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Last updated on November 29th, 2023.

Have you ever clicked on one of those “music for studying” videos on YouTube? Perhaps you were trying to read up on some difficult concepts, but you were having trouble retaining the information you were reading. Perhaps that kind of thing happens a lot. You try to read and digest some information but you find that it just doesn’t stick in your brain. So you click on the “music for studying” video and what happens? Your mind clears of all the other clutter you’ve been thinking about, you begin reading, and you find at the end of the studying session that you have understood and retained a majority of the information you read.

It’s not that uncommon. There is music for studying, sleeping, relaxation and just plain chilling. But, you’re not studying better from just listening to pretty music. There’s more to it than that. The music is enhanced to stimulate your brain waves. The music includes a specific beat that wakes up your alpha brain waves. And when your alpha brain waves start working harder, so many wonderful things can happen in your daily life, from relaxation to boosted brainpower.

Article Topics

Does listening to alpha waves do anything?

Listening to alpha wave music is a fantastic way to relax, go to sleep faster, study more deeply, be more creative and so much more.

And neuroscientists have noticed increases in alpha brain waves through meditation and mindfulness, which leads to a calmer, more focused mind. And we all know that when we are focused and calm, great things happen. We’re on top of our game. We make good decisions, have great ideas and generally fine an easier time going through our daily life.

The best Alpha Waves Music to listen to, is in this youtube video!

In this article, we’re going to discuss what part of your brain is affected by alpha wave, and we’re going to into all of the great benefits of listening to alpha wave music. Your mind will be blown when you hear how you can change your life for the better by listening to alpha wave music.

So read on. And we’re sure when you’re done, you’ll want to find some alpha wave music tracks ASAP and start training your brain to be calmer, more creative and more restful.

The core of your brainwave range is alpha waves. You may easily absorb new knowledge and are substantially more creative when your brain is working at the alpha frequency. You may want to listen to this Alpha Waves – 10Hz – Binaural Waves Meditation Music while you continue reading!

What part of the brain is impacted by Alpha Waves?

Neurologists are still not sure what part of the brain is impacted by alpha waves, although they do suspect alpha waves originate in a region knows as the thalamus.

What’s the thalamus, you may ask. It’s the part of the brain that sends motor and sensory signals to the cerebral cortex. It also regulates a person’s alertness and consciousness.

And, get this, the thalamus helps regulate a person’s Circadian rhythm so that their body doesn’t respond to sound while they’re asleep. Pretty cool, eh? The thalamus will tell the body to wake up if it senses an alarm but stay asleep if a cricket is chirping.

Other roles the thalamus plays include:

      • The storage of memory and emotion
      • The emotional response to pain
      • The emotions dealing with inspiration, such as motivation and enthusiasm

What are the benefits of listening to alpha waves?

You won’t believe how many benefits there are to listening to alpha wave music. Here are just 10 of the most mind-blowing benefits of listening to alpha waves. There could be many more that we don’t even know about yet! But researchers, including neurologists, are studying peoples’ brains and looking into the connects between alpha brain waves and a number of great outcomes, including:

    1. Better Studying Habits
    2. Better Sleep
    3. Increased Creativity
    4. Decreased Depression
    5. Decreased Anxiety
    6. Increased Tolerance to Pain
    7. Increased Resilience to Stress
    8. Boosted Immune System
    9. Increased Ability to Solve Problems
    10. Relaxed Mind and Body

These benefits could help you in all aspects of your life. For instance, if you sleep better, you may be more alert during the day and get more accomplished! There’s no limit as to how much you can change your life for the better. You may find that great things begin happening at work or in your personal life. You may get that raise you’ve been wanting by boosting your alpha brain waves. Or you may find that your relationships get better once you’ve been listening to alpha brain wave music regularly.

And don’t think that you just need to listen to alpha brain wave music by itself. You can meditate, do yoga, sit in nature while listening to alpha brain wave stimulating music. And you may find that you can supercharge the amount of alpha brain waves you create!

listening to alpha waves benefits - info

Read on below and go through each of the listening to alpha waves benefits. Perhaps you want to be more creative or you have anxiety issues that you want to tackle. Whatever outcome you want from listening to alpha wave meditation music, you’ll probably find it here. Just know that there are more outcomes that we don’t even know about. But we can’t wait to find out!

