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The 10 Best Alpha Waves Music on YouTube

I’m sure you’ve experienced this: You wake up in the morning more tired than when you went to sleep. Nothing helps. That jolt of caffeine from your morning coffee seems to make you feel even worse. And, as things go from bad to worse, you may even start to experience symptoms of anxiety. Your workday is shot. You can’t concentrate and you feel awful.

We’ve all had days, weeks or even long with feelings of anxiety, poor sleep, and lack of concentration. The numbers are alarming! People all over the world are experiencing the same stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and poor concentration that you are.

What if there was a way to decrease your feelings of anxiety? Or a fool-proof way to ensure that you get to sleep at night and don’t spend hours tossing and turning. And, what if you could increase your concentration skills so you no long read and book and then realize you haven’t retained any of the information?

It’s all possible. And it’s something so simple. Music. A special type of music that stimulates something in your brain, allowing you to relax, concentrate, sleep and just plain chill out.

It works for us, and it will work for you too. Read on as well show you how to help yourself to feel better!

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What is alpha wave music?

Alpha wave music stimulates alpha waves in the brain, allowing a listener to become calmer and more relaxed. Some music includes actual alpha waves, and others uses specifically timed beats. And when listening to alpha wave music benefits, people find they have an easier time relaxing or even studying.

What are alpha waves?

Alpha waves? It’s not too difficult a concept. They’re actually a type of brain wave. They’re the type of wave your brain produces when its relaxed.

And you may even be able to create more brainwaves when you meditate.  But, before we dig any deeper, let’s look at the entire spectrum of brainwaves.

  • Delta – The slowest brainwave that your brain produces when you are in deep sleep.
  • Theta – A brainwave seen during a light sleep or deep relaxation.
  • Alpha – Brainwaves noticed when you’re relaxed, calm and not really focusing on anything.
  • Beta – If you’re experience Beta brainwaves, you’re awake and alert. You’re able to make decisions and live your daily life.
  • Gamma – The fastest brainwaves, Gamma are noticed when your learning, concentrating, and solving problems.

How do alpha waves affect the brain?

The brain actually produces alpha waves in response to calming techniques such as meditation, looking at nature, and listening to alpha wave music. We’re essentially controlling our alpha brain waves.

Alpha brainwaves have a specific frequency of 9 to 14 cycles per second, and MIT researchers are now looking into whether a person can increase their attention by controlling their alpha brainwaves. If the research proves that yes, we can control our alpha brainwaves for better focus and increased attention, we could, in the future, control alpha brain waves to help people with learning disabilities.

Right now, evidence is still anecdotal, but we have no doubt that engaging in calming activities and listening to music designed specially to stimulate alpha brain waves can have a positive effect on people, whether they are studying, trying to sleep or just relaxing.

Read on as we teach you all about alpha wave music. We’ll discuss how this relaxing music affects your brain and how you can harness the power of alpha brain wave music to deepen your relaxation.

We’ll also give you alpha brain wave music videos for certain situations, like anxiety, poor sleeping habits and distracted studying. You’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see in life after listening to alpha wave music.

What can Alpha Waves be used for?

275 million people in the world suffer from anxiety, 62% of adults in the world report they don’t get enough sleep, and an increasing number of students of all ages have trouble concentrating while studying due to the increase in technology such as cellphones.

These numbers are pretty alarming. But there is hope. Let’s do a deep dive about how alpha waves and alpha wave meditation music can help with anxiety, sleep and studying issues.


Let’s face it. Our modern, busy lives are difficult. We’re juggling home and kids and work. We’re taking care of everything and worrying about everyone. It’s more than enough to give us feelings of stress and anxiety. But how do we manage those feelings and not let them take over?

