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10 Best Brands of Yoga Pants for Women

Yoga pants are a staple clothing item worth investing some time and money into. Whether you are living the yogic lifestyle or simply love the look and feel of leggings, yoga pants are a necessity these days. However, it can be a daunting task trying to hunt down the best brands of yoga pants.

The best yoga pants are typically made by brands that specialize in athletic clothing and equipment meant for yoga. However, there are several athletic wear brands who have made excellent yoga pants, while being known for other workout clothes. Read on to discover the 10 ultimate yoga pant brands for women!

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What is the Difference Between Yoga Pants and Leggings?

Yoga pants are technically a type of legging. For this reason, many athletic brands, including yoga focused brands, refer to their yoga pants as ‘leggings.’ Typically, leggings are made of elastic, are often tighter fighting pants that snuggly cover one’s legs.  Leggings were made with dancers, acrobats, and gymnasts in mind, though they were integrated into regular fashion in the 80’s.

Yoga pants, a type of legging, are focused on fitting and operating for… you guessed it… the purpose of doing yoga!  For this reason, the best yoga pants are breathable and super stretchy to provide ample stretch and mobility. Flexibility of yoga pants are perfect for every type of yoga from Aerial Yoga to Hatha Yoga and even Hot Yoga (check out the differences between hot and regular yoga). Yoga pants are made with yogis in mind.

The 10 Best Brands of Yoga Pants for Women

1. Lululemon

By far the most popular and sought out brand of yoga pants for women is Lululemon Athletica (most referred to simply as Lululemon or ‘Lulu’s.) This brand started in Canada but is a worldwide phenomenon. They are worn by yogis, errand runners, and go-getters alike!

Lululemon makes a variety of different leggings which are great for yoga, running, or everyday activity. Lululemon Athletica makes some of the most durable, long-lasting exercise pants around. The only downside for most people hunting for amazing yoga pants is the price point.

While you can rest assured that your Lulu’s will be top quality, you can expect to pay anywhere between $60-100 for a pair of yoga pants when purchasing new!

The Best-Selling Lulus

One of the best-selling Lululemon yoga pants on the market is the Align Crop pant. This weightless yoga pant feels like butter to the touch, is built with a sweat-wicking material, is breathable and provides a four way stretch that is perfect for any kind of activity.

The Best Lulu’s for Pet Owners

One thing people don’t consider when purchasing an expensive pair of yoga pants is that some materials collect fur and hair like a magnet, while others keep your pet-hair free! One of the best Lululemon yoga pants for the resident cat lady is the Wunder Under yoga pant!

The specific material helps repel cat hairs and keep them from traveling with you to your yoga class or errand running.

2. Gaiam

If you are looking for a company that specializes in all things yoga, while remaining affordable, Gaiam is the brand for you. For this reason, Gaiam yoga pants are an excellent option. Gaiam yoga pants are made partially of polyester and spandex, making them both moisture wicking and stretchy!

zc makes all different kinds of yoga pants from capri to flare, though one of their most popular pants are the Performance Capri. This pant is high-waisted, extra-stretchy and affordable! 

3. PrAna

REI is one of the world’s foremost leaders in outdoor recreation, which is why it is no surprise that they offer one of the most comfortable and reliable yoga pant brands available: PrAna. PrAna was a company built out of a garage and now provides some of the most outstanding yoga pants available to date.

PrAna yoga pants offer Chakara performance type stretch made from a jersey material that provides UPF  50 + to shield you from UV rays. The PrAna Faro Leggings are some of the most sought after, stylish set. The unique design will make you feel sleek and confident, while finding the ultimate level of comfort and mobility.

4. Alo

Perhaps one of the sleekest, sexiest yoga pants you will ever find. Let us introduce you to Alo. Alo is a yoga focused brand of athletic wear, who prides themselves on being ‘mindfully modern.’ While performance is a top priority, they also take into consideration the top fashion now and how to integrate yoga pants into everyday fashion wear. They can be seen on the likes of Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and even Kendall Jenner!

This Alo AirLift Legging is gloriously high waisted for the ultimate tummy hug! Made with micro-performance, double-knit, airlift fabric. This makes these pair of leggings feel like a light-weight, buttery second skin!

5. Fabletics

One of the best new brands to appear on the scene in the last five years is Kate Hudson’s athletic wear brand Fabletics. Fabletics makes high quality, high performing yoga pants that can easily compete with its competitors. The one catch? Fabletics is a subscription service. 