10 Mind Blowing Benefits of Listening to Alpha Waves

Listening to alpha brain wave music could be key to living better and feeling better. Perhaps you’re suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, or depression, or you just want to be better at relaxing. Well, YouTube has a ton of alpha brain wave videos that you can listening to and feel better immediately! You’ll become more mindful and more centered after just one session of listening to alpha brain wave music. So, check out all the ways you can improve your mental health, emotional health, physical health and all the other listening to alpha waves benefits:

1. Better Studying Habits

Stimulating your alpha brain waves can help you study better. In fact studies have shown that listening to alpha wave music while reading boosts your reading comprehension significantly compared to people reading while not listening to music. With all of the distractions out there now, from games on your cellphone to wanting to connect with your friends on social media, it’s hard to stay focused when studying. So, giving alpha brain wave boosting a go could be a game changer. Plus, neurologists are now wondering if listening to alpha waves can help students with ADD or ADHD.

2. Better Sleep

By listening to alpha wave music before you go to sleep, you can make yourself relax and fall asleep quicker. It’s an easy and helpful way to get to sleep, especially if you’re the type who lies there tossing and turning. And by becoming a better sleeper, you’ll be better your responsibilities when you’re awake.

3. Increased Creativity

Scientists are noticing increased creative ideation when the brain’s alpha activity is increased. That means that one of the listening to alpha waves benefits will be to boost your originality, memory, and other aspects of creativity. Who knows? You may not be destined to be the next Picasso, but if you dream of a life of creativity, it seems like it’s a must to start increasing those alpha brain waves today!

4. Decreased Depression

Depression affects our lives and our relationships. We may find it hard to eat, sleep or even work when depressed. And researchers have found significantly less alpha brain waves in people who are depressed compared to people reporting no depression. That’s why there’s anecdotal evidence that by listening to alpha music, you can boost your alpha brain waves and ease the signs of depression.

5. Decreased Anxiety

Anxiety, like depression, is shown in people with a decreased amount of alpha brain waves. So, by listening to alpha brain wave music, you can increase your alpha brain waves, and lessen your feelings of anxiety. And by decreasing or eliminating those crippling feelings of anxiety you may be experiencing, you could find you in life again.

For more ways to decrease anxiety, check out asanas for anxiety attacks!

6. Increased Tolerance to Pain

This is wonderful: Researchers have found that alpha brain wave sounds have analgesic effects on pain. This means, a person’s perception of pain is altered when their alpha brain waves are increased! One of the great listening to alpha waves benefits we’ve found!

7. Increased Resilience to Stress

It’s thought that increased alpha brain waves allow people to remain calm and rewire their body so that they are more resilient to stress. And stress is such a large part of all of our lives, from the stress of traffic, to that annoying boss, or even to money issues. It’s a complicated big world and we all need a little help to cope with added stress. So, get going listening to that alpha brain wave music!

8. Boosted Immune System

By meditating and listening to alpha brain wave music, you can increase your alpha brain waves. And studies have found that the more relaxed you are, the healthier your immune system will be! So that next cold that’s going around may bypass you if you are out there with a strong immune system.

9. Increased Ability to Solve Problems

The listening to alpha waves benefits include boosting your concentration and attention skills, allowing you to solve problems more easily. So, try supercharging your alpha brain waves before work or class; you may notice a difference.

10. Relaxed Mind and Body

Finally, listening to alpha waves benefits include putting your mind and body in a state of relaxation. You’ll be calmer and more mindful. You’ll find that you’re more mindful and comfortable in your own skin. And you’ll feel great, too.

Wrapping up

Well, we hope this was an eye-opening article for you. And a great introduction into the science and study of alpha brain waves and all of the listening to alpha waves benefits.

We discussed what, if anything, happens when you listen to alpha wave music. And, as we’re sure you saw, many great things do happen.

We also gave you a quick anatomy lecture on where alpha brain waves occur and a little background on that part of the brain. Because it doesn’t hurt learn as much as you can about such an important topic.

Then, what really excited us, was all of the incredible things that occur when you listen to alpha brain waves. From decreasing depression, boosting creativity to become more resilient in terms of pain and stress, alpha brain waves are like a wonder drug. And it’s a drug that doesn’t require a prescription. You can just go online and search YouTube for the best alpha brain wave tracks out there today.

You won’t believe how you could have lived so long without delving into the world of alpha brain waves!

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