Things A Health Coach Covers

The 7 Main Things a Health Coach Covers

A health coach is a person who works to make your life healthier, whether that’s in the way you eat or the time you spend with people you care about in life. If you’re interested in getting a health coach, you might wonder – what does a health coach cover in their coaching sessions? What can you expect?

Here are seven things a health coach covers:

  • Nutrition
  • Career
  • Sleep
  • Activity
  • Time Management
  • Environment
  • Relationships

These will help benefit your life.

Read on to learn more about all the items a health coach covers.  If you’re serious about pursing this as a career and learning how to make money as a health coach these topics will help bring insight into your career. Let’s get started!

What is the Main Focus of Health Coaching?

The main focus of a health coach is to look at where you are in life, note areas where change can benefit, and help bring you closer to those goals. They are partners, friends, and advocates as you head on a journey to better your life. They essentially help you unstick yourself from areas in your life that have been stagnant for too long.

To determine where they can help, a health coach might:

  • Ask questions about your life
  • Locate different categories in your life
  • Figure out your goals

These will help them help you out.

If there’s something that will help you change for the better, a life coach can benefit. They are there to be in your corner in times of need.

What Do Health Coaches Cover?

A health coach covers many topics. There are seven we will focus on today. These include:

  • Nutrition
  • Career
  • Sleep
  • Activity
  • Time Management
  • Environment
  • Relationships

Let’s dive into each of these. Everyone can benefit from help in these categories.

The 7 Main Things A Health Coach Covers


A health coach will often cover health and nutrition in your life. Bad food can result in an unhealthy lifestyle, and they are there to guide you to the right path.

For nutrition, a health coach will:

  • Instill eating habits
  • Provide healthy practices
  • Assist with proper food behavior

These will leave you prepared to tackle nutrition by yourself. A life coach will be by your side the entire time, pushing you forward and providing support as you go on this journey. They will help you develop goals for the future of nutrition and tackle them with a passion.

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For those who struggle with stress, a health coach can come in handy. Health isn’t just about diets. It’s also about keeping your body healthy, even in the midst of stressful moments.

Helping with stress might mean:

  • Establishing routines to follow
  • Working on what is causing the stress
  • Talking through stressful situations

A health coach will be in your corner throughout the process. Even if you eat healthily, stress can take you down if you don’t find a way to manage it. Keep in mind that they can’t do everything for you – you will be in charge of putting stress relief into action in your personal life.

Including yoga as a habit can really lower your stress levels. Find the 3 key differences between yin and restorative yoga here to help you start your practice.


Sleep is another critical aspect of health that a health coach can help you master. A full-grown adult needs at least seven hours of sleep a night to give their body adequate time to recover from the day. If you’re not getting enough rest, it’s time to make a change.

A health coach will try to learn about the things that keep you from rest. Together, you can make changes that will improve your lifestyle and give you more rest.


Workout routines are a big part of what health coaches cover. They might ask about how often you are active throughout the week, and what kind of exercises you do. They might also ask about fitness goals you have.

From there, a health coach can:

  • Encourage you toward fitness goals
  • Set a schedule for the week
  • Provide ideas for exercise

They will be a valuable asset in your journey. A health coach wants to see you succeed, and they will provide help and encouragement the whole time. Being active is critical for health.


When it comes to health, habits are the basis of a good lifestyle. A health coach will go over habits and help you determine which ones you have in your life. They can help you get rid of unhealthy habits and replace them with better ones.

Whether you have a sugar addiction or smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, a health coach will work with you to slowly change these addictions in your life. Eventually, healthier choices will become a priority every single day.

There are several programs other than AA for alcohol addiction recovery that are useful and beneficial to your healing progress.

Weight Loss

Many health coaches can assist with weight loss as well. They might ask you about your goals, then suggest diets and workout plans that can help you achieve this desire. Then, they’ll check up with you during the week to see how you’re doing.

Every week, a health coach will check up on you to see how you’re doing. They can shift goals around the success of the plan.


Last but not least, some health coaches will cover relationships as part of their routine. Who you talk to and hang out with can make a big difference in your physical and mental health.

A health coach might ask about relationships such as:

  • Family dynamics
  • Friends
  • Significant others

They will learn about how these people relate to you and how often you’re around them. If needed, a health coach can help you form good habits in your relationships. They might recommend steps to take if a relationship is not benefiting your health and well-being.

Final Thoughts on What a Health Coach Covers

Although health coaches can seem like an unnecessary addition to a person’s life, they can prove beneficial to the average person. A health coach covers topics that can get you unstuck and help you push forward in life.

We hope this information was helpful! There are 7 main types of different health coaches that specialized on different targeted areas. If you feel like you need someone in your corner, try a health coach. You never know the benefits you might find.