Best Zodiac Bracelets

The Best Zodiac Bracelets Online

The ancient power of crystals has finally become mainstream knowledge, and many people use them to promote the healing of the mind and body. Zodiac jewelry, including bracelets, feels timeless and has a vintage appeal. Depending on your astrological signs, these items come paired with other stones and crystals. Different signs have varying birthstones that boost their energy and charm.

Zodiac bracelets are both fun and personal. They also serve as an extension of our being. Wearing your zodiac bracelet allows you to feel a divine connection. Because these bracelets also come adorned with crystals and stones, they help you harness the energy that speaks to your astrological sign, creating a perfect balance for you to exist without too much turmoil.

What is a Zodiac Bracelet or Necklace?

Since ancient times, most people have worn astrological signs together with birthstones as jewelry for good luck. These are also believed to bring good luck, empowerment, and protection. Wearing jewelry that’s meaningful, resonates with our personality, and empowers us in some way is so much more fun. 

Zodiac bracelets and necklaces empower us as well as decorate the wearer. In ancient Egypt, wearing gemstones was thought to have magical properties. These days, you can have a bracelet or necklace with your astrological sign and other gemstones and crystals to help provide you with the specific energies you need. Both men and women can have zodiac bracelets and necklaces with other gemstones and crystals that could help amplify positive energy and bring it into their lives. 

Why do people wear zodiac bracelets?

Wearing a zodiac bracelet helps define you and your place in the universe. Wearing a zodiac bracelet or jewelry brings your attention back to your inner happiness and peace. It is a common belief that your zodiac sign defines most of your personality and who you are. When you wear a zodiac bracelet, it brings about a feeling of belonging and holding your space in the universe. 

If you’re proud of your zodiac sign, wearing a zodiac bracelet is the best way to showcase this. Doing so helps you further tap into your true inner self and reflect on what makes you who you are. Jewellery with your zodiac sign displays who you are in a subtle but meaningful way that is personal to you. 

Zodiac signs often represent the positive and negative traits that you could have. When you wear a zodiac bracelet, it shows that you embrace every part of who you are and how you relate to the world. When manifesting and meditating, a zodiac bracelet can help you calm your mind and center your energy as it reminds you of who you are and the essence of your soul. Wearing such a gem can keep you grounded and help you manifest the more significant things you desire. 

Wearing a zodiac sign bracelet also helps showcase your style. Personal style helps showcase self-love and set the tone for the day. An individual’s style reflects their personality, and that’s what you do when you wear a zodiac bracelet. You’re letting the world know something about you. 

What stones should zodiac signs wear?

Zodiac gemstones are based on one’s zodiac sign. Every zodiac has more than one gemstone associated with it. Zodiac gemstones have been part of various beliefs since ancient times. Each astrological sign has certain gemstones that help them unleash its hidden power. Besides that, these stones are known to possess a healing power that benefits the mind and body of a person. Here are various signs and gemstones associated with them. 

  • Aquarius: Garnet
  • Pisces: Aquamarine 
  • Aries: Diamond 
  • Taurus: Emerald 
  • Gemini: Agate 
  • Cancer: Ruby
  • Leo: Peridot
  • Virgo: Blue sapphire 
  • Libra: Opal 
  • Scorpio: Topaz 
  • Sagittarius: Turquoise 
  • Capricorn: Garnet

These gemstones help strengthen the positive aspects of each astrological sign. 

The Best Zodiac Bracelets Online


Aquarians are independent individuals who are confident and also love going with the flow. It’s hard to pin an aquarian down since one differs from the next. Aquarinas are sharp, progressive thinkers and love fairness and freedom. When talking about feelings, Aquarians can come across as emotionally detached. Sometimes they can also seem condescending, rubbing others the wrong way. 

Garnet is the primary birthstone for Aquarius as its a symbol of truth, personal power, and purity. It also helps Aquarians to be more committed to whatever they’re pursuing rather than being flighty. Amethyst is another gemstone that is good for Aquarius. It helps clear anxiety and promotes a calm mind. Other stones and crystals good for Aquarius include labradorite, moonstone, fluorite, obsidian, jasper, agate, and sugilite. This Aquarius bracelet (from Conscious Items) contains most stones to help support this astrological sign’s energy. 


The birthstones for Pisces are purple, amethyst, and aquamarine. Aquamarine is a birthstone that brings about emotional healing properties and clarity. Pisces, like the fish, know how to go in flow, and this means they can dive deeply into their emotions. Pisces are fluid and adaptable. Because of their gentle nature, it’s easy for Pisces to get overwhelmed with emotions, letting them build up, leading to the heaviness of heart and sadness. 