One study found that raising alpha brain waves led to a reduction in anxious. And here are some tips and tricks to increase your alpha brain waves and chip away at those feelings of anxiety:

  • Meditate for as little as a few minutes, each day – Centering yourself and slowing your breath down will do wonders for your alpha brain waves. You’ll feel less anxious, and you’ll even be able to increase your resilience to future feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • Try to be grateful every day. Be grateful for what you have and for the people around you, while at the same time forgive yourself and the people around you will lead to a calm, centering feeling, which will increase your alpha brain waves. Let feelings of gratefulness push out those feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Here’s one that’s new to us. Boost your alpha brain waves by blocking blue light. If you want to decrease stress and increase your alpha brain waves, make sure your glasses are coated with blue light blocking material. The change will be noticeable!

(If you are looking for something to help with anxiety attacks, you should definitely look into asanas for anxiety attacks!)


If our sleep suffers, everything else in our lives suffer. We’re less productive at work and at home. We may act crabby or downright nasty. And we will be of no use to ourselves and others, just by not getting enough sleep.

You experience alpha brain waves at rest, especially when you’re just about to drift off to sleep. So, how do you make sure you’re creating enough alpha brain waves to ensure you actually do get to sleep, and stay asleep for those all-important 8 hours?

Besides the great techniques above, there are a couple of easy things you can do to increase your alpha brain waves and get on your way to a good night’s sleep:

  • Avoid caffeine. And remember that caffeine isn’t found just in coffee and tea. There’s plenty of caffeine in pop and chocolate. We know, it’s tough to go cold turkey, but at least think about cutting down and maybe only have that bottle of pop once a week instead of daily.
  • Avoid alcohol. It’s true. You can increase alpha brain wave production when your brain and body aren’t affected by alcoholic drinks. So, just like pop, maybe limit your alcohol consumption to once a week or even once a month. You’ll feel so much better and sleep so much better.
  • Here’s another technique to stimulate alpha brain waves that is new to us: decrease or eliminate your consumption of garlic and onions. Anecdotal evidence shows that eating garlic and/or onions significantly decreases your brain’s alpha waves. So, you may have to start cutting pizza out of your life. But, in exchange for that, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and like a new person. It’s sounds like a good tradeoff to us!


If you are like so many of us and find it hard to study and retain knowledge, thanks to the intrusion from social media, streaming services, video games and everything else we do online, there are things you can do to help boost your studying skills.

One surprising way to boost your alpha waves to promote concentration and a better study session is to do high-intensity workouts. The cool down and rest period after the workout will raise your alpha waves!

Also, there is music such as Alpha Binaural Beats (which have two different sound frequencies) or music created to increase alpha brainwaves to help you study. Again, anecdotal evidence has found great success in using music to boost your studying power.

The 5 Best Alpha Waves Music for Anxiety

Anxiety can be crippling. But there is help. Check out these five great alpha wave music videos. When you’re feeling the affects of anxiety, try to relax, turn the lights down and listen to these tracks. You’re sure to feel better soon.

The 3 Best Alpha Waves Music for Sleeping

You’ll never need to miss out on a good night’s sleep again. Listen to the following alpha wave music tracks to help you fall asleep and feel rested when you wake up in the morning.

Are alpha waves good for sleep?

Alpha waves are great for all forms of relaxation, including sleeping. When you listen to music that stimulates your brain’s alpha waves, you can’t help but to relax. You’ll fall asleep faster, and you’ll sleep more soundly with alpha wave music. Check out these alpha wave music tracks.

The 2 Best Alpha Waves Music for Study

Listen to the two alpha wave music tracks below and get a handle on your studying. You’ll find that you are more focused and better able to retain the information. Do this frequently and you’ll most likely increase your grades and your knowledge!

  1. Study Music Alpha Waves | Studying Music | Concentration Music | Focus Music for Work Brain Power
  2. Alpha Waves – 12Hz – Binaural Waves Meditation Music

Wrapping up

It’s common knowledge that increasing the alpha waves in your brain can improve your life. We’ve discussed how they can help with anxiety, poor sleep and bad studying habits.

We hope you find you’re able to increase your relaxation and concentration with the alpha brain wave music we’ve listed. There’s music for every situation. And they really do help!

From better studying and concentration to decreased anxiety, you’ll find that alpha brain wave music can significantly help. So check out alpha brain wave music today!