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The 5 Best Astrology Card Decks on Amazon

Did you know not all card decks comprise 52 cards? Some have 70, others 78, and so on. You’ll be fascinated to know that deck size notwithstanding, different astrology cards bear information pertaining to the 12 signs of the zodiac and planets. There is no better shop to get them online than amazon but what are the best astrology card decks on amazon to set you on the path of astrologically informed readings?

The best card decks found on Amazon are the tarot, the oracle, the affirmation, the reading and the karma card decks. All of them have variants that include the Rider-Waite Tarot, Arcana Of Astrology Oracle, Black Moon Astrology, Oracle Of The Radiant Sun, Party Game karma cards, and others.

For you to benefit fully from your astrological readings, you need to use the best astrology card decks available for sale. Read on to learn the astrology card decks with the most enlightening and empowering information.

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What Are Astrology Cards?

Astrology cards are cards used in astrology; and so, it is crucial to understand the meaning of astrology. Astrology cards;

  • Help to reveal the influence terrestrial bodies have on the lives of individuals.
  • Enables understanding of terrestrial happenings as they relate to the positions and other aspects of the stars and planets.

For example, while meteors are often associated with drastic physical happenings such as hurricanes or tsunamis, in astrology a meteor shower is a symbol of beauty that emerges out of ashes. It can symbolize valuable insight and wisdom, or even some guarantee of success after a period of turmoil.

How Are Astrology Card Decks Used?

Astrology card decks are used to reveal a lot of personal information you would otherwise not know. Through these cards, you can:

  • Learn whom you really are. You can learn what has affected you in the past, what is currently affecting you, and what is likely to influence your life in the future. In short, from astrology cards you can discover your destiny.
  • Learn your likely career path. This means you can learn where best area to direct your resources, in terms of money, time and mental energy.
  • Learn your personal destiny. With important insights into your destiny, nothing is likely to ruffle or distract you, even when you experience difficulties.

What Should I Be Looking For In A Good Astrology Card Deck?

There are certain features you should be looking for in a good astrology card deck; features that give you power to decipher astrological meanings of life. Once you combine the meanings and symbolisms of the different card features, you will be able to have an in-depth understanding of what the future holds for you. Before buying your new deck of astrology cards, make sure you know the 5 major aspects of astrology.

The features to look for in an astrology deck should be in marvelous artwork, and they should include:

  • A minimum of 70 cards
  • 3 card sets – Zodiac Signs; Planets; and Houses
  • Enough cards representing every zodiac sign
  • Characteristic of every zodiac sign
  • Enough cards representing the planets
  • Symbolism of every planet
  • Enough cards for every astrology house
  • Images to show what every astrology house represents

The 5 Best Astrology Card Decks on Amazon

The 5 best card decks in astrology, as already indicated, are the oracle, tarot, affirmation, reading and karma, and they are all available on Amazon. You can even 

The Astrology Oracle Card Deck

There is a whole range of oracle card decks to choose from. These include the starchild, angel cards and many more. For you to identify the astrology oracle deck most suitable for you, simply obey your instincts. If you are in a store and you are drawn toward a particular card deck, go for it. There is a high chance your intuition is resonating with the theme of the cards and the imagery on them.

In addition, if you feel right holding the deck of cards and looking at it, there is a big probability you will develop a fruitful working bond with it.

The Astrology Tarot Card Deck

Tarot card decks also have a wide range of choice. You can find the rider tarot, elemental tarot, light seer’s tarot, wild unknown tarot, and more.

Tarot cards are noted for their colorfulness and contemporariness. Their lines are also modern and their drawings well detailed. Nevertheless, some of their contemporary features are inspired by features on vintage cards.

Tarot cards also have themes, and in case you are drawn to a particular deck it is advisable to follow your intuition and work with that particular card deck.

The Pulp Girls Tarrot Card Deck

The Pulp Girls Tarrot Card Deck are designed by a duo dedicated to creating pulp art memes centering around diversity and female empowerment. With this tarot deck and guide, discover your strengths and take charge of your life with insight from the powerful archetypes of the major arcana, including Justice, Strength, The High Priestess, The Magician, The Lovers, and The Fool, and the subtle day-to-day details conveyed by the minor arcana, the suit cards of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

The Astrology Reading Card Deck

Compared to other astrology cards, those from the reading card deck do not have outstanding images. What they have are depictions of real people. Nevertheless, even with their simplicity the cards have all the major features covered: cards for all the zodiac signs, planets and the houses.

From these three card groupings, you can easily learn crucial terms and find a way to arrive at the three segments of the existing birth chart, also known as the natal chart. To look more into this you can read about the 7 types of natal charts that exist. This chart depicts the stars depending on the time, day, and place of your birth. You can even tell where a given planet was at the time of your birth, simply by using astrology reading cards.

The Astrology Karma Card Deck

Karma cards help you to understand and improve yourself. Once you shuffle the cards and deal, you are able to see the spiritual message, mental message and physical message on the cards you have picked from the three card groups of house, planet and sign. Use this information to enhance your potential.


Even as you benefit from the five best astrology card decks, it is a good idea to be open minded in terms of trying out other astrology cards. You can learn how to create your own deck of cards while taking an astrology online business course. Each deck has its own peculiar features and different forms of fun.