Healing stones for Pisces need to nurture their sense of strength and help them use their voice to draw boundaries. An aquamarine gemstone will encourage Pisces to move through life with fluidity rather than getting stuck. It also strengthens the throat chakra helping Pisces speak boundaries. This stone also helps temper mood swings. Amethyst helps Pisces connect to their crown chakra and higher purpose. Amethyst also helps calm Pisces down and can help promote a soothing touch. To combine both stones, getting a Pisces bracelet will suffice. Other stones that benefit Pisces include jasper, ruby, jade, bloodstone, lapis lazuli, and fluorite. 


The Aries birthstone is a diamond that is arguably the most sought-after stone in the world. A diamond represents clarity, vision, and truth. Aries is quick to speak what’s on their mind and are always competitive. They are very ambitious and are always eager to venture into the unknown. Because of their fiery personality, Aries needs gemstones and crystals to help them keep calm energy and stay safe when faced with recklessness. A diamond helps keep those reckless and wild Aries in harmony and balanced. 

Another stone for Aries is the bloodstone. Warriors in the past used to wear this stone to keep them safe when the world around them turned to smoke and ruin. It also enhances physical strength. Since Aries love to conquer, this stone keeps them on that path while protecting them. For Aries, a bracelet with the perfect gemstones could suffice. Other stones that can help Aries include amethyst, jasper, aquamarine, jade, aventurine, yellow jasper, howlite, topaz, and ruby. 


Taurus means ones is strong-willed, intelligent, strong, and sprinkled with a bit of stubbornness. Taurus value honesty and hard work. They are highly intellectual, solving problems with this, and they adore spoiling themselves with soft and cozy luxury after extending all that physical and mental energy. While they have many positive traits, they also have a few negative ones. For example, they are perfectionists and love luxury, which can set them up for failure. 

The main stone for Taurus is an emerald. This stone oozes elegance, wealth, and prosperity, perfectly matching Taurus’ luxury needs. This stone brings about good luck, attracts powerful positivity, and even helps stubborn Taurus to sit at peace and let it go. Malachite is another perfect stone for Taurus bringing a balance to the left and right sides of the mind. It helps Taurus reduce its hold on perfectionism and self-limiting beliefs. This bracelet contains gemstones that can profoundly benefit a Taurus. 


Gemini has an easygoing nature with quick curiosity, which makes them create many friends. They also have an indecisive side, are quick to gossip, and are sometimes unreliable. However, they’re easy to communicate with and have a way with words. Agate is the primary birthstone for Gemini. Agate helps neutralize the negative and brings calm to the nerves. Since Gemini has a duality, agate can heighten inner strength and energy levels to avoid burnout. It clears out bad energy and cracks open the throat chakra. 

Another favorite gemstone for Gemini is pearl. It’s a precious stone and represents the duality of life. Pearls encourage balance in life which is what Gemini needs. Other stones for Gemini include tiger’s eye, clear quartz, obsidian, Chalcedony, and Leopard Jasper. This Gemini bracelet contains most of these stones. 


Cancers love comfort, and it’s easy to find them curled up at home having deep emotional conversations with their best friends. They also have a deep intuition helping them draw out the truth every time. Because of these traits, they tend to be charming and loyal friends. Cancers wear their heart on their sleeves and require loyalty to keep you around. They can sometimes appear moody, especially when dealing with big emotions. 

Ruby is the primary birthstone for Cancer. It balances their lives by balancing their hearts and bringing back confidence. Another stone for Cancer is the carnelian. It nudges you to be stronger and braver. It ensures Cancers stay on track when making the right choices. Other stones for Cancer include moonstone, rose quartz, pearl, chalcedony, aventurine, opal, obsidian, turquoise, and aquamarine. You can get yourself a cancer bracelet set with all the right gemstones to bring about balance.


Leo has a strong and brave personality. Leo oozes confidence and is a big-hearted individual. Leo is a born leader, loyal, and loves a good life. They pounce on something when needed and lie back without proving themselves. Due to the strength of their character, Leo can slip into slight arrogance, stubbornness, and a little bit of competitiveness. The primary birthstone for Leo is peridot. This stone is a firm heart healer and increases focus, which is perfect for Leo. Peridot raises Leo’s energy and commitment to the task at hand. It also washes away the heart’s need to create possessiveness, as seen in Leos. 

