are some of the best online Tai Chi certifications available:

1. ASFA: Tai Chi Training Certification

The American Sport and Fitness Association offers a Tai Chi certification program, providing individuals with the opportunity to become certified Tai Chi instructors. This program is accessible online and is recognized by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA).

Key points.

      • Online certification. The program is available online, allowing participants to study and complete the certification at their own pace and convenience.
      • Accreditation. The certification is recognized by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association, adding credibility to the certified instructors’ qualifications.
      • Instructor development. The program is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to become proficient Tai Chi instructors and promote the art’s health benefits.

Please note that it is essential to visit the provided link to get detailed and up-to-date information about the certification program and its features.

2. American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA)

The ATCQA is a prominent organization dedicated to promoting Tai Chi and Qigong in the United States. They offer instructor certification programs that cover various styles of Tai Chi and emphasize traditional principles. Their online certification courses include comprehensive study materials, practical demonstrations, and a supportive community. Graduates receive recognition as certified Tai Chi instructors by the ATCQA.

3. The Tai Chi Foundation

The Tai Chi Foundation is an international organization that offers in-depth Tai Chi training and certification. While they primarily focus on in-person training, they have adapted some of their programs for online learning. The foundation emphasizes the principles of Tai Chi and provides a solid foundation for individuals seeking to become instructors or deepen their practice.

4. Energy Arts

Energy Arts, founded by renowned Tai Chi and Qigong master Bruce Frantzis, offers a variety of online Tai Chi certification programs. Their courses cover several styles, including Yang, Chen, and Wu, along with other internal martial arts. Bruce Frantzis’s deep knowledge and unique teaching style make these programs highly valuable for serious Tai Chi practitioners and aspiring instructors.

5. Dr. Lam: Online Tai Chi Lessons

In addition to the Tai Chi for Health Institute’s formal certifications, Dr. Paul Lam offers an extensive collection of online Tai Chi lessons. While not a structured certification program, these lessons allow individuals to learn Tai Chi at their own pace and gain a solid understanding of various Tai Chi forms. This platform is ideal for beginners or those who wish to supplement their existing training.


Embarking on the journey of Tai Chi is a profound experience that leads to a better understanding of oneself and the world around us. Online Tai Chi certifications have made this ancient art more accessible to people worldwide, offering expert guidance, structured learning, and a supportive community. When selecting the best Tai Chi certification, consider factors like accreditation, curriculum, instructor credentials, online platform, and reviews.

Remember that Tai Chi is a lifelong practice, and certification is only the beginning of a rewarding path. Continuously deepen your knowledge, refine your skills, and cultivate the harmony and balance that Tai Chi offers. Whether you aim to become a certified instructor or seek personal growth, the best Tai Chi certification will set you on a path of self-discovery and well-being.

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