To enjoy the perks of the fabletics membership, there is an initial VIP membership payment. If you think you’ll be purchasing multiple pairs of yoga pants, you’ll end up saying 25% on each pair, alongside free shipping.

The Trinity High Waisted Legging is one of the most popular yoga pants offered by Fabletics. The material is moisture wicking and extremely breathable, while also looking super fashionable. These leggings are originally $60, but under $20 for VIP members!

6. BeyondYoga

BeyondYoga makes some of the finest yoga pants there is! Using only the best, highest-performance materials, as well as competitive prices, BeyondYoga is truly one of the best. Their SpaceDye, ultra-soft fabric is made from lycra and polyester, ensuring the truest stretch and supreme comfort.

The At Your Leisure Midi Legging is one of the BeyondYoga’s best sellers. It comes in multiple colors, is sweat-wicking, buttery soft, and offers premium UV protection.

7. JoyLab

If you are looking for a young, hip yoga pant, JoyLab is your ideal yoga pant brand. JoyLab makes super affordable, comfortable yoga pants with a youthful flare. These shiny, millennial pink, gold speckled JoyLab Yoga Pants are the prime example of cute, hip, inexpensive yoga pants.

JoyLab pants come high waisted, super stretchy, reasonably priced, and super stylish. These types of yoga pants are ideal not just for exercise, but to complete an everyday outfit.

8. Nike

Nike has been one of the leading brands of athletic wear for a reason: their quality and style surpasses the rest. Their yoga pants are no exception! Nike makes some extremely comfortable, cozy and cute pants that are ideal to replace your old workout leggings.

The stylish Nike Power Gym Class is super popular and surprisingly affordable, costing under $60! Made with superior materials with sweat-wicking and ultimate stretch in mind, these yoga pants are not only cute, but practical. They feature a tummy-tightening high waist as well as a handy-dandy built in pocket.

9. The Sustainable Yoga Pant

For the yogi on the go who is eco-conscious, the Ultimate Stash Pocket yoga pant is just the ticket. These pants are certified Fair Trade, made with recycled nylon so that the pants are still high-performance while also being gentle on the planet!

One of the best aspects of these pants is not only that they are eco-friendly, but that they have pockets! Stay any valuables in your hip pocket while you down-ward dog or zip between your obligations. Comparable to a pair of Lulus, you can expect these pants to cost you are $90.

10. HeathYoga

One of the most versatile yoga pant brands available is HeathYoga. They offer yoga pants catered toward workouts, casual wear, date night clothes, and work.  That’s right. They make yoga pants for every kind of occasion!

These High-Waisted Pocket Leggings are some of the most highly rated HeathYoga pants, and for good reason! Made of a polyester/spandex blend, these high waisted yoga pants are moisture-wicking and offer a four way stretch technology to provide ample amounts of stretch!

Since we love a yoga pant with pockets, this pant outdoes itself with a double pocket, as well as the traditional small inner pocket. Ideal for fitting your phone, wallet or keys. Of course, the high waisted element of this yoga pant is the most sought-after element as it provides complete tummy control and eliminates any potential chaffing.

(If you need yoga tops that don’t ride up to go with your yoga pants, check out that amazing article!)

Is it Okay to Wear Yoga Pants in Public?

Yes! It is socially acceptable to wear yoga pants in public. In fact, more women (and men!) wear yoga pants out in public than ever before. Yoga pants have become a staple item and can worn alongside workout shirts and shoes, or they can be worn as part of a casual outfit. Throw a cozy, baggy sweater over your favorite pair of yoga pants and you’ve got yourself a five-star outfit!

What is the Little Pocket on the Yoga Pants for?

There is a tiny little pocket housed in most yoga pants. That little pocket is built in with your locker key in mind. This tiny pocket is the perfect fit for most small locker keys, small car keys, small food bar, or yoga beads!

While the pocket may have been built with a locker key in mind, you can put anything of value in this pocket, so long as it fits.

The Key Take Away

There is a myriad of different athletic brands from which to buy your yoga pants. Now you are armed with the knowledge of which yoga pants provide you the most comfort, the most style, and the most affordability.

Always consider your lifestyle needs before purchasing a pair of expensive yoga pants. If you are looking to wear your yoga pants when exorcising, prioritize performance primarily. If you are looking for comfortable pants to wear as a regular piece of fashion, look for pants that are sleek and fit like a second-skin. With these 10 amazing brands, you really can’t go wrong!