Another gemstone for Leo is a ruby. It brings about a perfect sense of being and confidence. It’s a stone that warriors would wear to battle. It is suitable for the root chakra bringing about courage and maintaining Leo’s sexual prowess in a place of positivity. Other stones for Leo include carnelian, black onyx, tiger’s eye, jasper, amber, citrine, aventurine, topaz, garnet, sardonyx, labradorite, and rose quartz. A Leo bracelet could truly help one harness their zodiac energy. 


Virgo is known for being innocent, pure, modest, and self-sufficient. They’re down to earth, gentle, and always find a spiritual connection in nature. Blue sapphire is the primary birthstone for Virgo. The stone represents innocence, sincerity, and truth. Sapphire supports Virgo and their nature, allowing them to embrace it further. 

Other Virgo gemstones include amazonite, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, and unakite. Get yourself a Virgo bracelet to enhance your energy and manifest more.


Libras love fairness and balance. They are dutiful and diplomatic, always ensuring that everyone gets equality. Amid disagreement, Libra weighs the pros and cons of each side before coming to a fair assessment. They love playing peacemaker and are excellent listeners. Due to their calming energy, they tend to have many friends. Librans also love shiny things and have a passion for beauty. Because they tend to want fairness, it can lead them down the road of pleasing people to avoid confrontation. 

Libra’s primary birthstone is opal. This stone grants Librans the balance they need, alongside giving them a sense of protection, to prevent them from getting lost to people-pleasing tendencies. Another gemstone for Libra is aquamarine. It helps strengthen the throat chakra to help them speak up and face conflict without fear. Other Libra crystals and stones include sunstone, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, amethyst, red jasper, and lepidolite. Get yourself a Libra bracelet to balance out your energies and meditate with. 


Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. Hence, Scorpios are fearless, brave, creative, curious, and dutifully determined when undertaking any task. They are very loyal to their friends, and due to their bravery, they aren’t afraid to leap into action when solving problems. Topaz is the main birthstone for Scorpio. Since Scorpios are all about action, this stone helps enhance that quality and promote communication. It helps with the throat chakra to allow Scorpios to speak their truth and be gentle with how they do it. It also prevents them from sinking into jealousy. 

Another stone for Scorpio is agate. Agate softens the hard edges of Scorpio and brings them out of the darkness they tend to sit on. Other stones for Scorpio include malachite, clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, and aquamarine. Get yourself or a beloved Scorpio this Scorpio bracelet


Sagittarians love spreading warmth and embody optimism, generosity, and putting the world to rights. They love adventure, travel a lot, and have an impeccable sense of humor that keeps them with friends. Despite the loving connections, they also love being independent. Sagittarians also need help with overpromising; since they’re naturally kind, it leaves them open to being taken advantage of by others. The main birthstone for Sagittarius is turquoise. It brings them a soothing touch and deep healing. It also helps balance out emotions and open the throat chakra. 

Blue topaz is another stone for Sagittarians. This stone helps encourage truth, wisdom, and rational thinking. It allows them to communicate and come out crystal clear and clarifies how they genuinely feel. Get yourself or your favorite Sagittarius this zodiac bracelet with all gemstones that will help balance out their energies. Other Sagittarius stones include amethyst, ruby, lapis lazuli, red jasper, clear quartz, aventurine, aquamarine, and lolite. 


Capricorns are thoroughly ambitious and prefer to be self-reliant all through life. They believe in doing a good job and hard work. Capricorns can manage their practical and emotional sides of life. They can, however, take life too seriously and be a workaholic. They are driven, and this can leave their loved ones feeling like they’ve been pushed to the side. 

Garnet is Capricorn’s primary birthstone bringing warmth to cold bones. It also helps a sensitive Capricorn to stay safe and explore emotional growth. Another Capricorn stone is blue sapphire. This stone helps Capricorns pursue their commitment to hard work and getting the job done right. It brings about traits of solid vision. Other Capricorn stones include clear quartz, fluorite, malachite, and hematite. This Capricorn bracelet contains all these fantastic stones for this astrological sign. 

Final thoughts

Crystals and stones are important to finding your path and place on this earth. Any zodiac sign can use each crystal to manifest a certain energy or reality. However, we also understand that each zodiac has specific elements that support their energy and make it easier to live here in this lifetime. You can pick the best zodiac bracelets online by picking your zodiac sign and taking it to help you here and now.